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Loved By An Older Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1300 Don't Admit

Chapter 1300 Don't Admit

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“The Chu family’s illegitimate child?” Mo Long paused. “From what I know, the Chu family only has one child, and that’s Chu Jie. And from the looks of it, the Chu family doesn’t seem to know that they have an illegitimate child.”

“Although I’m not sure if the information is 100% accurate, the girl I saved did say so.” Jiang Yu said, “her surname is Feng and her name is Feng Ran. Do you have any impression of it?”

“Feng Ran …” Mo Long repeated the name a few times and said, “I remember now. She’s the daughter of the Feng family of yang city. He had seen her once a long time ago. She looked like a very innocent person, so she probably wouldn’t lie. However, after so many years, I can’t be sure what she’ll look like.”

“She looks innocent and doesn’t know how to lie,” Jiang Yu said, “Feng Ran said that her father wants her to marry an illegitimate child of the Chu family.”

“What?” Mo Long paused. “The Feng family has always been proud of their superiority. How could they be willing to let their daughter marry an illegitimate child? What’s more, this illegitimate child had not returned to his family yet. The Feng family would not even bother to look at such an uncertain matter, but now they wanted their daughter to marry an illegitimate child? It’s really not the Feng family’s style.”

“I also find it strange,” Jiang Yu guessed, “that’s why I’m suspecting that the illegitimate son of the Chu family also has a huge power behind him. The Feng family has their eyes on this huge power, so they decided to let Feng Ran marry that illegitimate son.”

“It’s hard to say,” Mo Long’s tone was very heavy. Just as he was about to continue speaking, Chu Jie’s voice rang out from the door, “Mr. Mo Long, may I ask if it’s convenient for you now? May I come in?”

Mo Long paused, but he did not hang up. Instead, he hid his phone under his pillow and said, “You may enter.”

Chu Jie opened the door and entered with a bowl of bird’s nest porridge in her hands.

Mr. Mo Long, I’ve specially asked the nanny to make you a bowl of bird’s nest porridge. It’s good for your health, so you should drink it while it’s hot. As she spoke, Chu Jie placed the bird’s nest porridge on the bedside table.

“Okay, I got it.” Mo Long responded softly and asked, “Are you the only child in the Chu family?”

“Of course.” Chu Jie smiled. “Why would Mr. Mo Long suddenly ask this question?”

“It’s nothing. However, I heard that the Chu family has an illegitimate child.”

“Who’s talking nonsense? This is a rumor!” Chu Jie was a little angry. “I’m the only child in the Chu family for so many years. I’ve never heard of the Chu family having any illegitimate children outside! Mr. Mo Long, they’re just spreading rumors. You must not believe them!”

“I didn’t believe it. I also think it’s a rumor.” Mo Long said, “I’m just very curious. Is the Chu family really indifferent to such rumors?”

Chu Jie was puzzled and said, “but we’ve never heard such a rumor in the past few years!” My grandfather never mentioned anything about illegitimate children. But whether or not he has an illegitimate son, as long as he dares to come, my grandfather will beat him to death. The Chu family will never acknowledge an illegitimate child!”

“So old master Chu doesn’t know either.” Mo Long smiled. “Then it’s fine. I’m just overthinking.”

“Yes, I am. Mr. Mo Long, have a good rest. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.” With that, Chu Jie left.

Chu Jie left Mo Long’s room. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. As such, she quickly found old master Chu and told him about this.

After Chu Jie left, Mo Long took out his phone. Jiang Yu did not hang up the phone and asked, “Why did you tell Chu Jie about this?”

“I just want to get some information from her.” Mo Long said, “but it seems like no one in the Chu family knows about this illegitimate child. Chu Jie will tell old master Chu about this. Then, regardless of whether this is true or false, old master Chu will send someone to investigate. When that happens, it will save us some effort.”

“Hmmm … Alright then.” Jiang Yu said, “you must take good care of yourself in the Chu family. You must not expose yourself. Your bodyguards are all with me now, they can’t protect you immediately.”

“You don’t have to worry about me.” Mo Long said worriedly, “you, on the other hand, must protect yourself well. At least I still have the protection of the Chu family, and you only have bodyguards around you. I’m more worried about you.”