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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2783 The Human Race's Breakthrough Tide(4)

Chapter 2783 The Human Race's Breakthrough Tide(4)

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Han Xuan nodded. “Yes, the beginning is the most difficult. It took you a year. I didn't expect you to offer so many resources.”

Han Fei said, “In fact, the energy crystals are not completely unusable. As long as one's foundation is solid, he can use them occasionally. The effect is quite good.”

Han Xuan said, “This is already being tracked and tested. At present, I've arranged for 100,000 people to try it. It won't be promoted until we figure out the best usage conditions. Don't worry about it.”

Han Fei nodded quickly. “Okay! Then go about your business, Uncle Xuan…”

After bidding farewell to Han Xuan, Han Fei happily prepared to make a speech. It was simply blissful to have an extremely smart and capable person who could help him deal with human affairs.

In terms of fighting, Han Fei was naturally a top-notch player. If he used all his strength to manage a race, he felt that he should be able to do it. However, once he did this, it meant sacrificing all his time.

Especially in the early stages of the rise of the human race, there were too many things to do. It was said that Han Xuan now had nearly a thousand people as his think tank, but he was still busy every day.

Han Fei casually stepped onto a huge city. He didn't let anyone see him, but looked at the sea of people and sighed in his heart. These people were all his men. No matter what, he had to make them rise.

At that moment, Han Fei's voice sounded in the sky above the 361 cities of the human race. “My fellow human beings, I am Human Emperor Han Fei. Today is an important day for the human race in the Sea Realm. To meet the cultivation needs of the human race, I've led my people to build 361 cities. With the cities as the eye, I'll build a super Spirit Gathering Array. Once this array succeeds, billions of human beings will be blessed. Today is the first trial operation of the Spirit Gathering Array. It will only last for half an hour. My fellow human beings, please operate your cultivation techniques and use the techniques you are best at to welcome the spiritual energy tide.”

This time, no one shouted Master Human Emperor anymore, because everyone was very nervous. Many people were preparing to make a breakthrough today with the help of the spiritual energy tide.

Han Fei shouted, “All the human cities, activate the Spirit Gathering Array now.”




Each giant city was controlled by a Sky Opener. As Han Fei gave the order, dense Dao patterns appeared in the sky above the 361 cities. The Dao patterns fused and formed the combination of countless layers of the Spirit Gathering Array.

The moment the Spirit Gathering Array was activated, the spiritual energy between the heavens and earth surged crazily towards the area covered by the 361 cities.

At the centers of the cities, the statues of the Human Emperor would first be impacted by the spiritual energy, and then the spiritual energy would disperse in all directions.


Like a green light, it dispersed into layers of ripples. In less than ten seconds, the humans in every city felt the terrifying spiritual energy that suddenly descended from the sky.


“Those who should make a breakthrough, prepare to make a breakthrough. Spiritual energy tides are rare. Don't waste it.”

“Come on, let's absorb it together.”

“There's only half an hour left. Don't waste it.”

“Body cultivators can temper their bodies while circulating their techniques.”

All kinds of cheers rose and fell.

At this moment, Zhang Ting was in a strange posture while circulating his cultivation technique.

In just twenty seconds, Zhang Ting was already drenched, but he didn't dare to be negligent. The surging tide of spiritual energy was faster than what he absorbed directly from the ultra-quality spiritual stone.

“Hoop, Hoop, Hoop ~”

Zhang Ting felt that his body was constantly burning, and a small spiritual energy vortex formed above his head. The surrounding people cast angry gazes at Zhang Ting because some of the spiritual energy above their heads had more or less been absorbed by Zhang Ting.

This scene made Zhang Ting even more determined. He knew that he had made the right bet. Although some techniques were powerful and had a high upper limit, they were still not as good as the body tempering techniques that could help him improve step by step.

“Sure enough, body refinement is the foundation of strength. Everyone chooses a fast method, but I'll persist with body refinement. Master Human Emperor, you're right.”

Half an hour passed.

Crack… Crack… Crack…

Sounds of breakthroughs came one after another. The sound of breakthroughs could be heard almost every ten people.

After half an hour, five or six people around Zhang Ting had already made a breakthrough, and one of them had even broken through a major realm.

Only Zhang Ting was still absorbing spiritual energy crazily, but had not yet made a breakthrough.

Someone who had completed a breakthrough said, “Boy, body refinement is very resource-consuming. The human race is no longer the same as before. There are thousands of techniques in the Sea Realm and Master Human Emperor has imparted 100,000 techniques. There are too many choices. Why are you still using the 108 Desolate God Body?”

Zhang Ting didn't listen. Since the spiritual vortex couldn't help him break the switch, he might as well use the ultra-quality spiritual stone.


On Zhang Ting's chest, the spiritual energy from the ultra-quality spiritual stone also crazily fused into his body. In less than ten seconds, Zhang Ting was like a shrimp that had just come out of a steam pot, his whole body emitting billowing white smoke.

Along with the white smoke, a lot of impurities were discharged.

At this moment, Han Fei's voice appeared in the sky. “My fellow humans, please note that the Spirit Gathering Array is about to close in ten seconds. Ten… Nine…”

Zhang Ting was panting hard. The spiritual energy in his body was surging like a tide, hitting the pass wave after wave.

“Roar! Break…”


“Ha! Haha, I made it…”

Zhang Ting knelt on the ground with both hands on the ground, and the spiritual energy attracted by the Spirit Gathering Array gradually disappeared.

Someone said, “Boy, it's already so difficult for you to become a Grand Fishing Master. There's still the Dangling Fisher, Hanging Fisher, Hidden Fisher, and Law Enforcer Realm… Not everyone can cultivate body refining! You were lucky to pass a major realm this time, but what about next time?”

“Hey! Boy, who doesn't want to walk the path of Master Human Emperor? The point is that ordinary people can't afford it!”


A cracking sound came from his chest. Zhang Ting knew that the ultra-quality spiritual stone was broken, which made his heart ache.

For a moment, he wavered.


But at this moment, a young man came to Zhang Ting and said casually, “Do you want to give up?”

“No, this is the path I want to take.”

The young man chuckled. “Interesting. I've been paying attention to you for a while. You're talented and have good perseverance… Hey, Zhang Ting, are you interested in joining our Thug Academy?”


At that moment, Zhang Ting suddenly looked up.