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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2794 Entering The Demon Domain Again(3)

Chapter 2794 Entering The Demon Domain Again(3)

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Cultivation had no concept of time. Han Fei sat in his Origin Star for a hundred years.

In the past hundred years, Han Fei had shattered ten Origin Stars of Dao Provers. The star cores used by him, and the star fragments covered the surface of his Origin Star, forming an absolutely sealed super protective layer.

This made Han Fei's Origin Star look as if it had a radius of two million kilometers. This was only because his current capacity was limited. Otherwise, he could continue to expand his Origin Star with these star fragments.

This made Han Fei wonder, Could it be that the Origin Stars of Gao Yuhuo and the others were also expanded like this?

For this question, he specially asked the God of War, but the God of War's answer was very clear. He said that these were two forms but their essence was the same. However, the Origin Stars condensed with the Supreme Divine Technique were stronger.

This was because the Supreme Divine Technique used the powerful star core of the 810,000-kilometer Origin Star to support the star barrier that would be expanded later. And the strong masters who cultivated in the normal process were using more and more modified stars to expand the star barrier through their gravity and the transmission of chaotic energy.

The two seemed to be the same, but in terms of the ultimate power of the Star Core, normal cultivators” star cores were definitely not comparable to the star core cultivated with the Supreme Divine Technique.

Therefore, after hearing what the God of War said, Han Fei couldn't help but feel that he was quite powerful. Gao Yuhuo was already an immortal-level cultivator, but his Origin Star's radius was only 3 million kilometers. Now he was only at the Dao Proving Level, but his Origin Star's radius had already reached 2 million kilometers. There seemed to be much more room for his improvement than Gao Yuhuo.

On this day, the compression of the Star Core had almost reached its limit. It took 132 years, which was equivalent to half a year in the outside world.

Yes, with abundant resources, Han Fei's cultivation was so fast. He couldn't help but look at his information, only to see that it was:

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 112 (Dao Proving)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 29,142nd

Immortal Qi: 420,0

Soul: 317 Origins

Strength: 317 Star Powers

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Sky Swallowing Fish (Level 109)

Second spiritual beast: The Emperor Sparrow (Level 109)

Main Art: Godfiend Formless Technique

“Huh? I upgraded by a level?”

Han Fei didn't expect this. He knew that his strength had definitely increased by five times, but he didn't expect it to increase by a small level.

However, Han Fei wasn't intrigued at such a small level now. Although his soul and strength had increased respectively by 72 Origins and 72 Star Powers, it was still far from enough compared to the strength of Immortal-level Monarchs.

Furthermore, Han Fei discovered that although his flesh and bone hardness had improved significantly after the Monarch Tribulation, his body and bones couldn't support it at all with the seven-time enhancement of his Original Great Dao.

He had tried it. Now, he could forcibly increase his combat power by four times at most. Once he used more than four times his strength, his body would begin to collapse. The only thing that could still withstand it was his bloodline.

He couldn't blame his Monarch Tribulation. The four times of His upper limit was nearly 1,300 Star Powers, which was thirteen times stronger than when his five Dao Locks were fully broken.

Therefore, the improvement brought by his Monarch Tribulation was actually good enough. It could only be said that he had grown too fast. What Han Fei needed to do now was to fundamentally improve the strength of his bones, blood and flesh.

The first thing Han Fei thought of was the Lightning Drawing Platform. When he transcended the Monarch Tribulation, the Lightning Drawing Platform attracted a small amount of lightning tribulations, producing a total of three Dao Proving lightning strikes. Including the one that came with the Lightning Drawing Platform, there were a total of four lightning strikes.

Han Fei felt that if he digested the four lightning strikes now, his physique would definitely become at least 10% stronger. However, this kind of enhancement was not a big deal now. What he wanted was not a 10% or 20% enhancement, but a multiple-time enhancement.

And the way to completely change one's aptitude was naturally to transform his Golden Jade Bone into the Heavenly Dao Jade Essence. This was not a difficult way to understand. Merging the Heavenly Dao into the bones and transforming the Golden Jade Bone into the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow was the path one should take in the Monarch Realm. This path wasn't difficult. After all, there were many places where one could obtain the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow. But there weren't many Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow that could really meet the requirements.

For example, his Golden Jade Bone had almost reached the limit, which was the manifestation of the Extreme Dao. Similarly, there was a limit to the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow.

However, fusing with the Heavenly Dao was very friendly to those who had an Origin Ground. However, it was different for those who didn't have an Origin Ground. They had to forcefully absorb the power of the Heavenly Dao. The efficiency of such a fusion was very low.

The reason why the competition for Origin Grounds was so crazy was that after proving Dao, an Origin Ground could help cultivators continuously fuse with the Heavenly Dao to boost his cultivation.

But Han Fei couldn't. The power of the Heavenly Dao in the Raging Sea was no longer enough for Han Fei to cultivate. If Han Fei wanted to quickly condense the Heavenly Dao Jade Bone, he had to find a powerful Origin Ground.

However, this was not a problem for him. This was because he had a ready-made Origin Ground in his hand, which was the reward of the 100,000-year Competition of the Divine Capital Dynasty.

At this moment, the effects of all the hardships Han Fei had experienced in the Sky Opening Realm came out.