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Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Martial Arts Slice of Life

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Within a quiet and majestic pavilion, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes bewildered, time passed and he had quietly come to terms with his situation. He had transmigrated into a fantasy world as an elder of the Flying Sword Sect.
He was even an expert at the Nascent Soul Realm, who had the power to easily destory an entire city with a wave of his hand. Most importantly, he had a system, but it kept wanting him to train up disciples.
«What now! I already trained up a few Celestial Immortals, what more do you want out of me? Can’t you just give me some random cultivation method that magically allows my disciples to become immortals within a few weeks?»
[Have 4 disciples achieve godhood]
[Reward: Cultivation Increase of 1 major realm]
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 827: Caught By Suprise!2023-04-06
Chapter 826: Apperance Of A Possible Enemy2023-04-06
Chapter 825: Thoughts Of The General2023-04-06
Chapter 824: Resolving The Crisis2023-04-06
Chapter 823: Soldier2023-04-06
Chapter 822: Proud Elder Scarlet Flame…!2023-04-06
Chapter 821: Terrifying Ancestor Of The Imperial Family2023-04-06
Chapter 820: Rescue Xu Bao2023-04-06
Chapter 819: No Chance Of Escape2023-04-06
Chapter 818: Cornered2023-04-06
Chapter 817: Traitor Among The Independent Sects2023-04-06
Chapter 816: Qing Yi’s Tribulation, Hidden Main Quest2023-04-06
Chapter 815: Parting Ways With Xu Bao And Qing Yi’s Breakthrough2023-04-06
Chapter 814: Leaving The Capital Of The Sky Empire2023-04-06
Chapter 813: No Chance To Resist2023-04-06
Chapter 812: Safe Escape, Back At The Inn2023-04-06
Chapter 810: Kidnapping Disciples~2023-04-06
Chapter 809: Approaching Danger2023-04-06
Chapter 808: Asking For Protection2023-04-06
Chapter 807: Old Ancestor From The Stone Ridge Sect2023-04-06
Chapter 806: Final Vote2023-04-06
Chapter 805: Vote For Leader Positions2023-04-06
Chapter 804: Greedy Major Sects2023-04-06
Chapter 803: Power Of The Soul Imprint2023-04-06
Chapter 802: City States2023-04-06
Chapter 801: Escape!2023-04-06
Chapter 800: Chun Hua’s Desperate Situation2023-03-02
Chapter 799: Unfortunate Elder Golden Sparrow2023-03-02
Chapter 798: Bai Ning And Hui Ying2023-03-02
Chapter 797: Two Meetings2023-03-02
Chapter 796: Three Religions Offer2023-03-02
Chapter 795: Hidden Expert From The Imperial Family2023-03-02
Chapter 794: Before The Start Of The Meeting2023-03-02
Chapter 793: Arrival Of The Major Sects2023-03-02
Chapter 792: Secret Meeting2023-03-02
Chapter 791: Core Of The Capital2023-03-02
Chapter 790: Trouble On The Way To The Meeting2023-03-02
Chapter 789: Day Of The Sect Alliance Meeting2023-03-02
Chapter 788: Shocked Imperial Guards2023-02-07
Chapter 787: Last Struggle Of The Demonic Cultivator2023-02-07
Chapter 786: Feng Chen Vs Demonic Cultivator2023-02-07
Chapter 785: Unable To Escape2023-02-07
Chapter 784: Terrifying Demonic Cultivator!2023-02-07
Chapter 783: Trouble At The Border2023-02-07
Chapter 782: Progress Between Disciples2023-02-07
Chapter 781: Use Of The Necklace2023-02-07
Chapter 780: Desperate Escape2023-02-07
Chapter 779: Door Shaped Formation2023-02-07
Chapter 778: Hidden Domain Lord2023-02-07
Chapter 777: Demonic Cultivator’s Way Inside The Capital2023-02-07
Chapter 776: Secret Behind Elder Meng’s Domain2023-02-07
Chapter 775: Conversation With Elder Meng2023-02-07
Chapter 774: Elder Meng2023-02-07
Chapter 773: Self Strengthening Domain!2023-02-07
Chapter 772: Unfortunate Server~2023-02-07
Chapter 771: Elder From The Sky Mist Kingdom2023-02-07
Chapter 770: Troubled Xu Bao2023-02-07
Chapter 769: Immortal Soul Tribulation2023-02-07
Chapter 768: Xu Bao2023-02-07
Chapter 767: Divine Sense Technique, Divine Will2023-02-07
Chapter 766: Terror Of The Guardian Formation2023-02-07
Chapter 765: Looming Danger2023-02-07
Chapter 764: Terrifying Power Of The Demonic Cultivator2023-02-07
Chapter 763: Soul Sacrifice Formation2023-02-07
Chapter 762: Descending Sea Of Flames2023-02-07
Chapter 761: Source Of Energy2023-02-07
Chapter 760: Secret Passage2023-02-07
Chapter 759: Two Careless Spies~2023-02-07
Chapter 758: Noble District2023-02-07
Chapter 757: Hidden Sect And… System Malfunction…?2023-02-07
Chapter 756: Plight Of The Independent Sects2023-02-07
Chapter 755: Remote Inn2023-02-07
Chapter 754: Self Proclaimed Dao Partner Of The Sunfire Sect’s Sect Master2023-02-07
Chapter 753: Capital Of The Sky Empire2023-02-07
Chapter 752: Encountering A Bottleneck2023-02-07
Chapter 751: Escape From The Jungle!2023-02-07
Chapter 750: Clash Between Two Demon Beasts!2023-02-07
Chapter 749: Path Out Of The Jungle2023-02-07
Chapter 748: Convincing The Winged Lion To Help Out…2023-02-07
Chapter 747: Too Weak~2023-02-07
Chapter 746: Elder Dust Fairy2023-02-07
Chapter 745: Dream Soul Flower2023-02-07
Chapter 744: Jade Crystal Palace And Poisonous Life Lotus2023-02-07
Chapter 743: Half Dead Soul Ascension Realm Expert2023-02-07
Chapter 742: Small Dark Vortex2023-02-07
Chapter 741: Greater Teleportation Formation2023-02-07
Chapter 740: A Path To Escaping!2023-02-07
Chapter 739: Creature Born Through The Dao Of Corruption2023-02-07
Chapter 738: Ancestor Of The Feather Kingdom2023-02-07
Chapter 737: Mountain Sized Palace!2023-02-07
Chapter 736: Encounter With The Dao Of Corruption!2023-02-07
Chapter 735: Gate Of A Thousand Eyes2023-02-07
Chapter 734: The Terrifying Shadows2023-02-07
Chapter 733: Snakes! Snakes Everywhere!2023-02-07
Chapter 732: Snakes, Miasma And Spiritual Herbs!2023-02-07
Chapter 731: Shadowy Figure2023-02-07
Chapter 730: Disc Of Light2023-02-07
Chapter 729: No Escape2023-02-07
Chapter 728: Danger Approaching!2023-02-07
Chapter 727: Core Region Of The Great Poison Swamp2023-02-07
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