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I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1531 The Secret Gets Uncovered!

Chapter 1531 The Secret Gets Uncovered!

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“Is it time? Is it time that affected them? Or something else?” I was confused, and lacked lots of intel to make even a single guess.

But if it was time, then I should think about a way to extend time from here and reach the world outside.

How could I do it then? I was confined inside my world here. How could I let the time ability here affect the real world outside?

“These cracking lines… They got to expand at the mirror surface… Do they have something to do with that perhaps?” I thought about the cracks spreading all over the world from my body when I got to move. These cracks spread out like long and irregular lines all over the mirror surface.

So… Could I use these to do it? And what function did all these cracks and thread-like lines have?

I felt like I was missing something important here. And in less than a few minutes of deep thoughts, I finally got to link things together.

“Damn! It’s just like my technique threads… Does that mean I can control them using my technique? Don’t tell me… These threads aren’t naturally formed here in the first place, and it was all linked to my technique!”

I came to such a bold conclusion. My technique was based on my shadow powers, my access to the shadow world.

Shadow world was a unique world that was weirdly similar to the mirror world here in general basics.

If the two were the same in general principles, would that mean they could affect and impact each other? Would the cracks here get formed out of the threads of my technique?

I didn’t hesitate anymore. And instead of thinking about this, I started to test things out.

In the next moment I started to do my first and most basic technique. Once the technique formed, things started to greatly change out here.

The cracks that appeared as if they were some sort of an anomaly or something started to change. Instead of being cracks that spread out of my body moving around, they changed and formed lines, the same lines that appeared on the surface of the mirror.

And that wasn’t all! The moment I activated my technique, I felt a deep connection with all of the threads, lines, and arms all around.

If I wanted, I could easily manipulate them, change their shape and size, either condensing them together or breaking them into many smaller threads and arms.

I could also control their movement, making them turn right or left. And when I tried, they failed to penetrate through the mirror and go to the outer world.


“Damn! It worked! Hahahaha! These threads can’t go through the mirror, but they can merge with it! And this… I can easily feel anything out in the real world!”

It was a feeling I never felt before. It was like I was a god, a real god, looking down on mortals in the outside world.

I tried to let my threads go through the surface of the mirror. But they failed. And in return for such failure, they blended and merged with the mirror, giving me the power to feel and sense everything outside.

It felt like I got two minds at the same time, one that was present here, and the other was connected to the world outside, seeing everything happening there.

The range of my new perception expanded to cover up hundreds of miles in radius. That made me like I was standing on thousands of miles, ending up overseeing the world down below like how real god should do.

Damn! It was such an awesome feeling, one that I didn’t want to lose at all!

But… This was still not enough!

“I need to see if I can find these bombs out there or what…” I tried to look around, to spot these bombs. I already could see through anything out there, like I got millions of eyes, millions of ears, and tons of sensing tentacles to feel everything out there.

I precisely knew where these bombs were, but tried to not go directly and look for them out there. I wanted them to stir up something, give me something to notify me of their presence.

“Tsk! It still doesn’t work… What am I missing here?” I tried, but no matter what I couldn’t see anything different or special about the areas these bombs were buried under.

I tried to think about everything I knew about these bombs, to finally spot what I missed here.

“How come I forgot about this? Anything related to these bombs must include energy! A shocking amount of energy was needed either to activate or defuse them… Then a similar amount of energy is needed to stir these bombs and let them show themselves, right?”

I slapped my forehead when I reached such a conclusion. It was a pretty simple thing, but I totally missed it.

I looked at the world outside, to the threads connecting me with that world using the mirror surface… Then my eyes shifted towards the threads coming out from my technique… And lastly I stopped over my technique.

“So… It’s all connected together, and all came down to my technique… Interesting…” It was very simple for me to control my technique and gush lots of energy inside. It’d just take me a few bones to do it, and hopefully things would turn out quite good in the end.

I filled my chariot with my bones, dark realm bones, and started to absorb them. I felt the gush of pure energy getting inside my body, before releasing all towards my right hand holding that technique of mine.

The energy went into the technique, then into the threads, all the way to the mirror surface and beyond. The moment that happened, the moment the gush of pure energy arrived beyond the mirror, new things appeared!