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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2795 Entering The Demon Domain Again(4)

Chapter 2795 Entering The Demon Domain Again(4)

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In the Sky Opening Realm, he had collected a large number of treasures, resources, and connections. He was far from using them up.

In fact, as far as the Origin Ground was concerned, the Sea Quelling Painting from the Raging Sea might contain more than one Origin Ground.

However, he had to go to the place where the Sea Quelling Painting was originally drawn. If he had the time now, Han Fei felt that if he really spent hundreds of years, he might be able to get several Origin Grounds.

As soon as Han Fei finished his cultivation, he stepped out of the Star Sea Quagmire and entered the Sea of Stars.

Then, Han Fei took out the bead that represented the Origin Ground, injected Immortal Qi into it, and began to refine it. This refinement didn't integrate the Origin Ground into his body, but opened a channel connecting to this Origin Ground, and this bead was that channel.

After a while, when Han Fei refined the bead, with a thought, a door to the void appeared in front of him.


Han Fei walked in without hesitation.

The Origin Ground might be dangerous, but Han Fei believed that with his current strength, as long as the other party hadn't reached the Immortal Level, it was impossible for him to defeat him.

Even if there were any immortal-level powerhouses in the Origin Ground, they couldn't kill him instantly. After all, he was no longer that Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator.


When Han Fei's eyes lit up, he looked at the mountains and rivers in shock. Why did this place look so familiar?

“Demon Domain?”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. Yes, this place was the Demon Domain. However, the current Demon Domain was no longer polluted by the ominous. There were no longer those disgusting black tentacles or the strange and terrifying demonic sources here.

The current Demon Domain had become a sea of demon plants. There were colorful flowers, giant trees that towered into the sky, fangrass that swayed with the wind, and fireflies that flew in the grass… Han Fei looked around and sensed that this place was like a demon plant planet that had never been cultivated. There were millions of types of demon plants, beautiful and enchanting…

The only problem was that the levels of these demon plants were very low, so low that most of them couldn't be called demon plants, because many of them weren't even fishing masters.


Han Fei didn't know until now that no wonder Great Monarch East Martial used the Demon Domain as one of his tests. Because the Demon Domain was the final reward.

Han Fei was still in a daze. In front of him, a phantom appeared in the air. It was a big sunflower that had once fought side by side with Han Fei.

Han Fei immediately came back to his senses. “Hi, Senior Dao Domain Sunflower Head.”

The phantom of the sunflower swayed, and a void channel appeared.

“Come here.”

A clear voice came from the void passage.

Han Fei didn't hesitate. Although the Dao Domain Sunflower Head was an immortal-level Chaotic Spiritual Plant, its quality was definitely not bad.

When Han Fei stepped into the void passage, he came to the World Origin lake of the Demon Domain in the blink of an eye. This lake was 800 kilometers wide at this moment, and in the middle of the lake was the Dao Domain Sunflower Head.

In Han Fei's eyes, information emerged.

<Name > Dao Domain Sunflower Head (Weak)

<Introduction > The Dao Domain Sunflower Head is the head of a domain, a simulated body of World Origin. When a world is strong enough, its World Origin will give birth to an autonomous will and high-level intelligence. The Dao Domain Sunflower Head is the incarnation of the World Origin of this world. It has unparalleled power of purification, life, healing, and will. Its sunflower seeds have various abilities such as Dao enlightenment, soul recovery, potential arousing, and purification of darkness.

<Level > 1

<Quality > Chaotic Spiritual Plant

<Realm > Immortal Level

<Battle Technique> Annihilation Sunflower Seeds, Light of Purification, Light of Life, Light of Healing, Light of Soul

<Collectible > Dao Enlightenment Sunflower Seeds

<Absorbable >

<Remarks > The head of a domain, and the simulated body of the World Origin.

Although Han Fei had already seen this information once, this time, the Dao Domain Sunflower Head had changed from a dying state to a weak state. This meant that this world was reviving at an incredible speed.

The ethereal voice resounded above the World Origin lake, clear and high. “I've been waiting for you for a long time, but I didn't expect that when we met again, you had already proved Dao.”