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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement (Web Novel) - Chapter 1348 Untitled

Chapter 1348 Untitled

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Just like Yu Huang, Sheng Xiao had created his own independent space.

Sheng Xiao's independent space had always been a desolate and lonely place. This was the first time it had some vitality. Sheng Xiao walked out of the Central Pagoda and came to the desert where green grass grew. As he bent down and stroked the tender and fragile grass, his gaze softened.

"Green symbolizes life. You guys are the first hope of this world."

Sheng Xiao, who had all of Yu Aofeng's memories, already knew the ultimate secret of becoming a Divine Master. Just as Jing Lan had said, those who had awakened their divine power became Divine Master seeds selected by the Creator from all the cultivators in the three thousand worlds.

Only Divine Master seeds had a chance of entering the desolate place after their cultivation reached the Prime Master Realm. They would be tested by the space seed in that desolate place. Beast Tamers who passed the space seed test could successfully refine the space seed.

When they refined an independent ecosystem in the space seed, they would be able to break through to the Prime Emperor realm and become respected Divine Masters.

Back then, Yu Aofeng had jumped into the Endless Sea with the intention of seeing if the undead of his father and the seniors in his clan were still alive. However, the moment he jumped into the Endless Sea, he was sent into the desolate place by the Creator with a mysterious power and found his space seed.

Yu Aofeng's space seed was the current Doomsday Battlefield.

Yu Aofeng had refined a complete ecosystem in the Doomsday Battlefield, and demon beasts could grow inside. However, he paid the price of giving up on becoming a Divine Master

to make a deal with the Creator in exchange for a chance for Jing Huang to reincarnate. After the deal was reached, the Doomsday Battlefield turned from a world with a complete ecosystem into an incomplete world.

After that, the Doomsday Battlefield became a world with bad weather and where life couldn't survive.

In that case, he and Yu Huang had accidentally created their own independent space.

Although Yu Huang had created an independent space, she chose to give up that independent space and take over Senior Jing Lan's world, Earth.

The independent space he owned was a brand new world waiting to be born.

Sheng Xiao didn't know what this world would become like in the end. If he could successfully refine a complete ecosystem in this space, he would put his small world beside Yu Huang's small world and let them become two worlds that lived together.


Sheng Xiao heard the door open.

After he turned around in shock and looked at the Central Pagoda behind him, he realized that the tightly shut door on the first floor of the Central Pagoda had actually opened automatically.

After Sheng Xiao walked into the second floor from the first floor, he saw a painting in the stairwell.

In the painting, a tall and handsome man was sowing seeds in a desert. Young green grass appeared in the desert. This scene coincided with Sheng Xiao releasing his spiritual energy to feed this world.

Sheng Xiao, who had become a Divine Master once, already knew that the moment all the closed doors in the Central Pagoda were opened and the world was successfully connected to him would be the moment he became a Divine Master.

After Sheng Xiao left the Central Pagoda and closed his eyes, his consciousness was sent out of the independent space and back to the magma at the foot of the Soul Formation Mountain.

Yu Aofeng had completely fused with Sheng Xiao, so there was nothing under the magma now.

Sheng Xiao quickly swam out of the magma pool, passed through the Black Spirit Stone mine, and returned to the ground.

Mo Xiao had already reached his limit.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Sheng Xiao fly out from under the Divine Mountain Range. When Sheng Xiao landed on the plain, he covered the Divine Mountain Range again.


The ground within a radius of thousands of kilometers was shaking.

After returning the Divine Mountain Range to its original place, Mo Xiao flew to Sheng Xiao and stared at Sheng Xiao. As he sized Sheng Xiao up for a moment, mirth gradually appeared in his eyes. "Peak of the late-stage Grand Master realm… Sheng Xiao, it seems that you have seen Yu Aofeng and obtained his power."

"That's right." Sheng Xiao told Mo Xiao about him and Yu Aofeng becoming one.

After knowing that they had completely fused and their souls had finally become complete, Mo Xiao was worried and asked him, "Then, are you Young Master Sheng or the Dragon Prince now?" Although Sheng Xiao and Yu Aofeng had the same soul, they had independent thoughts. If they completely fused, independent thoughts would disappear.

Mo Xiao didn't know if the independent personality he had left behind was Sheng Xiao or the former Yu Aofeng.

Knowing what Mo Xiao was worried about, Sheng Xiao told him, "Yu Aofeng gave up his personality and gave me his soul and energy. From today onwards, I will be the real Sheng Xiao and Yu Aofeng's continuation."

Upon hearing this, Mo Xiao smiled and lamented, "As expected of the Dragon Prince. Your boldness is admirable."

Sheng Xiao marveled in admiration when he thought of Yu Aofeng's words, "He is indeed admirable."

At that moment, two long swords burning with fire tore through the sky and flew towards the Divine Mountain Range. The two long swords stopped above Sheng Xiao and Mo Xiao's heads for a moment before flying towards the Soul Formation Mountain without hesitation.

Sensing that the spiritual energy released by the fire sword was familiar, Mo Xiao and Sheng Xiao looked at each other and said at the same time, "It's Yu Huang and Xiao Shu."

"What are they going to do…" Before Mo Xiao could finish speaking, he saw Yu Huang and Xiao Shu transform into fire swords that soared into the sky and suddenly swoop down towards the Soul Formation Mountain. The two of them worked together and only used one sword to cut the high-altitude ropeway at the foot of the mountain into two!

Mo Xiao and Sheng Xiao raised their eyebrows at the same time.

When the staff of the Soul Formation Mountain noticed this scene, they were angry but didn't dare to say anything.

Now that the Dragon Race's crown prince had returned, they were all trying to avoid him. Who would dare to take the initiative to offend him?

After cutting off the ropeway, the two long swords turned into a man and a woman.

The woman was wearing a black and red checkered shirt and black shorts. Her long hair was tied up high, and her beautiful face had an icy expression. The man's chin was unshaven, and his shoulder-length red hair was draped behind his shoulders messily. Two flames flickered in his eyes in an unruly and arrogant manner.

The beautiful woman looked down at the staff of the Magic Flood Dragon Clan from above as she said in a murderous tone, "Listen up, lackeys of the Magic Flood Dragon Clan. Go back and tell your Patriarch that one day, I, Yu Huang, will wipe out the Magic Flood Dragon Mountain Range and turn it into a tourist attraction. I will let the tourists of the three thousand worlds trample on your homeland!"

"How you humiliated Yu Aofeng in the past is the same humiliation you will suffer in the future!"

When they heard this, the clansmen sent by the Magic Flood Dragon Clan turned pale.