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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2782 The Human Race's Breakthrough Tide(3)

Chapter 2782 The Human Race's Breakthrough Tide(3)

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After all, today was the human race's Spirit Gathering Day. Everyone needed to sit cross-legged and cultivate. Otherwise, they wouldn't even have such a small area per capita.

Zhang Ting came late, so he could only find a place to sit cross-legged outside. Even so, the area he occupied didn't exceed two square meters.

Everyone, male or female, old or young, was sitting cross-legged quietly, waiting for Han Fei to speak.

As for Han Fei, he had just finished setting up the arrays in the city today when he was pulled over by Han Xuan.

Han Fei asked, “Uncle Xuan, what's up?”

Han Xuan smiled. “It's been a full year since the human race migrated to the Raging Sea, and it's finally settled down. The first round of breakthroughs should have passed. Are you sure the second round will come?”

Han Fei said, “Theoretically, yes, but many of the weaker ones may have made breakthroughs more than once, so it doesn't matter to them whether there is a second round or not. The second round I mean is for the strong masters above the Law Enforcer realm.”

Han Xuan nodded. “Take a look at this report. The results are remarkable!”

Han Fei took a jade slip handed over by Han Xuan. When he took a closer look, his eyes lit up. “In just a year, our human race has increased by 20 million Venerables?”

Han Xuan said, “Don't be happy too early. Most of the 20 million Venerables have already reached the peak of the Explorer Realm in the Raging Sea. Therefore, it's unlikely for such a large-scale advancement to happen again. This number shouldn't appear again in the future. Logically speaking, it will take at least ten years to achieve a breakthrough of this scale even in the Chaotic Wasteland.”

Han Fei nodded slightly and continued to read. According to the report, the human race had a total population of 180.6 billion, including only one Monarch that was Han Fei. Gu Tingnan was from the City of Wanderers and wasn't counted in. There were a total of 592 people in the Sky Opening Realm, most of whom were peak-level Sea Establishment cultivators in the Seven Kill Army. Because they had taken revenge, their Dao Hearts were strengthened and they could naturally open the sky. Besides, if nothing went wrong, the number of people in the Sky Opening Realm should soon reach a thousand in the next few decades.

As for the Lava Giants, they weren't counted in by Han Xuan, but it was also recorded that there were a total of 4,792 Sky Opening Realm cultivators in the Lava Giant Race.

At the Sea Establishment realm, there were even more people. The Sea Establishers from the Raging Sea, those of the Seven Kill Army, and those from the Chaotic Wasteland totaled the number of 90,000. And now there were people breaking through to be Sea Establishers every day. This statistic was only temporary, and in decades, it would probably be a different situation.

As for the number of Venerables, it could be described as a spike. They were mainly peak-level Explorers and half-step Venerables from the Raging Sea who had broken through to be Venerables.

In the Raging Sea, everyone clearly didn't know enough about the way forward. Han Xuan had scattered the human race and integrated the human race from the Chaotic Wasteland into the human race from the Raging Sea. Some new theories enlightened countless people from the Raging Sea. As a result, in just a year, the number of Venerables soared by more than 20 million. If nothing unexpected happened, the number could double in three years, exceeding 60 million.

As for the Explorers, there were 15 billion of them. Han Fei didn't even bother to look at those below the Explorer Realm. To his relief, there was no one in the fisher realm anymore. Even fishing masters had basically disappeared in the past year.

Grand fishing master, on the other hand, had become the lowest level of strength. The Grand Fishing Masters that Han Fei yearned for when he was in the Heavenly Water Village had now become a disgrace to the human race. All the young people were trying their best to become Dangling Fishers as soon as possible.

Han Fei looked at the report for a while and nodded. “There are a lot more strong masters, but it's still not enough!”

Han Xuan looked at Han Fei speechlessly. “Did you understand it or not?”

Han Fei: “???”

Seeing Han Fei's puzzled face, Han Xuan rolled his eyes and said, “Do you know what this data represents? It means that the overall strength of the human race has crossed a level in the past year. This is a great achievement that the human race hasn't been able to achieve in the Raging Sea in a hundred thousand years. In just a year, the strength of the human race has doubled. After the Spirit Gathering Array in the 361 cities is completed, in at most ten years, the average strength of the human race will definitely take another qualitative leap.”

Han Fei said, “The number of strong masters is actually still too few! Cultivation takes time. It's still too difficult to catch up with the native races in the Sea Realm in decades.”

Han Xuan waved his hand and said, “Sh*t. Are you really the Human Emperor? How can you know nothing… This is the first time the Spirit Gathering Array has been activated on an experimental basis. It can only last for half an hour at most. It still needs to be adjusted according to the effect of this time. It will probably take at least four or five years to complete it completely, but people need more and more resources. Before the Spirit Gathering Array is fully established, according to this breakthrough tide, at least 50 Star Cores and 100 million ultra-quality spiritual stones will be consumed in a city every year… Are you sure you can afford it?”

The corners of Han Fei's mouth twitched. “For the time being, I can hold on, but after today, I won't care about the cities” Spirit Gathering Arrays. I have to consolidate my cultivation and then go find resources.”