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Almighty Sword Domain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2535 – I’ll Do Anything!

Chapter 2535 – I’ll Do Anything!

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Qing Yue asked, “What's wrong?”

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, “Throughout the West Region, around 50 cities have suffered the same fate as this one!”

Qing Yue spoke solemnly, “Why are they gathering so many souls?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I don't know!”

Qing Yue spoke solemnly again, “We must stop them. Otherwise, I'm afraid only our sect will remain in the entire West Region!”

Yang Ye's eyes narrowed slightly!

Only the Ancient Sword Sect would remain!

Is that their true objective?

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while and said, “Come with me!”

All of them left the city on their swords.

The Ancient Sword Sect.

In the meeting hall, only Yang Ye, the Grand Elder, and Elder Xue remained.

Yang Ye said, “I think every move we make is within their grasp!”

Elder Xue glanced at him, “You think we have a mole?”

Yang Ye smiled, “Don't you think so too?”

She replied, “If that's true, that person possesses quite a high status in the sect!”

Yang Ye remained silent.

The Grand Elder and Elder Xue didn't say anything, and so the hall fell into a moment of silence.

Yang Ye left the hall and looked into the distance. He had a beautiful view of the entire sect from here. Actually, he didn't really want to get involved in schemes like this!

He preferred being direct!

The issue with the Ancient Sword Sect was more severe than he'd expected!

There was definitely a mole in the Ancient Sword Sect, and it may even be Elder Xue, the Grand Elder, or someone else with real authority in the sect. But he was helpless without definite proof!

A short while passed before Yang Ye suddenly said, “I'm leaving for a while. I don't need anyone to follow me!”

Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

Elder Xue and the Grand Elder fell silent.

Yang Ye shot through the clouds on his sword, and his aura was completely concealed within the Sword Domain.

Sword Scroll suddenly asked, “Where are you going?”

Yang Ye replied, “I'm escaping the Ancient Sword Sect for now. I may be the sect master, but don't you think that I know very little about it?”

She fell silent for a short while and replied, “I thought you were leaving!”

Yang Ye smiled, “How can I just give up halfway?”

Sword Scroll grinned and didn't say anything else.

The War Dimension!

Yang Ye had gone to the War Dimension!

If he tried to deal with it from within the sect, it would definitely cause chaos and even instigate panic in the sect. At most times, killing may not resolve a problem, and he didn't even have a target yet!

He had to rely on external forces!

Two old friends!

Yang Ye met Xing Biqing and Ye Zhibei at a mountain range, and they sat down cross-legged at its peak.

Both of them listened to him in silence.

A long time passed before Yang Ye shrugged, “That's it. So, what do you think?”

They exchanged glances. In the end, Xing Biqing said, “Want me to be frank?”

Yang Ye nodded.

She spoke solemnly, “Leave the Ancient Sword Sect!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

Xing Biqing hesitated for a moment and said, “I'll be honest. According to some information I received, someone is targeting the Ancient Sword Sect. They didn't do so before this because that sect master of yours was still alive, and he could deter them while he was alive. However, he's gone now, and no one in your sect is at his level. Simply speaking, your strength doesn't conform to your status anymore!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “The desolate race is still out there. Will the Eternal Lord just watch as internal strife arises within Eternal Kingdom?”

Xing Biqing shook her head, “That won't happen. If your previous sect master was still alive and at his peak, then their attack may cause huge internal strife. Yet now, the Ancient Sword Sect has lost its top expert. Do you understand what I mean?”

They were without a true leader!

Yang Ye naturally understood what she meant. The Ancient Sword Sect didn't have a true leader, it didn't have an expert with the ability to deter its enemies!

As for him, many people didn't take him seriously at all!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time and said, “Your Xing Clan and Ye Clans both intend to just watch?”

They nodded.

Yang Ye asked, “What about the Soul Sect?”

Xing Biqing shook her head, “We don't know. However, according to my inference, the Soul Sect has definitely met with the leaders of the various powers.”

She gazed at Ye Zhibei as she said that.

To a certain extent, Ye Zhibei was the patriarch of the Ye Clan now.

Ye Zhibei glanced at Yang Ye and said, “They have. However, they spoke with the clan's ancestor, so I don't know what they spoke about.”

She hesitated for a moment and said, “I guess they came to some sort of agreement.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Xing Biqing said, “Brother Ye, in my opinion, I think the various powers of Eternal Kingdom have decided to divide up the Ancient Sword Sect. After all, it occupies the entire West Region!”

