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The Mech Touch (Web Novel)








Mecha Sci-fi

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Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme!

Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs as a builder instead of a soldier.

When Ves graduated from college, he returned to a new but empty boutique. Left with a small, newly founded mech workshop that his father painstakingly built with a mountain of debt, Ves somehow needs to make ends meet with the bank breathing down his neck.

In the midst of his despair, he found salvation from another legacy his father had left.

"Welcome to the Mech Designer System. Please design your new mech."

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 4887 A Different Lifestyle2023-06-10
Chapter 4886 Ves The Show-Off2023-06-10
Chapter 4885 Points Of Failure2023-06-09
Chapter 4884 Recruiting New Women2023-06-09
Chapter 4883 A Simple Investigation2023-06-09
Chapter 4882 Lanie's Tournament Run2023-06-09
Chapter 4881 Jocasta Clive2023-06-08
Chapter 4880 Not Present2023-06-08
Chapter 4879 Foresight2023-06-08
Chapter 4878 Free For All2023-06-07
Chapter 4877 Team Reemus2023-06-07
Chapter 4876 Team Clive2023-06-06
Chapter 4875 Single Failure2023-06-06
Chapter 4874 Missing Countermeasures2023-06-06
Chapter 4873 Ideal Model Of A Mech Designer2023-06-06
Chapter 4872 Lancernaut2023-06-05
Chapter 4871 Team Danilov2023-06-05
Chapter 4870 Repairability2023-06-05
Chapter 4869 Javelin Thrower2023-06-04
Chapter 4868 Testing Skills2023-06-03
Chapter 4867 Bountiful Resources2023-06-03
Chapter 4866 Exhaustion2023-06-03
Chapter 4865 Beatrice Hendrix2023-06-02
Chapter 4864 Low Margins2023-06-02
Chapter 4863 Adaptive Modular Armor Systems2023-06-02
Chapter 4862 Double And Triple2023-06-02
Chapter 4861 Bobby And Lizzie2023-06-01
Chapter 4860 Team One2023-06-01
Chapter 4859 Sense And Fury2023-05-31
Chapter 4858 Fabrication Wizard2023-05-31
Chapter 4857 Personal Life2023-05-31
Chapter 4856 The Power Of Family2023-05-31
Chapter 4855 Loaded With Weapons2023-05-30
Chapter 4854 Altered Weapons2023-05-30
Chapter 4853 Extolling2023-05-30
Chapter 4852 Master Decimus Horst2023-05-29
Chapter 4851 Questionable Candidates2023-05-29
Chapter 4850 Mech Designers And Egos2023-05-29
Chapter 4849 Initial Reactions2023-05-29
Chapter 4848 Twin Souls2023-05-28
Chapter 4847 Hybrid Challenges2023-05-28
Chapter 4846 Looking For Combinations2023-05-28
Chapter 4845 Additional Requirements2023-05-27
Chapter 4844 Expectations2023-05-27
Chapter 4843 Spencer Hall2023-05-26
Chapter 4842 Competitive Perfomance2023-05-26
Chapter 4841 Craftiness And Cunning2023-05-26
Chapter 4840 The Struggling Prodigy2023-05-26
Chapter 4839 Virtual Mayhem2023-05-25
Chapter 4838 Clive Arena2023-05-25
Chapter 4837 Skilled Political Operator2023-05-24
Chapter 4836 Amazing Incentives2023-05-24
Chapter 4835 Contrite President2023-05-24
Chapter 4834 The Sensitive Hound2023-05-24
Chapter 4833 Deserved Reward2023-05-23
Chapter 4832 Getting Up To Date2023-05-23
Chapter 4831 Handling Dossiers2023-05-23
Chapter 4830 Rambunctious Child2023-05-22
Chapter 4829 Forceful Parade2023-05-22
Chapter 4828 The Power of Prestige2023-05-21
Chapter 4827 Cycle Of Death2023-05-21
Chapter 4826 Rising Influence2023-05-21
Chapter 4825 The Final Survivors2023-05-21
Chapter 4824 No Resistance2023-05-20
Chapter 4823 Heaven Kissed2023-05-20
Chapter 4822 Energetic Infiltration2023-05-19
Chapter 4821 All Powerful2023-05-19
Chapter 4820 Heavenly Powers2023-05-19
Chapter 4819 Descent2023-05-19
Chapter 4818 The Ultimate Cut2023-05-19
Chapter 4817 Gift From Heaven2023-05-19
Chapter 4816 Lacking Swords2023-05-19
Chapter 4815 Timeless2023-05-19
Chapter 4814 A Transcendant Sword2023-05-19
Chapter 4813 A Meeting Of Sword Wielders2023-05-19
Chapter 4812 The Four Giants2023-05-18
Chapter 4811 Cat And Sword2023-05-17
Chapter 4810 Enemy Troop Qualities2023-05-17
Chapter 4809 Wrath Of a Mother2023-05-17
Chapter 4808 The Perils Of The Sword2023-05-17
Chapter 4807 Quiet Obstruction2023-05-16
Chapter 4806 Enemy Adaptation2023-05-16
Chapter 4805 Alien Innovation2023-05-16
Chapter 4804 The Power of Imitation2023-05-16
Chapter 4803 Precious Manpower2023-05-15
Chapter 4802 Increasing Pressure2023-05-14
Chapter 4801 Leadership Approaches2023-05-14
Chapter 4800 Unhealthy Fixation2023-05-14
Chapter 4799 Inciting Actor2023-05-14
Chapter 4798 Impulsive Trigger2023-05-14
Chapter 4797 Imperfect Discourse2023-05-13
Chapter 4796 Preparedness2023-05-13
Chapter 4795 Defiant Words2023-05-13
Chapter 4794 My Little Skull2023-05-12
Chapter 4793 Assault Plan2023-05-12
Chapter 4792 The Sins Of The Past2023-05-12
Chapter 4791 First Scouting Results2023-05-11
Chapter 4790 Major Alden Durant2023-05-11
Chapter 4789 Commanding Lead2023-05-10
Chapter 4788 Identity Confusion2023-05-10
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