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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2841 The Eve of the Race War (1)

Chapter 2841 The Eve of the Race War (1)

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In the human race's cities.

When Luo Xiaobai and the others returned triumphantly with all the warriors on the front line battlefield, the entire human race was shocked.

Because of Han Fei's personality, he definitely had to share the victory with everyone. Luo Xiaobai was supposed to explain this matter to the entire human race in person, but she wasn't used to Han Fei's habit, so she refused.

Before the human army arrived, Han Fei's voice had already come. “My fellow human beings, I am Human Emperor Han Fei…”

When people heard this, they immediately chose to put down what they were doing. Han Fei hadn't talked to the entire human race like this for many years, but he had done it twice in a row recently. The first time was when Luo Xiaobai took office, and the second time was now.

In the next moment, Han Fei's voice continued, “Under the lead of the war commander, Luo Xiaobai, the front line battlefield launched the largest head-on battle against the City of Origin in history. Our human race and the City of Origin launched a super war with a total of more than 65 million soldiers. Our human warriors killed 1,203 Sky Openers, 68,312 Sea Establishers, 5 million Venerables, and 21 million Explorers of the City of Origin… killing a total of more than 26 million enemies. We won a great victory.”

The last word, “Great Victory”, exploded in everyone's ears like thunder.


“Our human race is invincible.”

“Awesome! This war commander has just taken office, but we have already won such a great victory.”

“It's indeed unbelievable. Back then, there weren't so many strong masters in the entire Raging Sea. But now we've killed so many powerful enemies in a single war… Our human race has indeed risen!”

Of course, there were also people who were puzzled. “Killed 1,203 Sky Openers of the City of Origin? Is this real? There must be Monarchs involved in the war.”

Someone agreed. “It must be Master Human Emperor, or we couldn't have won so fast.”

After more than ten seconds, when the entire human race was about to fall into ecstasy, Han Fei's voice sounded again, but this time, there was no joy in his voice.

Han Fei's voice was slightly low. “We won this war, but we also paid a huge price. In this battle, more than 26,862 Sea Establishers, nearly 1,300,000 Venerables, and 8,200,000 Explorers of our human race died. Yes, while we won, we also paid a heavy price. More than 20% of the front line soldiers were killed. I'm very sad…”

For a moment, the people who were cheering just now couldn't laugh anymore.

No matter how many enemies died, they didn't feel anything when they heard the number. When Han Fei destroyed the City of Scavengers, not many humans died.

But now, when they heard that nearly ten million people from the human race had died, many people were no longer happy. Those were tens of millions of lives, living lives that had dreams and expectations like them.

All these years, everyone knew that the human race was rising and thought that since Han Fei was around, they were invincible. But today, reality told them that nothing was as they imagined.

Death was right before their eyes. War was right beside them.

The 26,862 Sea Establishers, 1.3 million Venerables, and even the 8.2 million Explorers were all strong masters that many people dreamed of but couldn't become. But such a group of existences who were extremely powerful in their eyes completely disappeared in just a few days and were completely buried in this boundless wasteland.

Some female cultivators and some weak cultivators couldn't help but shed tears.

Han Fei's voice sounded again, low and firm. “My fellow human beings, we entered the Sea Realm from the Raging Sea for the rise of the human race, and for the glorious future of the human race. But this path is definitely not as simple as you think. Today, we are facing a City of Origin. Tomorrow, there will be countless Cities of Origin, and there are even enemies stronger than the City of Origin waiting for us. We have no time to rest. We are not qualified to sink into today's peaceful life. Our human race is far from rising… The warriors in the front line can't sacrifice in vain. They were fighting for the better tomorrow of the human race. It wasn't easy for us to walk out of the Raging Sea and get a chance to become stronger. Therefore, no matter how powerful the enemy in front of us is, we have to flatten them, kill them, and destroy them. We have to build a brand-new world for our juniors in this Sea Realm and give each of them a chance to open the sky and prove Dao. So, we don't have time to grieve…”

Han Fei paused for a moment and said firmly, “After the tidal wave, it will be time for our human race to start a war with the City of Origin. From today onwards, one billion soldiers will be recruited. The recruitment plan will be announced to the entire human race in three days…”

Not long after Han Fei's voice disappeared, the army passed through the sky.

Accompanying them was overwhelming blood Qi and killing intent.

With the imperial city as the center, these people dispersed to the surrounding 300 cities.

At this moment, in the various human cities, all kinds of discussions began to ferment.

Someone said, “Tens of millions died in a war. How many people will die when the war between races begins? Is this really what we pursue?”

Someone scolded, “Ignorant. The Raging Sea is safe, but why didn't you stay there? Why did Master Human Emperor struggle so hard to find a way for us in the Sea Realm? It's all for the prosperity of our human race.”