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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2810 You're Back?(3)

Chapter 2810 You're Back?(3)

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The other woman smiled and said, “Yes! Without Xiaobai, Brother Lu Xuan would have died several times. Brother Lu Xuan, if you can marry Xiaobai, it might be the greatest blessing in your life.”

“Ha, haha…”

The Perfected Star Transformation Realm powerhouse couldn't help but blush. He subconsciously scratched his head, but his eyes kept glancing at Luo Xiaobai.

Luo Xiaobai frowned and glanced at the woman. “Yu Jiaojiao…”

Yu Jiaojiao giggled. “Fine! I won't talk about it anymore… But Xiaobai, I think Lu Xuan is really good. He's strong and honest. Although he is a little stupid, he'll definitely listen to you! Not that I'm bragging, but I'm afraid you can't find a man as good as Lu Xuan among the strong masters in the Sea Realm now…”

“Cough, cough…”

Lu Xuan blushed again, but he subconsciously raised his head and stood straight.

“Shut up!”

Luo Xiaobai said seriously, “This trip is actually my own business. You really don't have to follow me. There are a million people in our fortress. If we're trapped here because of my decision, I won't be able to redeem myself even if I die a hundred times.”

Yu Jiaojiao also said seriously, “Xiaobai, we've known each other for 48 years. Maybe you're not the strongest, but I believe you're the smartest person I've ever seen. We don't have to take the people in the fortress with us, but we definitely won't let you enter the Chaotic Wasteland alone. However, just because you heard a voice, you traveled hundreds of millions of kilometers across the wilderness and even entered the Chaotic Wasteland resolutely. Is it really worth it?”

Someone echoed, “That's right! Castle Lord, the Chaotic Wasteland is not a place where you can enter and leave as you please. Even if you guessed right that the war inside has begun, 52 years have passed. Perhaps the war has long ended.”

Yu Jiaojiao said, “It's not that we don't believe your decision. We just don't want you to take such a risk. This is the only time you've acted irrationally in the past 48 years.”

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “You don't understand! Some things can be analyzed and resolved with rationality, but some things require courage and trust. And some things are worth it even if I die for it.”

Yu Jiaojiao and the others all looked helpless. They really didn't understand. As long as Luo Xiaobai didn't die, she would definitely become a top powerhouse in the Sea Realm. Why did she make such a choice without hesitation for something she didn't even know?

Lu Xuan took a deep breath and said, “Let me enter the Chaotic Wasteland first. I'm the strongest here. I'll go in and investigate the situation first. This is my life tablet. If I die, please take care of Jiaojiao and the million people in our fortress.”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head. “There's no need. The demon plant fortress is yours to begin with. I won't really be your master just because I saved you once. I'll make the decision on my own matters. Whoever stops me will no longer be my friend from today on.”



Luo Xiaobai stepped into the Chaotic Wasteland without hesitation, giving no time for these people to consider.

Yu Jiaojiao looked at Lu Xuan. “Well…”

Lu Xuan's expression turned serious. “Old Chen, you're the most experienced person in the demon plant fortress, second only to me. Stay behind. If our life tablets shatter, leave with the demon plant fortress immediately and stay far away from the Chaotic Wastelands.”

Among the six people, an elder sighed slightly. “Xiaobai is indeed a born leader! She convinced all of you… Forget it, I stayed not because I'm afraid of death, but for the demon plant fortress. If you really die, I will definitely make a comeback in the future.”

Lu Xuan nodded slightly and then shouted in a low voice, “Let's go!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The group of people disappeared into the Chaotic Wasteland, and Luo Xiaobai felt that the people behind were following up. She couldn't help but smile.

A true friend would help you regardless of life or death when you were in trouble. She, Han Fei, Le Renkuang, Zhang Xuanyu, and Xia Xiaochan were like this, but now, there might be a few more, or not. This was a long-term thing.

As for whether or not she would bring these friends into the pit, Luo Xiaobai wasn't worried. From the moment she heard the cicada sound, she knew that there was already chaos in the Chaotic Wasteland.

She didn't even need to think why the cicada sound could spread from the Chaotic Wasteland to the Sky Crater World. It was definitely not something an ordinary Monarch could do. To be able to do this, the person might even be a god-level existence. And even such an existence made a sorrowful cry, which showed how fierce the battle here was.

Although she didn't know how Han Fei did it, Han Fei was not a fool. If he dared to fight, he must have the confidence to fight. Otherwise, Han Fei wouldn't have waited for so long.

Since Han Fei felt that he had the confidence to fight, she certainly believed in Han Fei unconditionally.

This was absolute trust. Unless Han Fei died, something might happen to her on this trip. However, along the way, she had heard a lot of information. She had also intercepted many moving Sea Monster Fortresses outside the Chaotic Wasteland. The answer she got was that 52 years ago, a rain of blood filled the sky and spread throughout the wilderness.

From this, Luo Xiaobai deduced that this might be the signal of the death of someone extremely strong. Since they could kill such a person, no matter who won or lost this battle, the danger of this trip was greatly reduced.