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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman (Web Novel) - Chapter 542 (Angry From embarrassment)

Chapter 542 (Angry From embarrassment)

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Not only was Qi Xuewen confused, but Ye Xiao was also a little confused because he hadn't punched without spiritual power in a long time and didn't know the strength of his punch.

At this moment, Qi Xuewen was stunned by Ye Xiao, and he felt that his face was dull. Especially when he heard the whispers from the north, he became even more embarrassed and angry.

A burst of anger erupted from Ye Xiao's body, and he raised his right fist again. A terrifying aura burst out.

Qi Xuewen was not to be outdone, and slammed his right fist again.

The fists touched each other violently again, and the bluestone under their feet cracked instantly. The solid bluestone was shattered by physical strength alone, which surprised everyone.

This Qi Xuewen was worthy of being a new star in the south, amazing!

A huge wave of air swept across the entire arena. Qi Xuewen was confronted by Ye Xiao for several meters, and immediately spurted a mouthful of blood. Qi Xuewen was also fooled, thinking that he and Ye Xiao were about the same strength, so he used the same method to fight again, but he still suffered a disadvantage.

After all, he just added the dragon energy to the speed and not much power. How could it be possible to fight against Ye Xiao? This is what happens with overestimating oneself.

The northerners cheered again, as if Ye Xiao had made some amazing feat. The southerners looked at Qi Xuewen. Even if Qi Xuewen conceded now, they would not blame him, facing such a strong man, it doesn't matter even if he concedes.

But this punch did not break Qi Xuewen's confidence, and he even had a strong desire to fight in his heart.

Start cheating!

Qi Xuewen chose to overdraw his dragon energy to make up for his lack of strength! The intention of doing this is to defeat Ye Xiao and become famous in one battle! Replenishing his strength, Qi Xuewen took a deep breath, and just like before, he punched again.

Everyone thought that Qi Xuewen was crazy. He was bleeding from the beating just now, and he still chose to use fists. You should use speed!

Ye Xiao snorted coldly. He is really a young man who doesn't know the heights of the sky and the earth. 'So let me teach you how to be a man!'

Ye Xiao raised his right fist and slammed it out again! The two had another head-to-head confrontation.

This time, the bluestone under their feet cracked to a greater extent, and the airwaves generated were also more violent. Everyone stood up because the situation in front of them was too unbelievable!

Ye Xiao was knocked back five meters! Don't underestimate the five meters; Ye Xiao is the head of the aristocratic family!

And Qi Xuewen can be regarded as a ruthless character. He does not hesitate to overdraw his dragon energy to win. If he cannot repay the overdrawn dragon energy in time, the end will be very serious, even more serious than borrowing a loan!

"Ye Xiao was actually beaten back!"

"Our patriarch in the south actually beat back Ye Xiao!"

"Qi Xuewen!"

"Qi Xuewen!"

"Qi Xuewen!"

Everyone in the south began to shout in unison to cheer Qi Xuewen up, but everyone in the north seemed very depressed.

Hearing the shouts and cheers in his ears, Qi Xuewen suddenly felt that it was worth it.

But at that time, Ye Xiao was in a very bad state; his eyes were exuding a strange aura, his body was beginning to tremble slightly, and the shame in his heart was making his aura a little uncontrollable.

This damn kid actually didn't give him face! He made a fool of himself on such an important occasion! He must die!

A terrifying spiritual pressure immediately erupted, and Ye Xiao punched the void!

A fist-shaped aura attacking Qi Xuewen, exuding terrifying coercion!

It happened so fast that no one could react yet! This was the first time the patriarch of the northern family violated the rules and used spiritual energy to kill people.

Qi Xuewen regained consciousness immediately, and his aura burst out in all directions, making it impossible to conceal it. There was only a solid clash, and a golden spiritual wall immediately appeared in front of him, emitting a strong dragon aura.

However, when faced with Ye Xiao's fist, the wall seemed vulnerable, shattering instantly, but still weakened it somewhat.

Qi Xuewen placed his hands on his chest, and Ye Xiao's fist hit Qi Xuewen's arms hard. At that moment, Qi Xuewen felt as though his entire body was breaking apart, and his consciousness was detaching.

Suddenly, Qi Xuewen's body flew backwards, hitting the parapet hard and sinking into it. At this moment, he understood that the gap between them was unusually large, and then he passed out completely.

This result shocked everyone present. Ye Xiao had violated the rules and used spiritual energy to kill a future star in the south! It was really vicious! The people from the south immediately reacted.

"Ye Xiao, you are shameless!"

"Ye Xiao, you bastard, you violated the rules and used spiritual energy to sneak attack!"

"Spicy Chicken Ye Xiao, I look down on you! You're the head of an aristocratic family! Damn!"

At this moment, Ye Xiao's face was gloomy. He was in a rage just now, so he didn't think much about it. But it was good to kill him, so as not to develop in the future and become a potential opponent from the south.

Donghuang Baizhi didn't say anything, and Ying Jingshan saw that the Emperor didn't say anything, so he kept quiet.

At that time, Yu Quan appeared in the air, announcing the game's results.

"Ye Xiao, the Patriarch of the Ye family in the north, violated the regulations by using spiritual energy, and he will be disqualified from the competition! The winner is the Qi family in the south, Qi Xuewen!"

With a wave of Yu Quan's hand, several guards from the Voidless Realm pulled Qi Xuewen out of the protective wall, and then fed him the immortal water of the Voidless Realm.

Not long after, Qi Xuewen woke up.

This made Ye Xiao's jaw almost drop to the ground! This person wasn't dead; how was that possible?

If it weren't for the dragon energy body protection, Qi Xuewen would indeed have died, but unfortunately, Ye Xiao lost his wife and lost his army now. [Lost everything]

The northerners felt ashamed; this was a violation of the regulations to kill people, but the person wasn't dead, and they were saved by the Voidless Realm. It was too ironic.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had no face to stay at the scene and flew out of the arena in an instant.

Following Ye Xiao's departure, everyone in the south began to cheer for their first victory. Qi Xuewen took a deep breath, bowed to Her Majesty, thanked her for saving his life, and then bowed to Ying Jingshan.

Hearing everyone's cheers and fierce applause, Qi Xuewen felt that he had not lost anything. Although Ye Xiao had punched him away, without spiritual energy, it wasn't certain who would have won.

He returned to his seat, and Xin Ba hugged Qi Xuewen, saying, "Brother Qi, you are now my idol!!!"

"Cough, cough, cough..." Qi Xuewen coughed for a while, and there was also a slight internal injury that had not healed.

"I'm sorry... I didn't wish to hurt you." Xin Ba hastily apologized.

Qi Xuewen smiled and shook his head: "I won!!!"

"En! You won!"

The two looked at each other again, feeling that they had a romantic relationship...

In the stands, Donghuang Li said sweetly, "Daddy, you are going to sleep with Ah Li tonight."

"Okay... Daddy will accompany Ah Li tonight," Ye Hua said with a light smile.