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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2807 Conscription Begins(4)

Chapter 2807 Conscription Begins(4)

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A man said, “What are you looking at? Look at this. The tea leaves of the Flying Immortal Tea Tree can increase and nurture the power of the soul. Furthermore, this has no side effects at all.”

“Hey! Brother, you think the same as me, but I'm not looking at the Flying Immortal Tea. I'm looking at something called a hawthorn tree. It's said to be very sour and also has the effect of improving the soul.”

Someone said, “Haha, don't you think this cherry tree is worth it? More than 300 fruits can grow on one tree easily. If it's nurtured well and is injected with enough spiritual energy, three thousand fruits on one tree won't be a problem. With this, we can eat spiritual fruits every day. It's even more worth it than Sweet Pills.”

“What do you know? All you know is to eat. The more fruits you get, the less effective it is! Look at this Teardrop Banana. Each tree only grows one fruit. It has the dual effect of improving the soul and spiritual power. After eating it, one's cultivation effect can be doubled in three days. This deserves to be called a spiritual fruit. What kind of useless fruit did you choose?”

Someone shook his head. “If we're all counting on spiritual fruits for cultivation, what's the difference between us and trash? Teardrop Banana? We might as well choose a banana tree. It grows a lot of fruits and can help with the growth of our Qi and blood.”

“Roses are good. It's pleasing to the eye to keep them at home.”

“Sword hemp is the most awesome.”

“The Cannibal Flower can produce consciousness the earliest and can serve as a partner. This is called being intimate with nature.”

Suddenly, someone chuckled. “Among them, only the Poisonous Tree is the best. It's simply a treasure for us poison cultivators!”


“You are a poison cultivator!”

“Damn it! Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'll stay away from you.”

The person who spoke: “…”

For a moment, the five hundred people who got the manual began to argue crazily. There were too many demon plants here, and everyone had different preferences, so the things they wanted to buy were naturally different.

However, in the eyes of the people who were still queuing up, the scene of them arguing crazily was a different matter. Regardless of what demon plants they were talking about, just from their excited expressions, they knew that these demon plants were definitely not simple.

Someone couldn't help but ask, “Have you finished reading the manual? Hurry up and pass the manual down! Why have you been quarreling with it in your hands?”

“That's right! If you have time to quarrel, hurry up and hand over the manual!”

However, when they were asking for the manual, the five hundred people in front all fell silent and began to read carefully again.

Someone among them said, “No rush! We haven't finished reading the manual yet.”

“Yes, yes.”

The person behind was anxious. “You've been reading a manual for so long. Are you translating some ancient characters?”

While the queuers chattered, Han Fei hung a sign at the door of the store, which read, “Peach pits on sale today, limited to 10,000 pieces. One ultra-quality spiritual stone or one energy crystal each piece. First come, first served. While stocks last.”

Those who didn't get the manual raised their eyebrows. “It's just one ultra-quality spiritual stone. What a bargain!”

“Hey, what characteristics did you say the peach tree had?”

“It can increase your Qi and blood and cultivation.”

“Yes, yes, this is it. It's just an ultra-quality spiritual stone. Haha, it seems that these seeds are not very expensive!”

Someone said anxiously again, “Shopkeeper Bamboo! Are you really not considering opening in advance? You don't seem to have anything to do now!”

Han Fei replied politely, “Sorry, the opening shall be at the agreed time. All the “All about Demon Plants” shops will open together. It's fast. Just wait for the life demon plants to appear.”

“Life demon plants?”

“I don't know what they look like.”

Two hours later, while everybody was wondering, golden leaves suddenly floated in the city. Then, everybody saw that a big tree was rising from the ground.

The big tree was full of golden leaves.

At this moment, many people in the city exclaimed, “Look, what is that?”

“Wow, what a big tree!”

“What kind of tree is this? Has a strong master been born among the demon plants?”

“Oh, it's already three hundred kilometers tall.”

“It's so beautiful! It's even more beautiful than the Cloud Sea Divine Tree!”

This was a huge Sea Establishment Realm Ginkgo. Han Fei chose it because it was dazzling, eye-catching, and beautiful enough.

Of course, the life demon plants in different cities were different. There was only one ginkgo tree, but there was also a sky-reaching giant bamboo, a sky-hanging giant willow, a huge cannibal flower, a green pine that reached into the sky, and a fiery red maple tree…

At this moment, Han Fei's voice came from the void. He said, “My fellow human beings, the Chaotic Wasteland is barren. In order to enrich your daily life, I'd like to add some color to your boring cultivation path. I've specially authorized a special demon plant lineage in the Sea Realm to sow seeds in our human race. In the cities, dozens of new “All about Demon Plants” shops have been established. You can go to them on your own… In addition, our human race will start a war with the City of Origin in a few days. This will be a chaotic battle for a hundred years. In this battle, many people will die on the battlefield. However, this is the path of our human race. If our human race wants to rise, we have to wipe out all obstacles on the road here… In three days, anyone above the Explorer realm can go to the street office and apply to participate in the battle.”