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This tag is to be only used if the male protagonist is married to more than one female at a time.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1352108 Maidens of DestinyWeb NovelN/A
775A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming BlissLight Novel2016
943A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial HaremWeb Novel2011Completed(115)
53A Step into the PastChinese Novel1997Completed(293)
1671A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
224A Valiant LifeWeb Novel2017Completed(1240)
284A Will EternalWeb Novel2016
350A Wizard’s SecretWeb Novel2013Completed(1063)
1492Absolute Great TeacherWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1341)
79Against the GodsWeb Novel2014
582Age of AdeptsWeb Novel2016Completed(1513)
606Alchemy Emperor of the Divine DaoWeb Novel20152828/4915
1344Almighty Sword DomainWeb Novel2015
179Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel2015Completed(2053)
35Ancient Strengthening TechniqueWeb Novel2012Completed(2492)
36Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)Web Novel2013
120Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel2009Completed(1649)
596Black Iron’s GloryWeb Novel2018
295BreakersWeb Novel2016Completed(234)
135Bringing The Farm To Live In Another WorldWeb Novel20112043/11068
86Castle of Black IronWeb Novel2013Completed(2015)
1114Chaotic Lightning CultivationWeb Novel2011293/954
169Chaotic Sword GodWeb Novel2010
192Child of LightWeb Novel2004Completed(357)
1680Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World – the Apostle of the Gods Who Know No Self-RestraintWeb Novel2016
673City of SinWeb Novel2011Completed(1437)
1473Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the ClassmatesWeb Novel2018
77Commanding Wind and CloudWeb Novel2010652/722
106Cultivation Chat GroupWeb Novel20152084/2524
1096Demon’s DiaryWeb Novel20131199/1552
1383Devil’s Son-in-LawWeb Novel2014
833Divine Throne of Primordial BloodWeb Novel2016Completed(1158)
338Dominating Sword ImmortalWeb Novel2013913/1485
1504Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~Web Novel2016Completed(88)
313Dragon Emperor, Martial GodWeb Novel2012746/1810
363Dragon King’s Son-In-LawWeb Novel2010Completed(790)
1978Dragon Monarch SystemWeb Novel2022304/400
216Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20143048/3221
1689Dual CultivationWeb Novel2019
1844Emperor's ReckoningWeb Novel2018
1604Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos EPICWeb Novel2018
276Epoch of TwilightWeb Novel2016Completed(593)
1998Everlasting Immortal FirmamentWeb Novel2015883/1311
82Everyone Else is a ReturneeWeb Novel2016
1035Extraordinary GeniusWeb Novel20151398/2090
148Gate of GodWeb Novel2015Completed(1117)
539God EmperorWeb Novel20152595/3422
1619God Level DemonWeb Novel2016137/2899
130God and Devil WorldWeb Novel2013Completed(1217)
1056Grasping EvilWeb Novel2013834/1268
291Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008Completed(1028)
78Hail the KingWeb Novel2011Completed(1635)
879Harem CastleWeb Novel2005Completed(6)
884Harem EngagementLight Novel2006Completed(6)
1489Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf PrinceWeb Novel2016Completed(97)
901Harem of the Dora PrinceLight Novel2017Completed(21)
92Heavenly Jewel ChangeWeb Novel2011Completed(903)
1119Hedonist SovereignWeb Novel2015490/2180
718High School DxDLight Novel2008Completed(298)
666History’s Strongest HusbandWeb Novel201875/430
1973Holistic FantasyWeb Novel2016124/1452
1944Holy Chronicles of BaatorWeb Novel2021344/400
204Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy AtaraxiaLight Novel2014
1872I Am OverlordWeb Novel2016
1991I Am the Fated VillainWeb Novel2020530/1411
2I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(1609)
1679I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at PeaceWeb Novel2016183/861
1674I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space MercenaryWeb Novel2019399/400
1920I am a Gao Fushuai VillainWeb Novel2019151/1319
1254Ihoujin, Dungeon ni MoguruWeb Novel201692/437
94In a Different World with a SmartphoneWeb Novel2013465/491
117Infinite Competitive Dungeon SocietyWeb Novel2015Completed(353)
181InvincibleWeb NovelN/A
1557Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation SystemWeb NovelN/A355/3500
1289Isekai Kaeri no Ossan wa, Fusei Sukiru de Fathercon Musume-tachi o Tororori niWeb Novel201863/263
60Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei MajutsuLight Novel2014473/500
1617Isekai Nonbiri NoukaWeb Novel2016
369Joy of LifeWeb Novel2007Completed(746)
1672Keyboard ImmortalWeb Novel2020
294King of GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(1585)
1373King of Kung Fu in SchoolWeb NovelN/A531/2541
1997Kuro no MaouWeb Novel2011531/900
1110Law of the DevilWeb Novel2009573/669
293Legend of Ling TianWeb Novel2011Completed(713)
1916Legend of the AsuraWeb Novel2012297/742
299Library of Heaven’s PathWeb Novel2016Completed(2268)
1677Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad EndWeb Novel2019165/196
150Long Live Summons!Web Novel20101037/1399
1166M E M O R I Z EPublished Novel2012119/1069
242MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary GuardianWeb Novel2011Completed(856)
656Magic Chef of Ice and FireWeb Novel2006171/256
1395Magic Industry EmpireWeb Novel2014
61Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan MaouLight Novel2013Completed(171)
942Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~Web Novel2016Completed(120)
