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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman (Web Novel)


He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia.

There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 546 (Feast of Blood)2023-03-20
Chapter 545 (I Disagree!)2023-03-19
Chapter 544 (Killed Twice)2023-03-18
Chapter 543 (Be Careful, young man)2023-03-18
Chapter 542 (Angry From embarrassment)2023-03-18
Chapter 541 (He Caught it!)2023-03-15
Chapter 540 (Scene 1)2023-03-14
Chapter 539 (Repeated Blows)2023-03-13
Chapter 538 (Smoking)2023-03-12
Chapter 537 (The Deity Appears)2023-03-11
Chapter 536 (Introduction)2023-03-11
Chapter 535 (I Am the man you will never get)2023-03-10
Chapter 534 (Lucky)2023-03-08
Chapter 533 (Unlucky Group of Four)2023-03-07
Chapter 532 (Broken)2023-03-06
Chapter 531 (Conspiracy To become a great family)2023-03-05
Chapter 530 (The Ying Family Arrives)2023-03-04
Chapter 529 (Grandpa)2023-03-03
Chapter 528 (North South Tournament)2023-03-03
Chapter 527 (The Second birth comes)2023-03-02
Chapter 526 (Crayfish Banquet)2023-02-28
Chapter 525 (Killing Can solve all problems)2023-02-27
Chapter 524 (Arrangement)2023-02-26
Chapter 523 (The Fall of the Immortal Emperor)2023-02-25
Chapter 522 (Desperation)2023-02-24
Chapter 521 (It’s Not easy to bring down a wife)2023-02-24
Chapter 520 (Qing Ya’s guilt)2023-02-23
Chapter 519 (Five Year round)2023-02-21
Chapter 518 (We Have to form a team)2023-02-20
Chapter 517 (Undercurrent Surges)2023-02-20
Chapter 516 (Heart To heart talk)2023-02-18
Chapter 515 (I Was wrong, sir)2023-02-17
Chapter 514 (It’s Comfortable to be a man)2023-02-16
Chapter 513 (Big Brother’s Black History)2023-02-16
Chapter 512 (Big Brother has a problem)2023-02-15
Chapter 511 (Qing Tiandi)2023-02-13
Chapter 510 (House Of Gossips)2023-02-12
Chapter 509 (I Will mop the floor)2023-02-11
Chapter 508 (You Are the Supreme Overlord!!!)2023-02-10
Chapter 507 (Gorefiend Vomiting Blood)2023-02-09
Chapter 506 (Beating Up)2023-02-09
Chapter 505 (Ignorant)2023-02-09
Chapter 504 (Melon Seeds with bench)2023-02-06
Chapter 503 (Too Sloppy)2023-02-05
Chapter 502 (Scolding Without talking(5))2023-02-04
Chapter 501 (The Denied pure blood(4))2023-02-03
Chapter 500 (Long’an City Courtesan(3))2023-02-02
Chapter 499 (What A good idea(2))2023-02-01
Chapter 498 (Apology With death(1))2023-01-31
Chapter 497 (Divorce(5))2023-01-31
Chapter 496 (I’m A fucking fool(4))2023-01-29
Chapter 495 (I Like You(3))2023-01-29
Chapter 494 (Strict Wives(2))2023-01-27
Chapter 493 (Brother, Please(1))2023-01-27
Chapter 492 (Broken(492))2023-01-26
Chapter 491 (Drawing Blood(4))2023-01-26
Chapter 490 (New Task(3))2023-01-24
Chapter 489 (A Very Awesome Character(2))2023-01-23
Chapter 488 (Men Do not have a single good thing(1))2023-01-22
Chapter 487 (Break All ties(5))2023-01-21
Chapter 486 (Brittany’s Revenge(4))2023-01-20
Chapter 485 (Brittany Vs Dongfang Yuer(3))2023-01-20
Chapter 484 (Dongfang Yuer was kidnapped(2))2023-01-18
Chapter 483 (Jue Tian! I’ll make you regret it!(1))2023-01-16
Chapter 482 (Cut In two(5))2023-01-16
Chapter 481 (Another Accident(4))2023-01-15
Chapter 480 (Little Matchmaker(3))2023-01-13
Chapter 479 (I Admit defeat(2))2023-01-13
Chapter 478 (For The Federation(1))2023-01-12
Chapter 477 (The Feeling of powerlessness(5))2023-01-10
Chapter 476 (Fear(4))2023-01-10
Chapter 475 (The president’s style(3))2023-01-09
Chapter 474 (Teaching my wife to snap her fingers(2))2023-01-08
Chapter 473 (The meeting of a handful of spicy chickens(1))2023-01-07
Chapter 472 (Laugher(5))2023-01-06
Chapter 471 (Coming(4))2023-01-06
Chapter 470 (Sneak Attack(3))2023-01-06
Chapter 469 (Jue Tian and Brittany(2))2023-01-02
Chapter 468 (Taking The Primordial Divine Weapon(1))2023-01-02
Chapter 4672022-12-31
Chapter 4662022-12-31
Chapter 4652022-12-31
Chapter 4642022-12-31
Chapter 4632022-12-31
Chapter 4622022-12-31
Chapter 4612022-12-31
Chapter 4602022-12-31
Chapter 4592022-12-31
Chapter 4582022-12-31
Chapter 4572022-12-31
Chapter 4562022-12-31
Chapter 4552022-12-31
Chapter 4542022-12-31
Chapter 4532022-12-31
Chapter 4522022-12-31
Chapter 4512022-12-31
Chapter 4502022-12-31
Chapter 4492022-12-31
Chapter 4482022-12-31
Chapter 4472022-12-31
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