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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2762 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (3)

Chapter 2762 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (3)

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After leaving the Raging Sea, Han Fei deliberately used the upper limit of his pure speed. As he ran, he found that his speed had reached nearly a hundred times the speed of light.

To be precise, it was now 92 times the speed of light. This made him sigh. Fortunately, the speed of the Dao Proving Level cultivators he had encountered wasn't very fast. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to defeat them.

This was his pure speed. If he used the spatial law, his speed could exceed a hundred times the speed of light.

Instead of using the teleportation array to return to the City of Scavengers, Han Fei stepped into the void and entered the Void World, which he had comprehended from the law of space.

After a directional test, Han Fei discovered that in the Void World, the highest speed he could achieve was more than 300 times the speed of light, three times faster than his normal speed.

This test stunned Han Fei. He couldn't help but wonder if the Void Temple knew of the existence of the Void World. Was this a place where anyone who had comprehended the law of space could enter?

In the Void World, in addition to achieving faster speed, one could also see the outside world through the void. However, he didn't know if he would be easily discovered.

Of course, after experimenting for several hours, Han Fei returned to the City of Scavengers through a teleportation array.

Although his speed in the Void World could be very fast, ten times that of a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator, it would still take him half a day to get from the Raging Sea to the City of Scavengers.

After all, the Dao Proving Level was not the Carefree Level, let alone the Immortal Level. Back in the Chaotic Wasteland, he had been chased by a Carefree Level powerhouse when his fastest speed was easily caught up.

Han Fei estimated that it was normal for the speed of the Carefree Level to be 100 times the speed of light. He had reached that speed with the Heaven-Defying Scales of the Azure Dragon. Although he couldn't comprehend the Great Dao of speed at that time, his speed could exceed 300 times the speed of light. Therefore, theoretically speaking, there was a huge difference in strength and speed between the Immortal Level and the Carefree Level.

As for the Great Monarch realm, needless to say, the difference was even greater. Although he didn't know how long it took Great Monarch East Martial to cross the wilderness to arrive in the Chaotic Wasteland, it had only been a few days since Han Fei started the war against the City of Scavengers. And the Chaotic Wasteland was at the edge of the East Sea Divine Realm, with a distance of eight light-years between them. Han Fei didn't know how Great Monarch East Martial could cross the wilderness in such a short time.

Therefore, although Han Fei's current speed could reach nearly a hundred times the speed of light, he wasn't arrogant. He knew that he wasn't fast enough.

City of Scavengers.

Gu Tingnan had led the army of the City of Wanderers to wipe out the remaining forces in the City of Scavengers.

This racial war ended with a complete victory for the human race. However, the Ten Thousand Scale Race wasn't completely wiped out. A small number of them escaped. Although they couldn't escape the Chaotic Wasteland, they would definitely be chased down.

Besides, on the way to the mysterious cultivation place in the Chaotic Wasteland, there were still a large number of Sky Opening Realm powerhouses. Han Fei and Gu Tingnan didn't know that place, but since Fifth Senior Brother was there, that place would definitely be swept.

What was left was the City of Origin. Although the Monarch-level powerhouses in the City of Origin had all died, there were still many Sky Opening Realm armies, which might be even more than the Ten Thousand Scale Race's Sky Opening Realm army. The human race and the City of Wanderers alone couldn't defeat them.

Therefore, Han Fei, Gu Tingnan, and the puppet army had to take action together in this battle.

As for those below the Sky Opening Realm, it would be a long and protracted war to finish them. Although Han Fei could wipe them out, there was no need. Human beings had just come to the Chaotic Wasteland and needed to adapt to this environment.

If nothing went wrong, in the next ten years, the people from the Raging Sea would welcome an unprecedented breakthrough tide.

At this moment, Han Guanshu and Jiang Linxian were chatting with Fifth Senior Brother. This scene was a little strange, making Han Fei feel that they knew each other.

Seeing Han Fei return, Jiang Linxian hurriedly greeted him, “Fei'er, I knew you could successfully transcend the tribulation. How do you feel now?”

Han Fei said, “My greatest feeling is that the power of laws turns out to be another form of power inherent in the world. It has existed for a long time and won't be annihilated. The meaning of proving Dao lies in being more intimate with the power of these laws, better adapting to them and borrowing them instead of completely mastering them. If I guess right, the corresponding level of the Carefree Level should be to master the power of laws.”

Jiang Linxian smiled. “Yes! In the early stages of the Dao Proving Level, those with limited comprehension of laws can only borrow limited power. When you reach the Carefree Level, you can form your own origin of laws. Then you can use this as a foundation to continuously extract the power of laws in the world and use it for your own use. From the Dao Proving Level to the Carefree Level, some people can reach it in a short period of time, and some take a long time. You have to comprehend it yourself.”

Han Fei nodded. “By the way, Mother, why are you chatting with my Fifth Senior Brother?”

As he spoke, Han Fei stared at Fifth Senior Brother, who didn't look guilty at all but smiled.

Jiang Linxian said, “It's just a simple chat. Fei'er, now that you've proven your Dao, the human race will be completely handed over to you. There are still some things for your father and me to do, so we may… be away for a while.”