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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2812 Han Fei Seen Through at a Glance(1)

Chapter 2812 Han Fei Seen Through at a Glance(1)

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Lu Xuan and the others were dumbfounded.

Killing 32 Monarchs? They didn't believe it at first, but the scene just now had completely shattered their understanding of the Monarchs.

A Monarch was sent flying without being able to fight back. Was he… a human?

On the way, although Luo Xiaobai didn't reveal too much detailed information to them, they knew that the human race was very weak, so they were here to help the human race fight. They knew that the human race was enslaved by the Ten Thousand Scale Race and that Luo Xiaobai had a friend who was fighting for it. But they never expected that Luo Xiaobai's friend was already so strong.


Yu Jiaojiao glanced at Lu Xuan. The destruction of more than a hundred cities scared him. The population of the so-called Mountain City was more than five million. If hundreds of cities were massacred, wouldn't billions of people be slaughtered in the battle 52 years ago?

As for Lu Xuan, he knew that Luo Xiaobai must have insisted on coming here for someone. He liked Luo Xiaobai too much. Since he first saw Luo Xiaobai, he had been amazed by her. He even felt that no one in this world was worthy of Luo Xiaobai.

But today, he got a heavy blow. What if the guy Luo Xiaobai liked was a Monarch? What if this Monarch could kill other Monarchs at will? What could he use to compete for her?

Just when everyone thought that this was a destined meeting, Luo Xiaobai frowned slightly and said indifferently, “You are not Han Fei.”

“Ah! Woman, don't talk nonsense. My master is the Human Emperor. I've been following him since he was in the Infinite Mining Area. How can he not be my master?”

Liu Qiansi jumped over again, spinning in anger. This guy was now completely convinced by Han Fei. He felt that the greatest blessing in his life was to meet Han Fei.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

When Luo Xiaobai said this, she saw the Beast King and the two elders of the Lava Giants appear here at the same time.

The Beast King looked at Luo Xiaobai. “Little girl, you have to be responsible for what you say.”

For the Beast King and the others, Han Fei often appeared in front of them, and they had been working hard for the human race all these years. How could the person in front of them not be Han Fei?

However, they couldn't ignore Luo Xiaobai's words. It would be disastrous if Han Fei was possessed.

When Lu Xuan and the others heard the name Han Fei, they found it familiar, but they didn't remember it. Then, they saw three more Monarchs appear at the same time. At this moment, they didn't dare to make a sound. Luo Xiaobai, on the other hand, looked at Han Fei quietly in front of the Monarchs without changing her expression.

Han Fei was also a little surprised. He couldn't help but smile. “How can you tell?”


The expressions of the Beast King, Liu Qiansi, and the two elders of the Lava Giant Clan changed at the same time, and they felt that all the hair on their bodies stood on end.

They couldn't believe that Han Fei, who they spent all their time with, was fake. If Han Fei was fake, who was this person in front of them?

For a moment, the atmosphere here was tense, and pressure fluctuations appeared in the space. Lu Xuan and the others were enveloped by this Monarch-level might, and their bodies stiffened and even trembled slightly.

Luo Xiaobai said calmly, “Divine Manipulators can sense the fluctuations of all demon plants. When I first saw you, I felt it. At first, I thought it was that… demon plant. But then I realized that something was wrong. The life energy fluctuations in your body have already affected me. So even if I can't see it, I can confirm that you are not a human being. You… are a demon plant.”

“What? Demon plant? Woman, are you mistaken? I signed a contract with Master. At that time, Master was still in the Sky Opening Realm. The human race and the City of Scavengers hadn't started a war yet. If Master was a demon plant, how could I not sense it? And if he was fake, why would he risk his life to attack the Ten Thousand Scale Race?”

Liu Qiansi was dumbfounded. What Luo Xiaobai said was simply absurd.

But what shocked her most was that Han Fei admitted it.


Luo Xiaobai raised her eyebrows in confusion. She had a bold guess in her heart, but she felt that this guess was a little too bold.

Han Fei still maintained a faint smile, but Luo Xiaobai hesitated and said tentatively, “Are you… an avatar?”

The Monarchs: “???”

The Beast King said, “How is that possible? Han Fei has only been in the Sea Realm for 600 years. He just opened the sky when he left. If his avatar is already so strong, how strong is his original body?”

“Six hundred years? A Sky Opener at first?”

Yu Jiaojiao, Lu Xuan, and the others couldn't help but look at each other. This guy had just entered the Sky Opening Realm 600 years ago, but now he had already proven Dao? And this was only his avatar?

Although they trusted Luo Xiaobai's judgment very much, this time, they still felt that it was a little ridiculous.

But as soon as the Beast King said so, a voice came from the void, and another Han Fei walked out of the void.

“As expected of you. I didn't want to reveal this, but I didn't expect you to see it through as soon as you came back.”

The Beast King: “???”

Liu Qiansi: “???”


Luo Xiaobai breathed a sigh of relief and then glared at Han Fei, but she didn't acknowledge him directly. Instead, she thought for a moment and said, “Make me a dress. I want my favorite one.”