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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2829 Luo Xiaobai's First War (1)

Chapter 2829 Luo Xiaobai's First War (1)

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On the way to the front line of the human race, Luo Xiaobai and the others were waiting.

However, on the human side, be it Yingyue or the others chosen by Luo Xiaobai, they were all nervous.

In this battle, no one won. They even felt that Luo Xiaobai might not win. This was because this place was actually more than six hours away from the front line of the human race. There weren't that many so-called teleportation arrays.

However, they couldn't show it now. Their only hope was that Luo Xiaobai still had other trump cards.

It took An Mo about three hundred seconds to leave. An Ye frowned. Did An Mo run into some trouble?


In the next moment, An Mo appeared. As a phantom of a world appeared, a team of a hundred Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators appeared.

Yes, there were many Sky Openers in the City of Origin now. Another hundred-person team had randomly come, and they were all Perfected Star Transformation Realm powerhouses.

An Mo said, “Master An Ye, the commander-in-chief said that Luo Xiaobai must die. He asked Master An Mie to bring a team of a hundred Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators here to kill her.”


Yingyue and the others were all dumbfounded. Although they had seen a lot of battles, a team of a hundred Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators was too much! Plus An Ye and his men, there would be 150 people. How could they defeat them?

Although there were five strong masters on the humans” side, it was unrealistic for each of them to fight thirty alone.

Before An Ye spoke, Luo Xiaobai said calmly, “It seems that the City of Origin is preparing to declare war on the human race?”


An Ye laughed out loud and suddenly turned ferocious. “So what? Declaring war won't give you a chance to prove your Dao.”

An Mie said, “Cut the crap. Let's end this quickly. The commander-in-chief has started the battle before the human reinforcement comes.”

“Against our front line?”

An Ye's heart skipped a beat. This was really a declaration of war. Suddenly, the clan became so aggressive. Could it be that there was news of the Great Monarch Tianming?

An Ye shouted, “Let's attack together. This array is rather difficult to break. We need a hundred people to break it together. The rest of you, reserve your strength.”

At this moment, a turtle shell appeared in Luo Xiaobai's hand. Then, the world seemed to be enveloped by darkness.

She said indifferently, “Alright, it's time to end this.”

An Ye and An Mie: “???”

The humans: “???”

In the next second, the 100,000 God Sealing Spear rolled back, and Luo Xiaobai's figure changed. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a man.

The Hexagon Starfish: “???”

“Ah, how can it be you?”

Han Fei smiled casually. “I've been tolerating you for days, you stupid starfish. Boom…”

The Hexagon Starfish was slapped to the ground, his face full of shock. He felt so aggrieved! He was supposed to follow Luo Xiaobai. Why did it suddenly become Han Fei?


“Master Human Emperor?”


“Greetings, Master Human Emperor.”

“Greetings, Master Human Emperor.”

Yingyue, Xu Meng and the others were all stunned. What kind of transformation technique was this?

An Ye and An Mie were dumbfounded. Human Emperor? The Monarch of the human race?

“Not good! We're tricked! Run!”

At this moment, An Mie reacted first. Facing a Monarch, they could only run or die. With their strength, it was impossible for them to kill a Monarch.

However, with continuous bangs, they all hit the Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique. Han Fei had come in person. How could they survive?

An Ye roared, “Human Emperor, you are declaring war on our City of Origin. Our Great Monarch is still around. How dare you?”


Han Fei chuckled. “Didn't you declare war first? The war on the front line battlefield should have started by now, right?”

For a moment, everyone thought, If the Human Emperor personally led this team, where was Luo Xiaobai?

Shocked, An Ye and An Mie immediately figured it out. This was a trap set up by the Human Emperor to deliberately make it look like they were defeated and asked the front line for help. Since this was fake, the so-called reinforcement from the front line must be fake too. The humans in the front line deliberately set up a trap to bait An Liudao.

In this way, if An Liudao attacked the human race first, it would be a real declaration of war.

But what they didn't understand was why they had to set up such a trap. What was the point of such a trap? Furthermore, the Human Emperor had personally set it up.

Not to mention An Ye and the others, even Yingyue and the others didn't understand.

Finally, someone couldn't help but ask, “Master Human Emperor, since you want to take action, why did you set up such a trap?”

What this person meant was, why did they have to cut off a Great Dao?

Han Fei was not in a hurry to attack. He said casually,

“Firstly, your path has gone astray. This time, I'll help you cut off your Great Daos. Think carefully next time you choose a Great Dao to cultivate.”

“Secondly, although I said I would leave the battle below the Monarch realm to you, I'm not asking the only thousands of Sky Openers of the human race to fight against the hundreds of thousands of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm and Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators in the City of Origin. That would only be courting death. If I really want to do that, even if I mobilize all the strength of the human race, we won't be their match. Therefore, many people misunderstand what I mean.”