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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement (Web Novel) - Chapter 1349 Untitled

Chapter 1349 Untitled

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Yu Huang.

Was this the legendary Yu Huang who had awakened the Divine Feather Phoenix beast form and married Sheng Xiao?

At that moment, Sheng Xiao suddenly turned around and looked at the staff.

He didn't leave or say anything and only glanced at them indifferently, but they felt the blood in their bodies instantly freeze. The hair on their backs stood on end, and they felt as if they had encountered a powerful enemy.

The staff lowered his head and trembled.

Seeing that Sheng Xiao didn't finish his sentence, the general manager walked out of the crowd while trembling, but he didn't dare to lose his composure in front of Sheng Xiao. The general manager stammered to Sheng Xiao, "Lord, please… please speak."

Sheng Xiao stared at the shrewd and mean general manager as he said, "Back then, the Magic Flood Dragon Clan was the most loyal subsidiary race of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race. When the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan attacked our clan, the Patriarch of the Magic Flood Dragon Clan, Ao Yue, was my most trusted and capable subordinate. All those years ago, he followed me to battles everywhere and we fought the enemy together."

Staring at the general manager's trembling legs, Sheng Xiao shook his head and lamented, "Although Ao Yue wasn't as strong as the Sky Dragon, he was still a person worthy of respect and trust. I didn't expect his descendants to become a group of treacherous people."

"Go back and tell your Patriarch that if he doesn't want his entire clan to be wiped out, come and see me. On account of the friendship between your ancestor Ao Yue and me, I can spare your lives. However, if he still doesn't know how to appreciate kindness, then sooner or later, the Magic Flood Dragon Mountain Range will be razed to the ground by me."

"The Magic Flood Dragon Clan is not the only demon beast clan that is willing to be loyal to the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race."

Upon hearing this, the general manager broke out in cold sweat.

Of course, he understood what Sheng Xiao meant. Sheng Xiao was warning them that if they refused to listen, he didn't mind destroying the Magic Flood Dragon Clan and nurturing another loyal subordinate clan. There was only one Magic Flood Dragon Clan, but there were countless demon beast clans that were willing to be loyal to the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race.

"I will obey your orders, Lord. I will definitely convey your words to the Patriarch," the general manager hurriedly replied.

"Get lost."

"Alright, alright, I'll get lost now." The general manager was so frightened that he quickly ran away with the staff. After they left, Sheng Xiao looked up at the civilian tourists and the cultivators hiding in the distant sky.

When they saw Sheng Xiao looking at them, they lowered their heads and didn't dare to look at him.

"I'm sorry that I didn't let you guys hear the Sky Dragon's screams. I'm sorry to disappoint you guys," Sheng Xiao said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, the tourists lowered their heads and didn't dare to breathe loudly. Everyone could tell that Sheng Xiao was mocking them.

"However, you guys are lucky to be the last batch of tourists in the Divine Mountain Range. From today onwards, the lightning will never descend again, and the ancient Sky Dragon suppressed at the foot of the Soul Formation Mountain no longer exists. Please publicize it when you return so that the other tourists won't come for nothing."

The civilians trembled while the cultivators broke out in cold sweat.

After a long while, a cultivator appeared from the clouds while trembling. He bowed to Sheng Xiao in awe as he said, "Welcome back to the continent, Dragon Prince. I wish Your Highness the best of luck in reviving the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race. I hope the Demon Beast Continent can regain its reputation as the most powerful continent in the super Great World!"

The other cultivators echoed, "Welcome back to the continent, Dragon Prince. We wish Your Highness the best of luck in reviving the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race. We hope that the Demon Beast Continent can regain its reputation as the most powerful continent in the super Great World!"

The cultivators' cries resounded throughout the southernmost part of the demon beast continent, shocking the civilians until their chests went numb.

Sheng Xiao smiled. "Then, let's wait and see!"

Sheng Xiao turned around and extended his right hand to Yu Huang as he said gently, "Let's go."

Yu Huang and Xiao Shu landed beside Sheng Xiao and the others.

As soon as he got close to Sheng Xiao, Xiao Shu sensed a huge change in Sheng Xiao's aura. It was easy to dodge an open gun, but difficult to guard against a hidden arrow. If the Sheng Xiao in the past was a sharp sword that habitually sheathed itself in a scabbard, then the current Sheng Xiao was now a hidden arrow that knew how to hide under a tough shell.

When he was sealed and motionless, he was harmless and threatening. However, once the hidden weapons were fired at the same time, they could instantly hit the enemy's vital points.

In other words, there was a cunning soul hidden under his young appearance.

Yu Huang noticed what Xiao Shu had discovered as well, so Yu Huang held Sheng Xiao's wrist and suddenly asked, "What do you think is the funniest thing Anna has ever done?"

Sheng Xiao froze. Then, he understood the meaning behind Yu Huang's question.

The corners of his lips curled up as he said with a smile, "During the beast form awakening ceremony, she prayed with my Master card in front of me."

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang smiled. Then, she and Sheng Xiao interlocked their fingers.

Yu Huang realized that the spiritual energy fluctuations in Sheng Xiao's body were much stronger than they were yesterday. She couldn't see through Sheng Xiao's true strength now.

Yu Huang asked Sheng Xiao, "Has he become one with you?"

Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, "He gave me his soul and abilities. His demigod bone is hidden in my interspatial ring. When the time is right, I will refine his skeleton." After a pause, Sheng Xiao continued, "He said something to me. I want to convey it to you."

Yu Huang's heart skipped a beat. "What words?"

"He said that as time passed, no matter how strong one's feelings were, they might get fed up with each other. He hoped that I would remember that you were a peerless treasure that he was willing to be trapped in hell and tortured for ten thousand years for. He wanted me to cherish you and dote on you."

Yu Huang guessed what Yu Aofeng would say, but she still felt suffocated when she heard Sheng Xiao's words.

"Jing Huang wasn't fated with him, but we are fated, so we have to cherish each other." Yu Huang placed Sheng Xiao's palm on her abdomen as she said to him, "I can feel that the children have already fused with my flesh and blood. I can even sense the weak beating of their hearts. Brother Xiao, Jing Huang and Yu Aofeng might not be together, but we will definitely grow old together and have children and grandchildren."

Sheng Xiao nodded. "This is what Yu Aofeng wants to see the most."


"Enough." Xiao Shu interrupted them and urged, "It's time for us to leave. Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya are getting impatient."

"Alright, let's go back."