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The Ring That Defies The Heavens (Web Novel)


A heaven-defying ring that allows objects to be brought back from games into reality!

Before ‘Dawn’ was released, it already obtained the status as the ‘second earth’. Jiang Fei, a young teen who loves games came into the world and quickly rose up in power, status and fame. With his unmatched skills, he decimated all foes that oppose him. However, such rise would attract the attention of many, even as he tried to play everything off as low-key, something just don’t work out as plan…

“If trying to keep myself away from the spotlight no longer works, then come! Let the world know of my existence!” – Jiang Fei

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 3028: The end2023-01-05
Chapter 3027: Courting death2023-01-05
Chapter 3026: The truth of no resistance2023-01-05
Chapter 3025: An unexpectedly easy victory2023-01-05
Chapter 3024: The outcasts arrived2023-01-05
Chapter 3023: Removing obstacles2023-01-05
Chapter 3022: Obstruction2023-01-05
Chapter 3021: Opening the seal2023-01-05
Chapter 3020: There was no time to lose2023-01-05
Chapter 3019: Stealing the key2023-01-05
Chapter 3018: Alerting the enemy2023-01-05
Chapter 3017: Thief2023-01-05
Chapter 3016: Lobbying2023-01-05
Chapter 3015: Year duel2023-01-05
Chapter 3014: Scroll2023-01-05
Chapter 3013: The ten thousand year pact2023-01-05
Chapter 3012: Entering the Imperial City2023-01-05
Chapter 3011: Heading to St. Helena2023-01-05
Chapter 3010: Yearning for the outside world2023-01-05
Chapter 3009: Was another prophecy2023-01-05
Chapter 3008: House arrest2023-01-05
Chapter 3007: Level 2 password2023-01-05
Chapter 3006: Was ready to leave2023-01-05
Chapter 3005: Instant Kill2023-01-05
Chapter 3004: I object2023-01-05
Chapter 3003: The wedding2023-01-05
Chapter 3002: Intelligence gathering2023-01-05
Chapter 3001: King Jacob2023-01-05
Chapter 3000: Headed straight for the sacred city2023-01-05
Chapter 2999: Slave hunters2023-01-05
Chapter 2998: The Red Forest2023-01-05
Chapter 2997: Using violence to fight violence2023-01-05
Chapter 2996: Strange Attitude2023-01-05
Chapter 2995: Varun race2023-01-05
Chapter 2994: The Strange Nemesis2023-01-05
Chapter 2993: Leave Of absence2023-01-05
Chapter 2992: Accident2023-01-05
Chapter 2991: Entering the black hole2023-01-05
Chapter 2990: Take A day off2023-01-05
Chapter 2989: The legacy from 10,000 years ago2023-01-05
Chapter 29882023-01-05
Chapter 2987: The meaning of the beginning2023-01-05
Chapter 2986: Resurrecting Natasha2023-01-05
Chapter 2985: Death and life2023-01-05
Chapter 2984: Was ready to leave2023-01-05
Chapter 2983: Marionette2023-01-05
Chapter 2982: Take the snow beast away2023-01-05
Chapter 2981: The trail of the snow beast2023-01-05
Chapter 2980: The three elders2023-01-05
Chapter 2979: Victory2023-01-05
Chapter 2978: Was for real2023-01-05
Chapter 2977: Unlimited harassment2023-01-05
Chapter 2976: Paid tribute to Cao Gui2023-01-05
Chapter 2975: The rebel army2023-01-05
Chapter 2974: Selfishness2023-01-05
Chapter 2973: Love Words2023-01-05
Chapter 2972: Defeat2023-01-05
Chapter 2971: Asura purgatory2023-01-05
Chapter 2970: Turning Defense into offense2023-01-05
Chapter 2969: Was too late2023-01-05
Chapter 2968: Final attempt2023-01-05
Chapter 2967: No longer had anything to worry about2023-01-05
Chapter 2966: Taking down the armory2023-01-05
Chapter 2965: The target armory2023-01-05
Chapter 2964: Cruel revenge2023-01-05
Chapter 2963: Arrived in time2023-01-05
Chapter 2962: Inhumanity2023-01-05
Chapter 2961: Street fighting2023-01-05
Chapter 2960: The sky high fire2023-01-05
Chapter 2959: Capturing the warehouse2023-01-05
Chapter 2958: Ambush2023-01-05
Chapter 2957: Attack2023-01-05
Chapter 29562023-01-05
Chapter 29552023-01-05
Chapter 2954: The Third Secret2023-01-05
Chapter 2953: Acted wantonly2023-01-05
Chapter 2952: Military affairs2023-01-05
Chapter 2951: Recruitment2023-01-05
Chapter 2950: A piece of waste paper2023-01-05
Chapter 2949: The first silk bag2023-01-05
Chapter 2948: Adding insult to injury2023-01-05
Chapter 2947: Exploded2023-01-05
Chapter 2946: The end of madness2023-01-05
Chapter 2945: Agent2023-01-05
Chapter 29442023-01-05
Chapter 29432023-01-05
Chapter 2942: Was about to begin2023-01-05
Chapter 29412023-01-05
Chapter 2940: Was the final decision2023-01-05
Chapter 2939: The order was reversed2023-01-05
Chapter 2938: Interrogation2023-01-05
Chapter 29372023-01-05
Chapter 2936: Was targeted2023-01-05
Chapter 29352023-01-05
Chapter 2934: The year after next2023-01-05
Chapter 29332023-01-05
Chapter 2932: Flexible punishment2023-01-05
Chapter 2931: Unique interrogation method2023-01-05
Chapter 2930: Spiritual torture2023-01-05
Chapter 2929: Second personality2023-01-05
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