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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman (Web Novel)


He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia.

There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 626 (Even the Supreme Overlord Throws a Tantrum)2023-06-08
Chapter 625 (The Origin of Power)2023-06-07
Chapter 624 (Who Are They)2023-06-06
Chapter 623 (It turns out we're fellow villagers)2023-06-05
Chapter 622 (Warm up Exercises)2023-06-04
Chapter 621 (You Shameless Person)2023-06-04
Chapter 620 (I am a God)2023-06-03
Chapter 619 (Four Vs Four)2023-06-02
Chapter 618 (I'm Coming! I'm coming!)2023-05-31
Chapter 617 (Old Monsters)2023-05-30
Chapter 616 (Xu Qin)2023-05-29
Chapter 615 (Please)2023-05-28
Chapter 614 (Letter Of Condolences)2023-05-28
Chapter 613 (Public Enemy)2023-05-26
Chapter 612 (Voidless Realm Exposed)2023-05-26
Chapter 611 (Who Came Up with This Idea)2023-05-25
Chapter 610 (Sudden Incident)2023-05-23
Chapter 609 (Where Is the Voidless Realm?)2023-05-23
Chapter 608 (Divine Punishment)2023-05-21
Chapter 607 (Deep Water in the Team)2023-05-20
Chapter 606 (Young People are ignorant)2023-05-19
Chapter 605 (Don't Lose Face of the Deity)2023-05-18
Chapter 604 (Preparations For Battle)2023-05-18
Chapter 603 (Jiu Ye's Master)2023-05-17
Chapter 602 (Very Fierce! Extremely fierce!)2023-05-15
Chapter 601 (Being Dogs Is Actually Not Bad)2023-05-15
Chapter 600 (Ye Zizi vs. Feng Tian)2023-05-13
Chapter 599 (Boredom To the Extreme)2023-05-12
Chapter 598 (Negotiation Conference)2023-05-12
Chapter 597 (Another One)2023-05-10
Chapter 596 (Happy Cooperation)2023-05-10
Chapter 595 (Voidless Realm is Not Worth Mentioning)2023-05-09
Chapter 594 (Teach You How to Be a Son)2023-05-07
Chapter 593 (Aunty)2023-05-06
Chapter 592 (So Disrespectful!)2023-05-05
Chapter 591 (Two Little Scammers)2023-05-04
Chapter 590 (Very Strong)2023-05-03
Chapter 589 (I Just Like Your Wife)2023-05-03
Chapter 588 (One On One!)2023-05-02
Chapter 587 (Mom And Dad!)2023-05-02
Chapter 586 (Child, Don't Blow…)2023-05-02
Chapter 585 (You're Responsible for Crying, I'm Responsible for Shouting)2023-05-02
Chapter 584 (Starting The First Wave of Trials)2023-05-02
Chapter 583 (One Trouble After Another)2023-05-02
Chapter 582 (Something Happened)2023-05-02
Chapter 581 (Wait For me to call my Big Brother)2023-04-25
Chapter 580 (Jue Tian Gets Beaten Up)2023-04-24
Chapter 579 (Blind Date)2023-04-22
Chapter 578 (Tomb Sweeping General: Dou Fushi)2023-04-21
Chapter 577 (Plans For the New Year)2023-04-20
Chapter 576 (First New Year Meeting)2023-04-19
Chapter 575 (A Big Bird Poop)2023-04-18
Chapter 574 (Consequences Of Spiritual Energy Recovery)2023-04-17
Chapter 573 (Spiritual Energy Recovery)2023-04-17
Chapter 572 (I'm Afraid to scare you when I say it out loud)2023-04-16
Chapter 571 (You Really Know Nothing)2023-04-14
Chapter 570 (Visiting The In Laws)2023-04-13
Chapter 569 (They're All Pitiful)2023-04-12
Chapter 568 (Will You Die If You Don't Show Off?)2023-04-11
Chapter 567 (Let's Take a photo to commemorate)2023-04-11
Chapter 566 (You Are all ants)2023-04-11
Chapter 565 (Welcome To Join the Justice League)2023-04-09
Chapter 564 (Immortal VS Demon Emperor)2023-04-07
Chapter 563 (Justice League)2023-04-06
Chapter 562 (Kill, Kill, Kill!)2023-04-05
Chapter 561 (The Reincarnated Person on New Year's Day)2023-04-04
Chapter 560 (New Year's Day)2023-04-03
Chapter 559 (Good And Evil)2023-04-03
Chapter 558 (On The Peak of Yuan Tian)2023-04-02
Chapter 557 (In Imminent Danger)2023-04-01
Chapter 556 (Qing Ya is About to Give Birth)2023-03-30
Chapter 555 (Who Gave you the courage?)2023-03-29
Chapter 554 (Preparing For the reunion dinner)2023-03-28
Chapter 553 (New Year's Eve)2023-03-28
Chapter 552 (A New Year Begins)2023-03-28
Chapter 551 (I Want to Be a Subordinate)2023-03-26
Chapter 550 (The Emperor is Wise)2023-03-26
Chapter 549 (Deities, Save me)2023-03-24
Chapter 548 (Killing Without mercy)2023-03-22
Chapter 547 (Kill Innocent people, indiscriminately)2023-03-21
Chapter 546 (Feast Of Blood)2023-03-20
Chapter 545 (I Disagree!)2023-03-19
Chapter 544 (Killed Twice)2023-03-18
Chapter 543 (Be Careful, young man)2023-03-18
Chapter 542 (Angry From embarrassment)2023-03-18
Chapter 541 (He Caught it!)2023-03-15
Chapter 540 (Scene 1)2023-03-14
Chapter 539 (Repeated Blows)2023-03-13
Chapter 538 (Smoking)2023-03-12
Chapter 537 (The Deity Appears)2023-03-11
Chapter 536 (Introduction)2023-03-11
Chapter 535 (I Am the man you will never get)2023-03-10
Chapter 534 (Lucky)2023-03-08
Chapter 533 (Unlucky Group of Four)2023-03-07
Chapter 532 (Broken)2023-03-06
Chapter 531 (Conspiracy To become a great family)2023-03-05
Chapter 530 (The Ying Family Arrives)2023-03-04
Chapter 529 (Grandpa)2023-03-03
Chapter 528 (North South Tournament)2023-03-03
Chapter 527 (The Second birth comes)2023-03-02
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