Divide up the Ancient Sword Sect!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. He felt that being the sect master was absolutely troublesome! As soon as he took the position of patriarch, there were so many powers targeting the Ancient Sword Sect. It made him wonder if he really was cursed!

A short while passed before Yang Ye stood up and glanced at them, “As a friend, I can't make things too difficult for you. But you're my only friends in Eternal Kingdom, so if I don't do it to you, who will I do it to? So, I'll just do it!”

Both of them felt speechless.

Yang Ye cracked a smile, “Tell me what I can do! I can't use the Ancient Sword Sect's resources because I don't know who's an enemy in the sect!”

Xing Biqing spoke solemnly, “Do you really plan to stay?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Xing Biqing said, “You don't seem like a person who cares about authority!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I do as I want. Since I've chosen to become the sect master, I must do my best. Otherwise, if I give up upon encountering difficulties, how will I continue cultivating the sword? The path of the Sword Dao is much more difficult than being the Ancient Sword Sect's master! Moreover, it may make me cower from every small issue in the future.”

Xing Biqing glanced at Yang Ye with a rather complicated expression on her face, “Seriously!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I can't make things too difficult for you, so just tell me what I can do!”

Ye Zhibei suddenly asked, “You want to find out who's the mole in the Ancient Sword Sect?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Not only that, I want to investigate the Soul Sect. However, the sect's information network is always slower than theirs!”

Ye Zhibei nodded slightly, “I see.”

She exchanged a glance with Xing Biqing, and then Xing Biqing spoke solemnly, “Go to the underground trade area!”

“That underground trade?” Yang Ye frowned slightly, “Don't they just sell things?”

Xing Biqing explained, “They sell information and some other things too. While our clans have our own information networks, we can't use them to help you. Our clans have prohibited us from interfering in the Ancient Sword Sect's business. Moreover, even if we can use our networks, it will alert the enemy, and that won't be good for you.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “I understand!”

He seemed to have thought of something at this point and asked, “It should cost quite a bit to seek their help, right?”

Xing Biqing replied indifferently, “You're the Ancient Sword Sect's master right now, so just get the World Crystals from the sect! Don't tell me you don't even have the authority to do that!”

Get it from the Ancient Sword Sect!

Yang Ye's eyes lit up. He'd almost forgotten this. After all, he was the sect master now, so wouldn't it be very easy to obtain some World Crystals from the sect?

However, he didn't plan to head back to the sect. Once he bade farewell to them, he went to the underground trade area.

There were some people on the street, but just a few.

Yang Ye went to the end of the street, and there was a black robed man there. This black robed man wasn't the same one he'd met the other day.

Yang Ye spoke frankly, “The Soul Sect and Ancient Sword Sect.”

The black robed man fell silent for a moment and said, “I refuse.”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why?”

The black robed man replied, “I cannot answer that!”

Yang Ye glanced at the black robed man and withdrew a fruit. It was a Chaotic Fruit.

The gazes of all the people in the surroundings shot at Yang Ye, and someone exclaimed upon seeing the fruit, “A Chaotic Fruit! My goodness! It really is a Chaotic Fruit! Isn't that impossible?! Didn't it only exist during the ancient times?”

“A Chaotic Fruit… Seriously? It really is a Chaotic Fruit…”

“What a precious treasure!”

Yang Ye glanced at the fruit. He'd forcefully taken it from the Chaotic Fruit Tree. The tree naturally refused, so he'd asked the Primordial Pagoda to get one for him.

The Primordial Pagoda managed the Primordial Violet Energy in the pagoda, so the tree naturally had to give it face. Otherwise, the pagoda may just stop its supply of Primordial Violet Energy to the trees! Moreover, the Primordial Pagoda could force them out of the pagoda itself!

When they were living in another's territory, they had to give face to the territory's owner!

Once Yang Ye revealed the Chaotic Fruit, the entire area wasn't quiet anymore. All of the others surrounded him while desire and greed burned in their eyes. But none dared to take action!

Since Yang Ye had dared to reveal such a treasure before so many people, it was obvious that he wasn't an ordinary person!

Moreover, no one dared to openly steal during the trade area's business hours!

The black robed man was clearly unable to maintain his calm. After all, it was a Chaotic Fruit, and it was an extremely rare treasure!

Yang Ye asked, “So, what about now?”

The black robed man fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye produced another Chaotic Fruit.

The black robed man hurriedly said, “I'll do it! I'll do anything!”