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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2770 Booming Of the Human Race (3)

Chapter 2770 Booming Of the Human Race (3)

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After that, Han Xuan looked at Han Fei. “The simplest way is the most effective. I'll deal with this. As the Human Emperor, you don't need to deal with these things, but you need to restrain the City of Origin. If I've guessed right, the leaderless city is already in a mess, but you still have a trump card.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “An Bailin?”

Han Xuan said, “That's right. I know that you were going to torture this person or leave him to Xia Xiaochan. In fact, it's completely unnecessary. Xia Xiaochan has already been reincarnated. Even if she returns and fuses her memories, if she finds that the City of Origin is gone, she won't have much hatred left. Old Hong is the master of the Mad Corpse World. If he has a way to refine An Bailin into a corpse puppet…”

Han Fei said, “I have a way to refine him into a puppet.”


Han Xuan nodded. “That's good! Now that the City of Origin has no leader, An Bailin's return must be their lifesaver. Once An Bailin returns, he will definitely be their absolute leader and can reassure those people.”

Han Fei hadn't thought of that. His hatred for An Bailin made him forget that this person could be used.

Han Fei's eyes lit up. “With An Bailin controlling the City of Origin, we can control this race at will.”

Han Xuan shook his head. “No, all the Sky Opening cultivators in the City of Origin must die. This is unnegotiable. However, it's meaningless to use our own strength to fight. It will only increase consumption. I've learned in the past few days that there will be a tidal wave every 100 years in the Chaotic Wasteland. When the time comes, as long as there's a problem with the array protecting the City of Origin, a round of tidal waves can help us clear up the high-end combat power of the City of Origin. As for those below the Sky Opening realm, let them be used by the human race to train soldiers! With a population of tens of billions, how can we not train ourselves?”

Han Fei was suddenly enlightened. His original plan was to destroy the City of Origin immediately after the breakthrough tide passed, so that the human race could grow quickly from wars.

However, by making minor changes, Han Xuan's proposal could greatly reduce the losses of the human race, achieve the same goal, and even achieve better results. So why not?

Han Fei nodded in agreement. “Okay! Leave An Bailin to me.”

Han Xuan said, “Of course I'll leave him to you. Although you don't have to govern the human race, you have a lot of things to do. You said that the side effects of the energy crystals are quite huge, so resources have become a big problem. The human race has so many people. Although I've asked around, there are also many mining areas here, but the former City of Scavengers only had a small population, not even one percent of our current human race. Therefore, the resources are definitely not enough. I can only leave this problem to you.”

Han Fei remembered that there were so many Sky Opening Realm and Dao Proving Level cultivators killed, and even the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch had died here. Their Origin Stars were all there. Even if he used the Vast Ocean Navigator to explore three times a day, it would take at least 136 years to sweep through all these Origin Stars.

Therefore, in terms of resources, it should be barely enough. This was the reason why he chose to build a city in the old site of the City of Scavengers. Although millions of kilometers away was the place where the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch died, which would inevitably become a perilous place and spread here after a certain period of time, the resources here were abundant. If he harvested the Origin Stars of three people a day, it should be able to support the growth of the current human race.

Han Fei responded, “Resources are not a problem.”

Han Xuan nodded. “That's good. Since resources are not a problem, I need you to cooperate with me on one more thing.”

“What is it?”

Han Xuan said, “As the breakthrough tide continues, the consumption of spiritual energy in this place will inevitably increase sharply. I know the purpose of you building a city here, but the spiritual energy drifting in the world is definitely not enough. For example, after most strong masters die, their spiritual energy will dissipate, and after dissipating, they can only stay here for a short time. Therefore, I need you to help me build a city and a transcendent spirit gathering array composed of many small cities. So in the next few years, don't even think about escaping.”

“Hiss ~”

Han Fei's eyelids twitched. “A Spirit Gathering Array that can accommodate the entire human race?”

Han Xuan nodded. “Yes, it's difficult, but as an array master, you should know the benefits of doing this. Even if the human race only stays in this place for decades, it's worth it.”

Han Fei took a deep breath. “Okay!”

Han Fei sighed inwardly. He was too optimistic. He thought that if the human race won, he would have a lot of time to consolidate his realm and continue cultivating.

But now it seemed that as the Human Emperor, he had to bear some obligations. To put it bluntly, if Han Xuan was the only one who took care of the super Spirit Gathering Array, it might take him at least ten years to completely set it up because the area was too large and involved too many details.

However, with someone like Han Xuan who was good at calculation and could even make the Thousand Opportunities Divine Ghost Compass himself, it might not take him that much time to set up such a big array.

Han Fei said, “Okay, I'll arrange An Bailin's matter first.”

City of Origin.

The city had been closed for several days, and the city protection array had been open.

Two days ago, the Monarchs died one after another. Some of them even heard the cicada sound from the Great Monarch, as if it was narrating his sorrow.