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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2771 Booming Of the Human Race (4)

Chapter 2771 Booming Of the Human Race (4)

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This made these Sky Opening Realm cultivators who had returned even more at a loss. They still wanted to wait and see if any Monarchs could return.

The elders were in an uproar.

“Fools, you are all fools. Someone slaughtered dozens of Monarchs of our City of Origin, and even the cicada sound of the Great Monarch appeared. Isn't this enough to wake you up? Someone has already attacked our City of Origin. It's very likely that the Great Monarch of our An family has already died.”

Someone was shouting angrily.

Someone snorted. “B*llshit, I don't believe that the Great Monarch has died. If the Great Monarch has died, how can our City of Origin be safe and sound now?”

“The Monarchs have all been slaughtered. You call this safe and sound?”

Someone said, “I'm talking about the entire City of Origin. It's been two days since the war, and no Monarch has returned to guard us. This is not good. Besides, more than a dozen waves of Sky Opening Realm cultivators I sent out have their life tablets shattered. This is bad news in itself. Therefore, closing the city will only put us in a passive position.”

“Humph, then what are you going to do? So many people have been sent out, but none of them have returned. Now we have no one to send. What do you think we should do?”

Someone said, “I think we should temporarily arrange for some people to evacuate from the City of Origin and move to the Revived Places. This way, even if something big happens, we can retain our strength.”

“Where to? The City of Origin has billions of people. Once we enter the Revived Places, we can directly suck up those Revived Places. Do you mean to make everyone stop cultivating?”

“Let's lie low for now! What else can we do?”


“The City Lord is back! The City Lord is back!”

Suddenly, someone reported the good news, and everyone in the elders” group rushed out immediately.

Then, they saw An Bai unfolding the wings of the Heavenly Cicada and walking in through the opening of the city-protecting array.

However, at this moment, the energy fluctuations on An Bailin's body were extremely strong. It seemed that he had been seriously injured, and half of his wings were broken.

The elders all gathered around, and the Sky Opening Realm cultivators who had returned from the Chaotic Ice Domain also looked over.

“City Lord, what happened?”

“City Lord, it's great that you're fine. Our City of Origin suffered a heavy loss this time!”

“City Lord, the cicada sound of the Great Monarch a few days ago…”

“My lord…”

An Bailin waved his hand impatiently and said, “Something happened. The City of Scavengers was destroyed. The entire Ten Thousand Scale Race was wiped out.”



“How is it possible? The Ten Thousand Scale Race was wiped out?”

“Hiss… This, this…”

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded. The Ten Thousand Scale Race had been wiped out? The City of Scavengers that had been fighting with their City of Origin for 100,000 years had been wiped out?

An Bailin said, “The elders, gather.”

A moment later, in the meeting hall.

An Bailin said bitterly, “The human race has an ancient powerhouse revived whose strength could be said to be the strongest below the gods. He killed all the Monarchs of the Ten Thousand Scale Race. In the end, it was the alliance of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch and the Great Monarch Destiny (An Tianming) who killed this person. However, the result was not ideal. The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch was still wiped out, and all the Monarchs of our City of Origin were killed or injured. Although the Great Monarch Destiny didn't die on the spot, he fought into the endless void and no one knows where he is now… I can return because I didn't participate in that battle but went to intercept the hidden Monarchs of the human race.”


“The whereabouts of the Great Monarch Destiny are unknown?”

“Hidden Monarchs of the human race? Isn't the human race a very weak race?”

“Lord An Bailin, then the Monarchs of our, our An family…”

An Bailin said sadly, “All of them died except me. Damn the human race. They endured for 100,000 years and finally produced a human Monarch. Together with the City of Wanderers, they found an ancient Monarch Palace and summoned a peerless powerhouse. Now, the Ten Thousand Scale Race has been wiped out. Our City of Origin has to face the double attack of the human race and the City of Wanderers.”

An Bailin's expression turned ugly. “At this point, there's nothing I can do. Fortunately, the Great Monarch Destiny is nowhere to be found, and the City of Wanderers and the human race don't dare to rashly attack our City of Origin before confirming the Great Monarch Destiny's death. Everyone, we'll definitely encounter many tests from them later. But no matter what, we can't show any fear. On the contrary, we need to create a normal peaceful scene and show them that the Great Monarch Destiny is still alive, but he's just heavily injured. Only in this way can we buy more time for ourselves.”

Someone immediately said, “That's right. Quickly remove the city protection array. Now that the City Lord has returned, we can't let the humans and the City of Wanderers find anything wrong.”


An Bailin added, “Don't panic. Don't tell anyone. Keep everything normal. Also, I want to take out the Ancestral God's Wings.”