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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2825 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (2)

Chapter 2825 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (2)

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Han Fei watched Luo Xiaobai leave with her men without escort. Han Xuan came to Han Fei with a teacup, scraped the tea with the cover of the teacup, and took a sip. “I'm finally relaxed a little. This girl is going to the front line before the tidal wave. Including the time she will use to come back, she will only have more than two months to stay on the front line. I'm quite curious. What will she do in more than two months? What can she do?”

Han Fei chuckled. “It's not a big deal. She's just going to accelerate the war between the human race and the City of Origin.”

The human race was built on the old site of the City of Scavengers, not far from the City of Origin. If it were an ordinary Sky Opening Realm powerhouse, he would reach the City of Origin in at most seven days.

It was even closer to the battlefield. With the speed of Luo Xiaobai and the others, it would only take less than four days.

After all, the human race had just built their cities and the battlefield between them and the City of Origin was newly established, so there weren't many teleportation arrays in the middle. They mainly relied on manual travel.

It had been three days since Luo Xiaobai set off. She had brought very few people with her, only 80 Sky Opening Realm powerhouses.

At this moment, Yingyue followed Luo Xiabai and asked, “Commander, I feel that something is wrong. We haven't encountered any ominous creatures for hours.”

Luo Xiaobai: “Okay.”

Seeing Luo Xiaobai so cold, Yingyue sighed in her heart. This person is really cold!

Seeing that she had been given the cold shoulder, Yingyue shut up obediently.

Several hours later, Luo Xiaobai suddenly stopped. In the next moment, the sound of cicadas filled the sky. All of a sudden, nearly a hundred figures rushed out of the void.

Luo Xiaobai was the first to be attacked. The person who attacked her was a powerhouse in the Perfected Star Transformation Realm.


In the next moment, six purple lights soared to the sky. The starfish's Six Gate Array was powerful, but it was only in the Sky Opening Realm, so it was still not strong enough to deal with a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator's blow.

“Ah! I'm dying! I'm dying!”

The Six-Gate Array was instantly broken, and dozens of places on the Hexagon Starfish's body exploded. Luo Xiaobai was sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of essence blood.

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai glanced at the person who ambushed her. It was a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator, and the other people had combat power similar to that of the humans.

Seeing this, Luo Xiaobai actually sneered. The people who came to ambush her weren't that strong. There were only five people in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm of this hundred-person team led by a Perfected Star Transformation Realm powerhouse. This could only mean one thing. The people from the City of Origin wanted to test the strength of the human race. If they could kill or seriously injure a figure like Luo Xiaobai in ordinary battles, it meant that the current human race was just so-so. Their strength was indeed as they had shown, and they didn't hide their strength.

As for Luo Xiaobai, they wouldn't believe that she was the so-called war commander of the human race, so they didn't mind killing her.

But was that all? Luo Xiaobai knew that it was definitely not.

On the human side, someone shouted, “Commander, there's a traitor. Our whereabouts have been exposed.”

Everyone's expression changed drastically. Someone shouted, “Who is it? We were clearly together yesterday. No one left alone.”

Yingyue shouted, “Commander, there are a hundred of them. This is a hundred-person team from the City of Origin. Half of them have entered the Star Transformation Realm. They're far stronger than us.”

As he spoke, the Perfected Star Transformation Realm powerhouse from the City of Origin had already appeared beside Luo Xiaobai. He condensed a long saber with his full strength and pierced through Luo Xiaobai's body with it.

However, in the next moment, long vines stretched out in all directions, and Luo Xiaobai's figure had already appeared tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The tens of thousands of long vines were holding spears engraved with Dao patterns at the same time. It was the God Sealing Spear.

Almost instantly, the void here was sealed, and the strength of the hundred-person team of the City of Origin was suppressed by at least 30%. The expression of the hundred-person team suddenly changed drastically, and the powerhouse roared, “It's a trap! Stabilize the formation and retreat.”

But at this time, how could they have a chance to retreat?

Although the Sky Openers of the human race weren't in high realms, the cultivation techniques and techniques they practiced were basically handed down by Han Fei. And most of the things Han Fei passed down had been deduced by the Demon Purification Pot, so the true combat power of these people was far stronger than on the surface.

Almost in the blink of an eye, a huge battle broke out between the two sides.

An Yuan, the captain of the hundred-person team of the City of Origin this time, was quite experienced. When he slashed at the array of the God Sealing Spear with all his strength, only a dozen God Sealing Spears exploded.

Immediately, An Yuan's heart skipped a beat. He was ambushed too! Was it the so-called commander's trick? Or was the human race's secret operation and this war commander actually bait?

In the Sea Realm, there were few fools. Although the news was sent back that the Human Emperor appointed Luo Xiaobai as the war commander, it also pointed out Luo Xiaobai's current strength and the Human Emperor's claim that Luo Xiaobai would become the second Monarch of the human race.

The City of Origin certainly couldn't let the human race have another Monarch, or the consequences would be unimaginable. Therefore, if Luo Xiaobai really had the potential to prove Dao, she had to die.