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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2761 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (2)

Chapter 2761 The Dao Proving Realm and Many Secrets (2)

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Number of Races in the Infinite Ocean: 2,962,1397

Bloodline Ranking of the Host in the Infinite Ocean: the 29,142nd

Bloodlines Nearby: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish, Emperor Sparrow

Recommended Bloodline: None


After seeing this information, Han Fei didn't know whether to be surprised or distressed. He had thought that no matter how high the bloodline level of Little Black and Little White and Emperor Sparrow was, he wouldn't be unable to devour their bloodline even if he entered the top tens of thousands, right?

Now it seemed that his bloodline ranked among the top 30,000 in the entire Infinite Ocean, but he still didn't have the qualifications to devour the bloodlines of the Emperor Sparrow and Little Black and Little White.

However, Han Fei was only a little disappointed. On second thought, he felt that he should feel lucky. This meant that the true bloodline level of the three of them might be unimaginably high.

As for the lack of bloodline to devour, Han Fei didn't think it was a big problem at the moment. His bloodline level was already very high. It was actually very difficult to find a bloodline that could be devoured.

Since it was something that could only be chanced upon by luck, he didn't have to force it.

Then, Han Fei felt the power of the Dao Proving Level. In addition to the power of the Great Dao transforming into laws, Han Fei could now easily sense the power of laws from the void.

Of course, it was only limited to the part he cultivated. There were still many unknown laws, which were areas he was unfamiliar with.

In other words, the so-called laws had always existed between the heavens and earth. It was just a form of existence that had fused with the world. Without proving Dao, one couldn't sense their existence.


Han Fei finally moved. His face was reflected in the sky of his Origin Star. However, the billions of human beings were already in a carnival and had been in it for quite a while.

After all, the tribulation clouds were gone. How could there still be a heavenly tribulation?

Without the heavenly tribulation and Han Fei still alive, it meant that Han Fei must have become a Monarch!

Someone guessed, “I thought that there would definitely be the last tribulation, such as the inner demon tribulation. Otherwise, why would Master Human Emperor stand in the void for a long time?”

Someone was puzzled. “That's not right! The Heavenly Demon Tribulation and the Heart Demon Tribulation can't be invisible, right? When one establishes the sea, there is the Inner Demon Tribulation, but the heavenly tribulations won't be reduced!”

Someone sneered. “This is a Monarch Tribulation. Do you think it's the same as your tribulation? You don't know how terrifying Master Human Emperor's Monarch Tribulation is at all, so don't speculate. There must be a reason that there are eight Monarch Tribulations. Besides, we don't know if there are really eight.”

Han Fei wanted to talk, but as soon as he returned to his Origin Star, he looked in the direction of the Demon Purification Pot, only to see that the sixth divine pill on the vine had grown up. It was blue and red and had been half grown.

“So, the sixth divine pill began to grow because of my Dao Proving? Does it mean that the sixth divine pill can grow without the return of the seventh vine?”

Han Fei was overjoyed. After he was finished with his matters, he would study the sixth Divine Pill carefully.

Han Fei came back to his senses, and his voice sounded in the sky. He said, “My fellow human beings, you should have seen it. I have done my best to live up to everyone's expectations and successfully transcended the nine monarch tribulations to prove Dao. However, my monarch tribulation might be different from yours in the future. Just because you haven't seen my ninth heavenly tribulation doesn't mean you can't see others” ninth. This matter varies from person to person.”


“Human Emperor, Human Emperor, Human Emperor…”

Someone shouted, “I told you there were nine Heavenly Tribulations in total, one of which we couldn't see at all.”

Someone sighed. “It's really hard to imagine what kind of tribulation the ninth level is.”

“It doesn't matter. What matters is that now, our human race has a Monarch. Haha…”

But before the humans could celebrate, Han Fei said, “My fellow human beings, now is not the time for us to be happy. We still have a lot of things to do. The human race is about to rise. Although the Ten Thousand Scale Race in the City of Scavengers of the Chaotic Wasteland have been wiped out, there's another race here called the Heavenly Cicada Family. They live in the City of Origin in the Chaotic Wasteland. Now, all their Monarchs have been killed. However, you need to finish the remaining fight to kill all their cultivators below the Sky Opening realm… If you ask me why I want to destroy the City of Origin, I'll tell you because they also want to enslave our human race. So they are also our enemies and should be eliminated…”

“Kill, kill, kill~”

“Kill through the City of Origin.”

“Brothers, we must strive to get out this time and kill them all.”

“Everyone, there are treasures everywhere in the giant cities. Don't blame me for not reminding you in advance. This battle to destroy the city is our opportunity.”


For a time, everyone was talking at once. They were full of confidence in this battle.

The main reason was that they were too confident in Han Fei now. Han Fei had created an image of invincibility in their hearts. This was the power of a role model.

Before leaving the Raging Sea, the Great Dao here no longer restricted him, so Han Fei went to the place where the World Origin was.

At this moment, the World Origin lake here was only one kilometer long. He didn't expect that because of his Dao Proving, the World Origin in the human race's ancestral land was almost exhausted. As for the more than a thousand World Origin Fruits, Han Fei didn't touch them. Perhaps they would slowly give birth to more World Origins!