255Maou na Ore to Fushihime no YubiwaLight Novel2012Completed(42)
131Martial God SpaceWeb Novel2012951/3886
228Martial PeakWeb Novel20134338/6009
48Martial WorldWeb Novel2012Completed(2275)
1315Mechanical God EmperorWeb Novel20151556/1569
1870Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient GreeceWeb Novel2019695/1324
8Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
819Monster Musume Harem wo Tsukurou!Web Novel2013Completed(113)
44Mushoku TenseiWeb Novel2012
153My Cold and Elegant CEO WifeWeb Novel2016Completed(2512)
1825My Father in Law is Lu BuWeb Novel2014564/957
644My Girlfriend is a ZombieWeb Novel2011753/1362
536My Wife is a Beautiful CEOWeb Novel20111664/1665
23NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling SystemWeb Novel2016Completed(841)
832Nine Star Hegemon Body ArtWeb Novel2015428/4401
820Nine Yang Sword SaintWeb Novel2013312/1288
58Otherworld Nation Founding ChroniclesWeb Novel2015160/305
43Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel2010Completed(1277)
1336Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014631/653
1133Path to HeavenWeb Novel2011319/1286
168Peerless Battle SpiritWeb Novel20152341/2526
16Peerless Martial GodWeb Novel2012Completed(2500)
12Peerless Martial God 2Web NovelN/ACompleted(1740)
260Perfect WorldWeb Novel2013Completed(2017)
304Pierce Heaven Til’ It BreaksWeb Novel2012Completed(968)
1366Pocket Hunting DimensionWeb NovelN/A
1548Pure Love ✕ Insult ComplexWeb Novel20111469/1470
258Re:MonsterWeb Novel201143/50
1223Realms In The FirmamentWeb Novel2014Completed(1995)
1057Rebirth of the Godly ProdigalWeb Novel2014Completed(1316)
424Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsWeb Novel2016
1123Red Packet ServerWeb Novel20161722/2035
930Red StormPublished Novel2006234/235
1695Regressor Instruction ManualPublished Novel2017877/1262
1487Return of the Former HeroWeb Novel2013201/261
85Returning from the Immortal WorldWeb Novel2016Completed(1445)
670Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni NattaWeb Novel2014
76Rise of HumanityWeb Novel20151183/1490
1207Saikyou no Shuzoku ga Ningen Datta KenWeb Novel201619/35
1348SevensLight Novel2016136/200
41Shadow HackWeb Novel2017987/990
1602Shinka no MiWeb Novel2014124/211
149Shinmai Maou no KeiyakushaLight Novel201248/60
1040Shoujo Grand SummoningWeb Novel2015321/2000
159Shura’s WrathWeb Novel2014Completed(852)
1242So I Am A Demon Descendent!Web Novel2018383/789
535So Pure, So FlirtatiousWeb Novel20081621/2385
382Soaring the HeavensWeb Novel2012532/2253
128Sono Mono Nochi Ni…Web Novel2015Completed(217)
152Sovereign of the Three RealmsWeb Novel2014Completed(2376)
26Spirit RealmWeb Novel2014Completed(1840)
1298Starchild Escapes Arranged MarriageWeb Novel2016880/3500
372Stealing The HeavensWeb Novel2011987/1201
136Strongest Abandoned SonWeb Novel2012Completed(2266)
541Summoning the Holy SwordWeb Novel2012Completed(1381)
1137Supreme Emperor of SwordsWeb Novel20141166/1338
275Tales of Demons and GodsWeb Novel2015496/500
325Tales of Herding GodsWeb Novel2017
256Tales of the Reincarnated LordWeb Novel2015Completed(591)
274Talisman EmperorWeb Novel2008Completed(2251)
166Tate no Yuusha no NariagariWeb Novel2012Completed(387)
1525The Amber SwordWeb Novel2010877/1467
154The Book Eating MagicianWeb Novel2017Completed(400)
233The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015349/483
1852The Devil Does Not Need to Be DefeatedWeb Novel2020342/1040
334The Dreamer in the Spring BoudoirWeb Novel2014Completed(510)
1743The Epic of LeviathanWeb Novel2021545/1000
1200The Fantastic Super VisionWeb Novel2019537/4517
1980The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful GoddessWeb Novel2022511/600
597The Invincible Dragon EmperorWeb Novel20161295/3856
312The Lord’s EmpireWeb Novel20171728/3327
187The Magus EraWeb Novel2015Completed(1902)
1197The Man from HellWeb Novel2018418/2100
920The Overlord of Blood and IronPublished Novel2015
1020The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating GoddessesLight Novel2014Completed(17)
374The Ring That Defies The HeavensWeb Novel2014
388The Second Coming of GluttonyWeb Novel2017
1111The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on CampusWeb NovelN/A309/1850
931The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a WeekWeb Novel2017Completed(240)
278The Strongest Legend of Dragon BallWeb Novel2016859/934
1928The True EndgameWeb Novel2018478/600
799The World of Otome Games is Tough For MobsLight Novel2017
1356Tomb Raider KingWeb NovelN/A
99Transcending the Nine HeavensWeb Novel20111483/2663
683Tranxending VisionWeb Novel20151201/2621
609Ultimate Scheming SystemWeb Novel20161566/1900
1362Universe’s Ultimate BOSSWeb NovelN/A200/1256
923Very Pure and Ambiguous: The PrequelWeb Novel2006Completed(745)
57War Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWeb Novel20144391/4480
251Warlock of the Magus WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1200)
257Womanizing MageWeb Novel2014Completed(683)
1466World Defying Dan GodWeb Novel20123820/4512
46World Reformation Activities of the Dark God — Loving Humans So Much, I Reincarnated in One —Web Novel2016Completed(171)
125World Teacher – Other World Style Education & AgentWeb Novel2014
677World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm DominationWeb Novel2012Completed(562)
19Wu Dong Qian KunWeb Novel2011Completed(1317)
1552You Cannot Afford To Offend My WomanWeb Novel2018722/1382
1033ZhanxianWeb Novel2011992/2665