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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2776 Return(1)

Chapter 2776 Return(1)

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After negotiating with Han Fei, the black-robed man continued to absorb the death energy.

Han Fei watched the magnificent death energy crazily enter a small bottle in the black-robed man's hand. Every hour, he had to change a small bottle.

Although Han Fei had a lot of questions, he felt that if he asked them, he would seem ignorant.

For example, why did the Immortal Temple go to war everywhere? Why did they absorb so much death energy? Why did the crazily killing undead creatures have the same goal as the Void Temple and the Time Temple?

More importantly, the Immortal Temple had been fighting everywhere. Everyone in the five Divine Realms was annoyed by them. Logically speaking, they should have worked together to destroy the undead. Why didn't anyone take action?

He would ask these questions to his senior brothers and sisters at the next gathering! Perhaps Chu Hao knew something, so he said to Chu Hao, “What's the purpose of the Immortal Temple being so obsessed with war?”

Chu Hao said, “Even you, who are from the Three Temples, don't know it, how can an outsider like me know? However, since the Immortal Temple can be ranked as one of the Three Temples, there must be a reason. The people of the world know very little about the Three Temples, and especially know the least about the Immortal Temples in the Three Temples. Although they are the most active, they are also the most mysterious. This is because they live in a different world from those who are still alive.”

Han Fei nodded slightly and said, “Well, do you know about the Void World?”

Chu Hao glanced at Han Fei. “Didn't you just use it?”

Han Fei said, “It's one thing to use it, but it's another thing to figure it out. I don't know if the Void World is my unique comprehension or it's a space that everyone can enter.”

Chu Hao pondered for a moment and said, “The prerequisite to enter the Void World is that you have to walk the Great Dao of space and comprehend the law of space to have a certain chance of comprehending it. Therefore, not everyone can enter the Void World. It's considered the exclusive space of a few people. That person from your Void Temple should know best. He's the strongest person known to be in the Void Dao.”

Han Fei's heart stirred. Is he talking about Eldest Senior Brother?

He suspected that this Void World was the third way after his speed reached the speed of light. Above the White Cave Space, there was a step. Han Fei didn't know where that step led to, but it might be this Void World.

Of course, he wouldn't take the initiative to try now. It was better to ask directly. What if his guess was wrong? If he rashly entered the step, the outcome might be different.

As the black-robed man collected the death energy, he was bathed in the extremely rich death energy. Han Fei and Chu Hao didn't like it, so they didn't have much interaction with this person.

On the third day, the black-robed man absorbed all the death energy here and then disappeared.

On the same day, Han Fei was dragging a star core into reality, so that human cultivators could better absorb the energy here.

Suddenly, his heart did a flip as he looked not far away.

The black-robed man came out of the darkness, and he said telepathically, “A hundred billion ultra-quality spiritual stones have been prepared. I hope we can be honest with each other next time we cooperate.”

Han Fei sneered. “Take off your cloak and tell me your name, and then I'll think you're honest with me.”

The black-robed man heaved a long sigh. “I'm from the Immortal Temple! It's a little inappropriate not to have a cloak. As for my name, you can call me Ye Qi. This is the first cooperation between the Void Temple and the Immortal Temple after many years. It's extremely meaningful. The hundred billion ultra-quality spiritual stones shows our sincerity. I look forward to working with you again in the future…”

With that, the man took a step back and the door of darkness disappeared. The black-robed man must have left temporarily.

A Refined Star was floating in midair. Han Fei extended his hand and waved in the air, and the Refined Star flew over automatically.

Han Fei spread out his perception and found that the Refined Star was almost made of ultra-quality spiritual stones.

“Hiss! Is the Immortal Temple really so rich? A hundred billion has been transferred to my account so quickly? Did I demand too little?”

While Han Fei was thinking, Han Xuan came.

As soon as he arrived, he said, “Can you hang this Star Core in the sky? If you put it here, it will affect the construction of the city.”

Han Fei nodded. “Okay, I'm hanging it up.”

Han Fei put away this Refined Star. It was meaningless to distribute resources to everyone. However, since the breakthrough tide was coming, this amount of resources was quite enough to meet everyone's breakthrough needs.

A moment later, Han Fei was setting up an array with the Law of Gravity and hanging the Star Core above the human race.

Suddenly, the void cracked without any warning. Before Han Fei had time to react, he saw a rough-looking old man with flying hair and bulging muscles appear above the human race.

This person didn't hide his appearance, so the Beast King, Chu Hao, the two elders of the Lava Giant Tribe, and Liu Qiansi immediately rushed over.

The person who could appear here without a sound couldn't be simple. However, when they looked at this person, their hearts couldn't help but tremble. They felt that their bodies were trembling slightly. The absolute force field emitted by this person made them clearly sense that they were definitely not his match.

Han Fei had seen a lot of big scenes. Obviously, only a Great Monarch-level powerhouse could have this kind of invisible vibe that could suppress everyone, so he immediately prepared to activate the void mark.