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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel)




Qingkong Xilan


Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo Xuanhuan

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In her former life, she was robbed of her status, her looks, and her reputation.

Reborn, she is now a top scholar, and queen of the entertainment world. She will teach the fake girls a lesson and show the creeps how to really live life!

688 • 2020-12-14 19:20:59


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1613 A Woman Came To Him2023-03-21
Chapter 1612 Spitting Out A Worm2023-03-20
Chapter 1611 Help Me Answer2023-03-20
Chapter 1610 Something Is Wrong 22023-03-19
Chapter 1609 Something Is Wrong 12023-03-18
Chapter 1608 Chasing And Intercepting2023-03-18
Chapter 1607 Invitation2023-03-18
Chapter 1606 Under A Spell2023-03-17
Chapter 1605 Ordered A Drink2023-03-16
Chapter 1604 Can't Afford To Lose2023-03-16
Chapter 1603 Escalating The Attack2023-03-15
Chapter 1602 There Is A Connection2023-03-15
Chapter 1601 Leaked2023-03-14
Chapter 1600 Where Is It From?2023-03-14
Chapter 1599 Unfamiliar Man2023-03-13
Chapter 1598 Microwaved Durian2023-03-13
Chapter 1597 Pricing2023-03-13
Chapter 1596 Successful Trial2023-03-12
Chapter 1595 Shadowless Bee2023-03-12
Chapter 1594 I Have Many Male Friends2023-03-12
Chapter 1593 Unfriendly2023-03-10
Chapter 1592 Congratulations2023-03-10
Chapter 1591 Provincial Champion2023-03-10
Chapter 1590 To Take Revenge2023-03-09
Chapter 1589 Must Be Very Happy2023-03-08
Chapter 1588 Disillusionment2023-03-08
Chapter 1587 Cancel Collaboration2023-03-08
Chapter 1586 Tattletale2023-03-07
Chapter 1585 Slapped In The Face2023-03-07
Chapter 1584 Coming For Revenge2023-03-06
Chapter 1583 Return My Innocence2023-03-06
Chapter 1582 Shifting The Blame2023-03-05
Chapter 1581 Someone Set Us Up2023-03-04
Chapter 1580 I'm Sick2023-03-04
Chapter 1579 Having A Party2023-03-04
Chapter 1578 Who Drugged Them2023-03-03
Chapter 1577 Have A Drink2023-03-02
Chapter 1576 Blocking Surveillance2023-03-02
Chapter 1575 Wang Family Layout2023-03-01
Chapter 1574 Interesting Wang Family2023-03-01
Chapter 1573 Wang Family Banquet2023-02-28
Chapter 1572 Too Kind2023-02-28
Chapter 1571 Creating Opportunities2023-02-27
Chapter 1570 Tweedledum And Tweedledee2023-02-27
Chapter 1569 Pretty Little Spider2023-02-26
Chapter 1568 Natural Surveillance2023-02-26
Chapter 1567 I Did It By Myself2023-02-25
Chapter 1566 Doing Experiments2023-02-25
Chapter 1565 Ridiculous Joke2023-02-24
Chapter 1564 New Anti Cancer Drug2023-02-24
Chapter 1563 Development Of Medicine2023-02-23
Chapter 1562 The Filter Is Too Thick2023-02-23
Chapter 1561 Wang Tianze's Difference2023-02-23
Chapter 1560 Lovely Person2023-02-22
Chapter 1559 Hard To Explain2023-02-21
Chapter 1558 Panic Mode2023-02-21
Chapter 1557 Inside Job2023-02-21
Chapter 1556 Negative Press2023-02-20
Chapter 1555 A Blessing In Disguise2023-02-20
Chapter 1554 Security Company2023-02-19
Chapter 1553 Confession2023-02-18
Chapter 1552 Don't Do It2023-02-18
Chapter 1551 Jumping Down2023-02-18
Chapter 1550 Ambushed2023-02-17
Chapter 1549 A Traditional Family2023-02-17
Chapter 1548 Only Like The Hua Ones2023-02-16
Chapter 1547 Hello Mr. Wang2023-02-16
Chapter 1546 Not A Big Deal2023-02-15
Chapter 1545 A Marriage Contract2023-02-14
Chapter 1544 A Freshly Unearthed Antique2023-02-14
Chapter 1543 Future Father In Law2023-02-13
Chapter 1542 Middle Aged Man2023-02-13
Chapter 1541 Getting Along Well2023-02-12
Chapter 1540 Handle It Like This2023-02-12
Chapter 1539 Good Environment2023-02-11
Chapter 1538 Better Cultivation2023-02-11
Chapter 1537 Thieves2023-02-10
Chapter 1536 It's All Fate2023-02-10
Chapter 1535 The Legendary Place2023-02-10
Chapter 1534 Five Lakes And Four Oceans2023-02-09
Chapter 1533 Also A Cultivator2023-02-08
Chapter 1532 Want Everything2023-02-08
Chapter 1531 Two Thirds Of The Property2023-02-08
Chapter 1530 Telling Everyone2023-02-08
Chapter 1529 I Don't Mind2023-02-07
Chapter 1528 No Fighting2023-02-06
Chapter 1527 Admission2023-02-05
Chapter 1526 I Am The Sinner2023-02-05
Chapter 1525 This Is The Truth2023-02-04
Chapter 1524 The Truth2023-02-04
Chapter 1523 I Didn't Do It2023-02-03
Chapter 1522 Things Are Exposed2023-02-03
Chapter 1521 Something's Wrong2023-02-03
Chapter 1520 Terrible Speculation2023-02-02
Chapter 1519 I Know Who It Is2023-02-02
Chapter 1518 Another Hater2023-02-01
Chapter 1517 I'm Fine2023-02-01
Chapter 1516 An Accident2023-01-31
Chapter 1515 College Entrance Exam2023-01-31
Chapter 1514 The Messy Han Family2023-01-30
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