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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2815 Han Fei Seen Through at a Glance(4)

Chapter 2815 Han Fei Seen Through at a Glance(4)

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“Greetings, Master Human Emperor.”

When Han Fei and the others passed by the nearest shop, the boss was already waiting at the door. This shop specialized in the spiritual fruit business. Now this kind of fruit shop… Oh, no, spiritual fruit shop, was everywhere. People with capital were buying all kinds of spiritual fruits for those who had never tasted them.

Han Fei nodded slightly, then took two bananas from the booth and handed one to Luo Xiaobai. “Try it.”

For Han Fei, although he was eating the bananas that grew from his body, he could still feel the pleasure of eating fruit.

Luo Xiaobai naturally wouldn't be polite. In addition to the banana, she also took a peach. She might not be interested in anything else, but she was interested in demon plants. She also wanted to see what Han Fei was up to and how effective this spiritual fruit was.

Han Fei said to the boss, “These are friends from afar. Give them one of each spiritual fruit.”

As Han Fei spoke, he threw down a bag of energy crystals.

Immediately, the boss was unhappy and hurriedly said, “Master Human Emperor, you're slapping my face! You've sacrificed so much for the human race. How can I accept your money? With that, the boss hurriedly picked up the money bag and was about to return it to Han Fei.”

Han Fei said, “That's a different matter. You paid for these spiritual fruits. How can I eat them for free?”

The boss shook his head quickly. “That won't do. Many people have seen you buy things in my shop. If I accept your money today, my business won't be able to continue tomorrow. But if I don't accept your money today, my business will boom later. I won't lose anything in this business. Master Human Emperor, please take the money back…”

“Uh! Okay then!”

Therefore, Lu Xuan and the others each received a large bag of various spiritual fruits.

Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai walked side by side on the road. Han Fei introduced something to Luo Xiaobai from time to time. Wherever the two of them passed, countless pairs of eyes were staring at them, and all of them put on a motherly smile.

“Haha! Master Human Emperor, you finally have a girlfriend! By the way, who is this girl? Why haven't I heard that Master Human Emperor has a girlfriend before?”

“Ha! How dare you call her a girl? To be by the side of the Human Emperor, she has to be at least at the Sky Opening Realm. Show her some respect.”

“Hush, Master Human Emperor and the others can definitely hear us.”

“What's wrong with them hearing us? Master Human Emperor is not young anymore. He should have given birth to a Little Human Emperor as soon as possible.”

“Cough, cough!”

On the way, Han Fei coughed and looked at a corner of the crowd. “Hey, the human race is still rising and hasn't finished fighting. There will be a lot of things to do in the future. What are you talking about?”

“Greetings, Master Human Emperor. Long live Master Human Emperor.”

The group of people who were stared at by Han Fei weren't scared, but bowed respectfully to him.


It was the same group of people. “I think this girl is not bad. She has a good temperament. With her calm and unhurried attitude, she must be the Human Emperor's girlfriend.”

Someone shook his head. “Not necessarily. Maybe they are already married? Then she won't be Master Human Emperor's girlfriend but his wife.”

Someone said, “Be bold. Maybe there is already a little Human Emperor, but Master Human Emperor hasn't announced it yet.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Hey, that's enough.”

“Haha, long live Master Human Emperor…”

The group of people were very respectful, but they nodded at each other and continued to communicate silently.

Yu Jiaojiao couldn't help but look at Lu Xuan who was a little disappointed. She sighed in her heart, thinking that this was probably because of luck! Sometimes, falling in love with someone you shouldn't like wasn't the most painful thing. What was painful was that your love rival was tens of thousands of times better than you.

Lu Xuan looked at Luo Xiaobai, who was still chatting with Han Fei about the human race, seemingly unaffected by the noise at all.

Lu Xuan secretly sighed. Sure enough, what these people said was true!

Han Fei naturally noticed Lu Xuan's expression. He secretly shook his head. This person was not suitable for Luo Xiaobai after all. This was because he didn't understand Luo Xiaobai. He thought that Luo Xiaobai really had a relationship with him.

But in fact, Luo Xiaobai knew that this kind of thing couldn't be explained clearly, and no one would listen to her explanation. The more she explained, the more she seemed to be trying to hide it in the eyes of others.

Therefore, Luo Xiaobai chose to ignore it. This was the simplest and most effective method.

Unfortunately, Lu Xuan had traveled together with Luo Xiaobai for 48 years but still didn't understand her, so it was impossible for them to get any results.