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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2826 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (3)

Chapter 2826 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (3)

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An Yuan shouted, “Kill the enemy first before breaking the array. Be careful of the ambush from the outside to the inside.”

In the God Sealing Spear Array, there was a fierce battle. This was because the God Sealing Spear's restricted area was only ten thousand kilometers wide, but there were more than 80 battlefields. Therefore, the combat power here kept rushing at the God Sealing Spear Array.


Unfortunately, even though the strength of the cultivators from the City of Origin had been suppressed, Luo Xiaobai led 80 people, and the Sky Openers from the City of Origin were generally stronger than those of the human race. Therefore, in just one clash, one person on the human race's side was blown up, and the Great Dao crack only cracked for hundreds of kilometers in the sky.

However, the human race was brave. An Yuan personally witnessed a human cultivator hugging a powerhouse from the City of Origin and blowing himself up.

As for why this person dared to do this, it was naturally because he could still be reborn.

At this moment, everyone seemed to realize something. Luo Xiaobai seemed to have expected all of this, so without asking for their opinion, she forcibly took their flesh, blood, and soul.

From the looks of it, this was really a way to save their lives. Otherwise, they would have really died now.

As for An Yuan, he had his eyes on Luo Xiaobai. Although he had fallen into the other party's trap today, the other party was clearly not strong enough to kill the strong masters of the City of Origin. Therefore, so far, no one had suffered a loss in this battle.

An Yuan said, “You're not qualified to be a commander at all!”

Luo Xiaobai only responded with one word, “Kill.”

In less than half an hour, the sky was full of Great Dao Cracks. More than 50 people had died on the human side, but only 32 people had died on the City of Origin's side.

Besides, even though An Yuan and the others” strength had been restricted by about 30% and the human race's great techniques were very strong, the latter was still no match for the former. Luo Xiaobai was even forced to run and could barely resist An Yuan.

Yingyue shouted, “Commander, call for reinforcements!”

Someone shouted, “Commander, we can't hold on anymore! Our realms are not as high as theirs!”

The Hexagon Starfish also roared crazily, “Luo Xiaobai! Starfish can't hold on anymore! Aren't you very smart? Why don't you have any Plan B?!”

Luo Xiaobai's face was slightly cold. “Come!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the void, outside the God Sealing Spear Array, five figures rushed over. They were all in the Perfected Star Transformation Realm.

Who would they be if they weren't Wang Xiaojiu and the others?

Seeing this, An Yuan couldn't help but laugh out loud. “Just five Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators. I thought you had a lot of trump cards.”


As the cicadas chirped, a hole appeared in the void, and 50 strong masters in the Perfected Star Transformation Realm suddenly appeared.

An Yuan mocked, “I've been waiting for your cards. Is that all you've got?”

“Puff ~”

However, as soon as An Yuan said so, a huge fierce cat phantom burst out with the shadow of a Sky Tearing Claw and tore apart a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator from the City of Origin.

An Yuan's face changed slightly. “Dao Lock level?”

Wang Xiaojiu shouted, “Come on! I'm unparalleled in the world. I once fought ten thousand enemies with the Human Emperor.”

Sha Diao was as swift as a shadow. With the protection of the sand, he rushed into the siege of the Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, and his ferocious shadow wreaked havoc.

Yu Jue's defense was unparalleled, and he was like a humanoid ultra-quality godly weapon.

Wang Lanlan activated the Clam Mountain Array and trapped three people.

Huang Ergou's strength was mediocre and he could barely fight two people.

Then, Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Enter the array. Don't fight.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Xiaojiu and the others rushed out of the battlefield. It's not difficult for five Dao Lock-level powerhouses to rush out of the siege of 50 Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

When Wang Xiaojiu and the others rushed into the God Sealing Spear Array, the others outside also tried to rush in, but they all bumped into the array.


Wang Lanlan was surprised. “This array recognize people?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Cut the crap. Kill them… Remember to keep their corpses. They're useful.”

The expressions of An Yuan and the others changed drastically. Isn't this a sealed array? Why can't the people of the An family enter it?

But if even the Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the City of Origin couldn't get in… An Yuan's face changed drastically and he shouted, “An Ye, charge!”

Outside the array of the God Sealing Spear, a strong master roared, “Everyone, follow me to break the array.”

But at this time, Wang Xiaojiu and the others had already begun to slaughter wantonly. The team of the City of Origin, which only had one Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator, was almost crushed by five lock-level powerhouses.

Luo Xiaobai looked calm and stopped attacking, letting Wang Xiaojiu and the others charge forward. Sha Diao caused a sand storm with the Protection of Sand, and in the storm, more than 30 people were crushed in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lanlan's Great Dao was very strange. It could actually slow people down. When the people of the An family used the Heavenly Cicada Wings, their speed was very fast, but under Wang Lanlan's Great Dao, their speed seemed to suddenly decrease by several times. Coupled with Yu Jue's sharp claws, more than ten people were killed in a row in the blink of an eye.

Outside, An Ye's men had launched a round of attacks, only to discover, to their surprise, that the spear array was intact with only less than 200 walls broken.

However, after this round of impact, there were only less than 30 cultivators from the City of Origin left in the array.

An Ye shouted, “Luo Xiaobai, even if they all die, you won't be able to survive today.”