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The First Order (Web Novel)


This is a brand new story.

Survive the darkness, see the light

There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on.

To be a god, or to be a man.

To be good, or to be evil.

Just what is…the highest order of weapon that humanity has?


After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy.

With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land.

Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated.

Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself.

After an incident, he gained supernatural powers…

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1222 Zero And Dusk2023-03-18
Chapter 1221 Becoming The Stars2023-03-14
Chapter 1220 Ren Xiaosu's Decision2023-03-09
Chapter 1219 Fulfilling A Promise2023-03-04
Chapter 1218 Success Doesn't Depend On Me Alone2023-02-27
Chapter 1217 Bargaining Chips2023-02-23
Chapter 1216 Never Changed2023-02-18
Chapter 1215 It's What I Owe Qing Zhen2023-02-15
Chapter 1214 Eliminating Potential Threats2023-02-11
Chapter 1213 Invasion2023-02-05
Chapter 1212 Black Makes The First Move2023-02-01
Chapter 1211 Inspection Tour Of The North2023-01-28
Chapter 1210 That Past Era2023-01-24
Chapter 1209 To Win A Person's Heart And Never Part2023-01-20
Chapter 1208 Experiencing The Things She Had Experienced2023-01-15
Chapter 1207 Complex Emotions2023-01-10
Chapter 1206 Farewell2023-01-05
Chapter 1205 The Prosperous Northwest2023-01-01
Chapter 1204 Remember Your Choice2022-12-28
Chapter 1203 Let Go Of Me!2022-12-25
Chapter 1202 Heavenly Train2022-12-22
Chapter 1201 Infamy And Glory2022-12-15
Chapter 1200 Leader2022-12-10
Chapter 1199 Quite Unexpected2022-12-10
Chapter 1198 Faithfully Loyal2022-12-10
Chapter 1197 Past Events, Revelations2022-12-10
Chapter 1196: The final clue2022-11-22
Chapter 1195: One step away2022-11-22
Chapter 1194: Enchanted doorways2022-11-22
Chapter 1193: Solving the mystery2022-11-09
Chapter 1192: An old photograph2022-11-09
Chapter 1191: ccc2022-10-31
Chapter 1190: Ignorant2022-10-31
Chapter 1189: Chess piece2022-10-25
Chapter 1188: Massacre2022-10-25
Chapter 1187: Vertical pupils2022-10-16
Chapter 1186: Mountain path2022-10-13
Chapter 1185: A parting shot2022-10-09
Chapter 1184: You should be glad2022-10-03
Chapter 1183: Friend from afar2022-09-29
Chapter 1182: A different kind of happiness2022-09-26
Chapter 1181: A new combo!2022-09-22
Chapter 1180: Pledge of allegiance2022-09-22
Chapter 1179: Late night visitors2022-09-13
Chapter 1178: The unfortunate Vice President Qian2022-09-08
Chapter 1177: You’ve got the wrong idea2022-09-04
Chapter 1176: Danger approaching2022-09-04
Chapter 1175: Experimentation with the summoning spell2022-09-04
Chapter 1174: Simple, practical spell2022-09-04
Chapter 1173: Hamstrung2022-08-16
Chapter 1172: New incantation: Prosperous Northwest!2022-08-10
Chapter 1171: Impending reunion2022-08-07
Chapter 1170: Swan song2022-08-02
Chapter 1169: Scapegoat2022-08-02
Chapter 1168: Wanted: Wang Congyang2022-07-27
Chapter 1167: The future commander appears!2022-07-23
Chapter 1166: The walls collapse!2022-07-20
Chapter 1165: Bloodline spell2022-07-16
Chapter 1164: Slaughter2022-07-14
Chapter 1163: Tragedy2022-07-12
Chapter 1162: Discovery2022-07-09
Chapter 1161: Seizing stones!2022-07-06
Chapter 1160: Destroyer2022-07-02
Chapter 1159: Wang Congyang’s fleeting springtime2022-06-29
Chapter 1158: Bro, I came here to hide from you!2022-06-27
Chapter 1157: Russell’s descendants2022-06-25
Chapter 1156: Who says I’m doing it alone?2022-06-22
Chapter 1155: Established2022-06-20
Chapter 1154: Why don’t we run away?2022-06-19
Chapter 1153: Middle name2022-06-17
Chapter 1152: Handling the matter personally2022-06-16
Chapter 1151: Don’t need anyone’s protection2022-06-14
Chapter 1150: 100% “commander slaying” technique2022-06-12
Chapter 1149: Grenade combo2022-06-11
Chapter 1148: Enemies2022-06-09
Chapter 1147: Come out alive2022-06-09
Chapter 1146: Picking an old combo up again2022-06-06
Chapter 1145: Riding the wave!2022-06-05
Chapter 1144: Interrogation2022-06-04
Chapter 1143 The power of Lesser Fireballs2022-06-01
Chapter 1142 A junior sorcerer’s road to fame2022-05-31
Chapter 1141: Mel’s eureka moment!2022-05-30
Chapter 1140 Misunderstanding!2022-05-28
Chapter 1139 What are they crying about?2022-05-27
Chapter 1138 Inherited spell2022-05-26
Chapter 1137 I wish you happiness2022-05-25
Chapter 1136 Holy Inferno Knights2022-05-22
Chapter 1135 A race against time2022-05-21
Chapter 1134 Absolute justice2022-05-20
Chapter 1133 Fortress 178’s enemies2022-05-18
Chapter 1132 Stirring up the past of the Magi2022-05-17
Chapter 1131 A bunch of questions2022-05-16
Chapter 1130 Too strong a slap!2022-05-14
Chapter 1129 An embarrassing screw-up2022-05-12
Chapter 1128 The importance of stress training2022-05-10
Chapter 1127 Stress training2022-05-10
Chapter 1126 Tour guides2022-05-09
Chapter 1125 A deal with the bounty hunters2022-05-08
Chapter 1124 Branch of the Prosperous Northwest2022-05-07
Chapter 1123 Conspiracy2022-05-05
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