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The Mech Touch (Web Novel)








Mecha Sci-fi

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Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme!

Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs as a builder instead of a soldier.

When Ves graduated from college, he returned to a new but empty boutique. Left with a small, newly founded mech workshop that his father painstakingly built with a mountain of debt, Ves somehow needs to make ends meet with the bank breathing down his neck.

In the midst of his despair, he found salvation from another legacy his father had left.

"Welcome to the Mech Designer System. Please design your new mech."

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 4638 Next Generation Opportunities2023-03-21
Chapter 4637 Claiming Body Parts2023-03-21
Chapter 4636 Scheduled Pickup2023-03-20
Chapter 4635 Shaping A Narrative2023-03-20
Chapter 4634 Failsafes2023-03-20
Chapter 4633 Serious Enemy2023-03-19
Chapter 4632 First Class Superiority2023-03-19
Chapter 4631 Human Resistance2023-03-19
Chapter 4630 Meanings Of Death2023-03-19
Chapter 4629 Begging For Life2023-03-19
Chapter 4628 Mine Now2023-03-18
Chapter 4627 Two Powerful Mechs2023-03-18
Chapter 4626 Storms2023-03-17
Chapter 4625 Collective Effort2023-03-17
Chapter 4624 Cultural Misunderstandings2023-03-17
Chapter 4623 One Against Many2023-03-16
Chapter 4622 The Need For Transphasic Armor2023-03-16
Chapter 4621 Confronting A Phase Lord2023-03-16
Chapter 4620 Low Intimacy2023-03-15
Chapter 4619 First Class Damage Sponge2023-03-15
Chapter 4618 Angry Aliens2023-03-14
Chapter 4617 No Damage2023-03-14
Chapter 4616 It's Free Real Estate2023-03-14
Chapter 4615 Upgrades To The Mars2023-03-13
Chapter 4614 Marginal Roles2023-03-13
Chapter 4613 The Antonio Cross2023-03-13
Chapter 4612 Blitz Planning2023-03-13
Chapter 4611 Information Asymmetry2023-03-12
Chapter 4610 Limits Of Force2023-03-12
Chapter 4609 Individual Power2023-03-11
Chapter 4608 The Power Of Gods2023-03-11
Chapter 4607 A Good Father2023-03-10
Chapter 4606 The Overachiever2023-03-10
Chapter 4605 218 Seconds2023-03-10
Chapter 4604 Puelmer Firepower2023-03-09
Chapter 4603 Messages2023-03-09
Chapter 4602 Blinding Greed2023-03-09
Chapter 4601 Exploiting Desires2023-03-09
Chapter 4600 Learning Speed2023-03-08
Chapter 4599 Proud Warlord2023-03-08
Chapter 4598 The Trampler Of Stars2023-03-08
Chapter 4597 Cockroaches2023-03-08
Chapter 4596 The Silver Masked Man2023-03-07
Chapter 4595 Nunser Watering Pool2023-03-07
Chapter 4594 Saint Neville Magrin2023-03-07
Chapter 4593 The Hatred Of Getting Killed2023-03-06
Chapter 4592 Hasty Investigation2023-03-06
Chapter 4591 A Man Driven By Hatred2023-03-05
Chapter 4590 New Organization2023-03-05
Chapter 4589 The First Grandmaster2023-03-05
Chapter 4588 In Denial2023-03-05
Chapter 4587 Unleashing Politics2023-03-05
Chapter 4586 Small Goals2023-03-05
Chapter 4585 Anima Hall2023-03-03
Chapter 4584 Lost Race2023-03-03
Chapter 4583 Unconvinced2023-03-03
Chapter 4582 Discouraged2023-03-03
Chapter 4581 Vampire Reaction2023-03-02
Chapter 4580 Who Built This Ship?2023-03-02
Chapter 4579 The Hybrid Tower2023-03-02
Chapter 4578 Strange Discovery2023-03-01
Chapter 4577 The Same Kind2023-03-01
Chapter 4576 Subtle Probes2023-03-01
Chapter 4575 Meeting Demand Vs Creating Demand2023-02-28
Chapter 4574 Limited Answers2023-02-28
Chapter 4573 Four Parties2023-02-28
Chapter 4572 Weak Star2023-02-27
Chapter 4571 The Geist System2023-02-27
Chapter 4570 Ghosts And Specters2023-02-26
Chapter 4569 The Power Of State Support2023-02-26
Chapter 4568 Linaresa Warden2023-02-26
Chapter 4567 Genetically Predisposed2023-02-25
Chapter 4566 Distant Nanny2023-02-25
Chapter 4565 Reinforcements From Home2023-02-25
Chapter 4564 The Unrelenting2023-02-24
Chapter 4563 Vulture Fleet2023-02-24
Chapter 4562 Otrus Magrin2023-02-24
Chapter 4561 For Marvaine2023-02-24
Chapter 4560 Open Schools2023-02-23
Chapter 4559 Student Pipelines2023-02-23
Chapter 4558 Proud Parents2023-02-23
Chapter 4557 Little Mekano Designer2023-02-22
Chapter 4556 Mekano2023-02-22
Chapter 4555 Early Birthday Present2023-02-21
Chapter 4554 Second2023-02-21
Chapter 4553 Increased Productivity2023-02-21
Chapter 4552 More Conflicts2023-02-20
Chapter 4551 Blood Assurances2023-02-20
Chapter 4550 Little Squirt2023-02-20
Chapter 4549 Upbringing Choices2023-02-20
Chapter 4548 Fulfilling Obligations2023-02-19
Chapter 4547 The Verdict2023-02-19
Chapter 4546 Sick Leave2023-02-19
Chapter 4545 Blurring The Lines2023-02-18
Chapter 4544 Advocacy2023-02-18
Chapter 4543 A Different Preoccupation2023-02-17
Chapter 4542 Critical Thinking2023-02-17
Chapter 4541 A Tale Of Defiance2023-02-17
Chapter 4540 The Young Man Who Cared Too Much2023-02-17
Chapter 4539 Trust In Ves2023-02-16
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