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God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2752 Death Of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch (4)

Chapter 2752 Death Of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch (4)

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Han Fei slightly cupped his hands at Great Monarch East Martial without a word, and his spirit and energy had soared to the peak.

He shouted, “My name is Han Fei. With the power of one of the ancestors of our human race, I killed the two Immortal-level Monarchs of the Ten Thousand Scale Race and the supreme ruler of the Ten Thousand Scale Race, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. Now, all the Monarchs of the Ten Thousand Scale Race have been wiped out… My fellow human beings, it's in your hands whether or not the Ten Thousand Scale Race will be wiped out… Kill…”

At this moment, everyone of the Ten Thousand Scale Race in combat was in despair. That terrifying human being was still alive!

However, there was already no Monarch left in their race. How could they fight?

Therefore, the morale of the Ten Thousand Scale Race was completely shattered the moment Han Fei shouted that all their race's Monarchs had been wiped out. Countless members of the Ten Thousand Scale Race fled in defeat.

However, it was impossible for them to escape at this moment. Even if a few of them could escape, so what? As the saying went, a rout was like a landslide. The army of the human race was overwhelming. How could they have a chance to escape?


“Kill ~”

“Don't let go of any of them. Master Human Emperor has already helped us kill all their Monarchs. We must not hold the others back. Even if we die, we must kill all the survivors of the Ten Thousand Scale Race.”



If nothing went wrong, this battle would last for several days and nights or even longer.

In Han Fei's Origin Star, the billions of human beings were also crazy. They had won. Although they didn't know the levels of the Monarch Realm, each of the Monarchs was obviously stronger than the last.

Although someone seemed to have helped Han Fei in the end, it was Han Fei's ability to find such a powerful helper, right?

Therefore, countless people began to party.

Countless people even began to shout, “Master Human Emperor, let us out? We can participate in the battle too.”

“Master Human Emperor, our brothers in the Chaotic Wasteland might not have enough manpower. We can't bear to see them risk their lives to fight! Master Human Emperor, let's go out and kill to our heart's content.”

“Master Human Emperor, we'd like to do our part for the human race.”

“Master Human Emperor.”

However, Han Fei had no time to pay attention to them at this moment. He just responded, “Everyone, the war is not over yet. I'll let you out after I deal with the subsequent matters.”

After that, even the sky curtain was removed, which made many people a little regretful.

However, they didn't panic. They were going to enter the Sea Realm anyway, and it was only a matter of time.

Outside, Han Fei first cupped his hands at the tiger demon and the fox demon. “Thank you, Seniors. When I finish my matters, I'll go visit the divine beast lineage. And I'll do what I promised.”

The tiger demon nodded. “Okay! I'll wait for you in the Central Sea Divine Realm.”

The fox demon chuckled. “Han Fei, I'll remember your name. When you come to us, I'll introduce you to the number one beauty of our fox race. Tsk, She's my disciple.”

Han Fei: “…”

After the battle was over, the tiger demon and the fox demon turned around and left. Today's battle had made their trip worthwhile.

Han Fei looked at the Queen of Horror again. “Thank you for your help, Queen.”

The Queen of Horror said, “I didn't do anything. Logically speaking, I haven't returned the favor I owe you.”

Han Fei took out a jade slip and threw it over. “This is my idea. Your Majesty, you may consider it.”

The Queen of Horror took the jade slip and scanned it casually. She was slightly surprised and then looked at Han Fei deeply. “This is a serious matter. I need to go back and consider it.”

With that, the Queen of Horror left with Wushuang. When she left, she seemed to be thinking about something and didn't talk to Han Fei much.

Then Han Fei looked at Li Luoluo. He took out a godly weapon-level treasure box, then a jade slip, and threw them over. “This is what I promised you. In addition, I have a proposal here. Take a look.”

Li Luoluo's eyes finally revealed a look of joy and surprise. Of course, she knew what Han Fei had given her. With the Time Worm and the Space Worm, she could become a Great Monarch in a very short period of time. She had made a killing on this deal. She even owed Han Fei a favor.

However, after reading Han Fei's jade slip, she raised her eyebrows. “Okay, I agree, but it will take at least a hundred years.”

“A hundred years?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and nodded slightly. “Okay! Got it.”

Then Li Luoluo had no time to chat with Han Fei. She shouted, “All of you, enter my Origin Star. Let's go home.”

Li Luoluo hurried away, eager to go back to advance.

In the end, Han Fei looked at Great Monarch East Martial. After a pause, he thought for a moment and took out a jade slip. “Senior East Martial, I didn't expect you to come to this battle in person. There are some plans that don't include the Divine Capital Dynasty. But since you're here, can you consider them?”

Great Monarch East Martial was also a little puzzled. He took the jade slip and looked at it. Then, he was slightly moved. After thinking for a long time, he slowly said, “What a good Human Emperor. You're indeed bold. However, this matter involves a problem. If you can solve it, I'll agree.”

“A problem?”

Great Monarch East Martial casually pinched his fingers and returned a jade slip to Han Fei. “The Divine Capital Dynasty will pay attention to you. But from today onwards, the Chaotic Wasteland will have no leader. What are you going to do?”

“Burp ~”

At this moment, a burp suddenly sounded in the sky.

“Don't worry. I'll guard the Chaotic Wasteland.”

East Martial looked at the source of the voice, his pupils were constricted slightly, and his face changed slightly. “You… are actually here?”

“Gulp~ Ah~ Haha, you didn't expect this, did you?”

Han Fei: “???”

When Han Fei saw the uncle who was walking unsteadily with a wine calabash in his hand and his chest half open and his hair messy, he was a little shocked, speechless, and puzzled…

“Fifth… Senior Brother?”

“Haha! I didn't expect to be recognized at first glance. Little Junior Brother, you really know me well!”

Han Fei: “…”