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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2842 The Eve of the Race War (2)

Chapter 2842 The Eve of the Race War (2)

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Someone said, “But if there are really so many enemies, how can we see them if we all die in battle?”

Someone sneered. “Dying in battle means that you were eliminated by the Sea Realm. Why do you think so many people signed up to join the war? Everyone wants to become stronger, to hone themselves to become a true powerhouse. Which person's path to rise isn't filled with mountains of corpses and seas of blood? How many of you haven't read Master Human Emperor's biography? Is it easy for Master Human Emperor?”

A youth said, “I want to participate in the battle. Although I'm only in the Law Enforcer realm, I want to participate in the battle.”

Someone berated, “When is it your turn to fight? How can there be a Law Enforcer on the front line battlefield?”

The youth's tone was firm. “What we will start is a war between races. I don't believe that the City of Origin is all powerhouses above the Law Enforcer realm. Since it's a war between races, there will be battles of all realms.”

“That's right. War is the fastest way to increase strength. Strength is the eternal truth. If you and I don't work hard and want to enjoy the fruits of others” battles, such a human race won't be far from destruction.”

For a time, in the various cities, it was full of sounds of signing up and quarreling.

Half a day later, the warriors at the front line returned exhausted and full of killing intent.

These people were easy to recognize. Because they were full of killing intent, everyone who saw them felt their hearts skip a beat.

Green Bamboo City.

Zhang Haichao was holding a jar in his left hand and a bloody long knife in his right hand, asking something in a shop on the road.

“Boss, is Slate Street in this place?”

The shop owner was a little scared by Zhang Haichao's killing intent and quickly nodded. “Yes, my lord, this, this is Slate Street.”

Zhang Haichao frowned. “Do you know the way to Xu Ji's Refining Shop in the 9th district of Slate Street?”

Upon hearing this, the boss hurriedly said, “I know, I know. Old Xu's refining shop. Go along this intersection, turn left, and after three intersections, there's a small alley. Go straight in and you'll see it.”

“Thank you.”

Under the gaze of everyone, Zhang Haichao strode away.

A moment later, when Zhang Haichao saw the entrance of the alley, he took a deep breath, frowned, and walked in.

After Zhang Haichao walked into this alley, many residents didn't dare to speak. They watched Zhang Haichao come to the Xu family's refining shop.

Immediately, the neighbors nearby knew what happened.

Xu Ji's refining shop was very conspicuous. Because the refining sound was loud and the power dissipated, it enjoyed a large piece of land.

When Zhang Haichao came to the front of the shop, he saw a bare-armed man brandishing a hammer, knocking on a red iron. Every time he hammered, the power formed a gust of wind that dispersed around.

Not far from the man, a woman was melting materials with the Spirit Fusing Scripture.

When she saw Zhang Haichao, a piece of ore that the woman was smelting fell to the ground with a bang. With tears in her eyes, she looked at the long bloody knife in Zhang Haichao's hand.

The middle-aged man realized what was going on too. He hammered faster and faster, more than three hundred times in a row. It was not until the hammer in his hand shattered with a bang that he gasped heavily and put his hands on the refining table. “Is there no body left of my son?”

When Zhang Haichao heard this, his nose was sour. He knelt on the ground. “Uncle, in order to save me, Xu Da perished with a Venerable-level enemy and detonated himself on the spot. This saber was left behind by Xu Da. He once told me that this saber was his father's best work and his favorite weapon in his life. Sorry, I caused Xu Da's death. Even his corpse wasn't left. I, Zhang Haichao, am willing to take care of you on behalf of Xu Da.”

“Humph ~”

The middle-aged man strode forward and snatched the long saber. He wiped the blood on the saber with his sleeve and said solemnly, “This is the path he chose. If you want to repay him for saving your life, you should go to the battlefield and kill a few more b*stards of the City of Origin.”

After a pause, the man continued, “As for revenge, humph, of course I'll avenge my son.”

The woman's tears flashed, and she couldn't help but sob slightly.

The middle-aged man roared, “Why are you crying? You and I are both cultivators. You should know that on the path of cultivation, death is common.”

Zhang Haichao hurriedly said, “Uncle, I'll avenge Xu Da. You two can't go to the battlefield.”


The middle-aged man scolded angrily, “Why should others avenge my son? If the human race wants to rise, every human should raise the knife in their hands and cut through all obstacles for the human race. How can we be an exception? Boy, my son saved you because he wanted you to fight for the human race. If you kill enemies on the battlefield, you will be worthy of his death…”

In fact, there were already tears in the middle-aged man's eyes. He turned his head and waved his hand gently. “There's another person in your jar, right? Go. Don't make his family wait…”

Peach Blossom City.

Under the peach tree, a woman had been waiting here for a day and a night.

This was a place for recruitment, so there was an endless stream of people coming and going, and no one noticed her.

Two unfamiliar men carrying an armor box on their backs looked around for a long time before they walked forward.

“Excuse me, are you Lin Adi?”

“It's me.”