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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2763 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (4)

Chapter 2763 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (4)

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Han Fei had a strange feeling. “Are you hiding something from me? No, you must be hiding a lot of things from me. However, we've just met and Yin'er isn't familiar with you yet. Why are you leaving?”

Han Guanshu said, “All good things must come to an end. Son, you have your path to walk, so do we. The human race has just arrived in the Sea Realm and will welcome a grand breakthrough tsunami. In the Chaotic Wasteland, you will probably stay for at least decades or even a hundred years. As for your mother and me, we have been looking for a different path. With the ominous coming, we have to embark on our journey.”

Han Fei's heart did a flip. “The ominous is coming?”

Fifth Senior Brother said leisurely, “Well, in the past 100,000 years, the ominous has indeed been ready to move. Conservatively speaking, in 30,000 years at the earliest and 100,000 years at the slowest, a new ominous battle might come again. However, the current Sea Realm hasn't been well prepared to deal with the ominous yet. This time seems to be long, but it's actually very fast.”

“Thirty thousand years?”

Of course, this time was long for Han Fei. However, the Demon God had waited for 1,800,000 years, so 30,000 years was indeed not long for those strong masters.

Jiang Linxian said, “Fei'er, your path is better than your father's back then. We have nothing to guide you with. As for Yin'er, let her go with us! Yin'er's talent is inferior to yours, so I can only try to let her walk the old path of the primordial human race. This can't be helped.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. It could be seen that the Demon Purification Pot was with him, and Old Han had set up a far-reaching plan to pave the way for him. It meant that Old Han and Jiang Linxian were actually betting on him. Although Yin'er was his biological sister, her encounter wasn't as legendary as his, and no one paved the way for her.

Han Fei had personally witnessed the strength of the ancient human race. To be honest, if Yin'er could walk the path of the ancient human race again, she might not be able to create a path herself, but she might be able to become a god.

After all, her parents were both gods. Staying with them, how could she not become a god? Even if she couldn't become a god for the time being, she would definitely become a Great Monarch.

Therefore, it was definitely much better for Yin'er to follow Old Han and Jiang Linxian than him. After all, what he could give her was limited, and he had no time to take care of Yin'er most of the time.

Han Fei said, “Yin'er can go with you, but before you leave, I have a few more questions… Well, Fifth Senior Brother…”

“Ah! I'm going to take a walk. The bamboo pole you found is interesting. He's a little weak, but there's still room for improvement. I'll teach him to you.”

“The bamboo pole?”

Fifth Senior Brother should be talking about Liu Qiansi. This guy was just a Monarch demon plant who hadn't seen much of the world. However, if he had Fifth Senior Brother's guidance, no one knew what would happen to him. Han Fei grinned and said, “Thank you, Fifth Senior Brother.”

After Fifth Senior Brother left, Han Fei asked directly, “First question, the strong master of the ancient human race said that my bloodline was extracted. Was it for improving my spiritual heritage?”

Jiang Linxian said gently, “Fei'er, I hope you don't blame me for this. Your bloodline level is indeed very high, and it's even possible for you to have an atavism. However, after nine lives, we have deeply realized that even if you have the primordial bloodline, it's useless. Perhaps you can become a god, but your path may stop here. Therefore, I removed your bloodline because I wanted you to have a brand-new bloodline, a new bloodline that is different from the primordial bloodline. This path is difficult to walk, and the future is unknown, but because it's unknown, it might be the greatest variable.”

Hearing Jiang Linxian's words, Han Fei realized that they wanted to create a new spiritual heritage for him with the Demon Purification Pot. With the Demon Purification Pot, it wouldn't be a problem even if his bloodline was bad at the beginning. It seemed that they had planned everything!

Han Fei nodded slightly. “So, it's not a coincidence that Chu Hao appeared in the Raging Sea with the Demon Purification Pot. Was it planned?”

Han Guanshu put on a faint smile. “Yes.”

Han Fei didn't dwell on this question. With Old Han and Jiang Linxian's abilities, they would definitely be able to control Chu Hao.

Han Fei asked again, “What about the specific usage of the power of faith? In fact, when I was transcending the tribulation, I knew that as long as the power of faith was released, I could easily transcend the tribulation. But you suggest I don't, so what should I use it for?”

Han Guanshu smiled and said, “Son, the power of faith is a collection of the wishes of the human race. In the end, when this power accumulates to a certain extent, it contains thousands of things and has already been attributed to the power of the human world, the Dao of the human race. It's simple but unnecessary to use the power of the human world to resist the Monarch Tribulation. You can try integrating the power of the human world into your Origin Star to create the Heavenly Dao on your Origin Star.”

“Heavenly Dao?”

Han Guanshu said, “It's a Heavenly Dao unique to the human race. It's similar to the ancestral land of the human race, protecting the growth of the human race. Whoever uses this Heavenly Dao can try to create a true world.”

“Wait, I don't quite understand what you're talking about… Creating a world? A Sea Establisher can already do it, can't he?”

“It's different. The so-called world creation of Sea Establishers is just imitation. It's superficial. Oh no, it can't even imitate the surface. And after one enters the Star Transformation Realm, although he can mold the ground veins, as long as he tries to create a world, he'll find out that he can't create anything except farming. You should have seen other people's Origin Stars, right? Has anyone created a new race? Even if they did, they only created deformed inferior lifeforms.”

Han Fei thought that it was true. He had indeed seen such a deformed life form in the Origin Star of Zhao Qinglong, the tenth place on the God Roll. Apart from that, most Sky Opening Realm powerhouses didn't even have a deformed life form.

Han Fei asked, “It can be done just with the power of faith of the human race?”

Han Guanshu said, “When the power of faith is accumulated to a certain point, it will no longer be the power of faith, but the Dao of a race, a fire seed. It can help you create a new human race, and you are equivalent to the master of creation. You can harvest the new human race's insights through their natural growth, because the characteristics of intelligent creatures are their creativity… You might be able to draw some ideas from it that you have never had…”

Han Fei couldn't help but think that if he created a new human race, without his interference, the development of civilization would definitely produce too many crystals of wisdom.

Although these new humans might be very weak, in the long run, it did seem to be more meaningful than directly consuming this power of faith.

Han Fei looked at Han Guanshu. “So, Old Han, have you already created a new human race?”

Han Guanshu chuckled. “Yes, it's thousands of times better than using the power of faith for cultivation.”

Han Fei was convinced. He couldn't refuse the identity of a creator, nor could he refuse the joy of creation.

In the end, Han Fei asked, “Can the Raging Sea be restored? The World Origin lake there is almost dry.”

Han Guanshu said, “Aren't you already half fused with the Raging Sea? So the stronger you become in the future, the easier it will be for the ancestral land to recover. One day, you will return to the Raging Sea. When you return, it will recover at an unbelievable speed.”