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The Abandoned Husband Dominates (Web Novel)








Comedy Drama Harem Romance Seinen

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After three years of being married to an unfaithful wife, the multi-billionaire is chased out of his home!

After the divorce…

His unfaithful ex-wife comes begging for forgiveness while she says, “I was wrong, please give me another chance!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1427 I'm Also A Disciple2023-03-20
Chapter 1426 Beating Alt Up2023-03-19
Chapter 1425 Meeting Alt Again!2023-03-19
Chapter 1424 Apprentice Competition2023-03-19
Chapter 1423 Assassin2023-03-19
Chapter 1422 Entering The School2023-03-18
Chapter 1421 Fairy Academy2023-03-18
Chapter 1420 Meeting Victoria Again2023-03-17
Chapter 1419 Energy Storage Immortal Stone2023-03-17
Chapter 1418 Celestial Heaven Technique2023-03-17
Chapter 1417 The Howard Family's Invitation2023-03-17
Chapter 1416 A Small World2023-03-16
Chapter 1415 Going To The Howard Family?2023-03-16
Chapter 1414 Shocking The Celestial King Planet!2023-03-15
Chapter 1413 Tenth Tier!2023-03-15
Chapter 1412 Emily Successed!2023-03-15
Chapter 1411 I'm At Least At The Seventh Tier!2023-03-14
Chapter 1410 Emily And Rong Bingshao!2023-03-14
Chapter 1409 Cultivator Talent Test2023-03-14
Chapter 1408 Early Night2023-03-14
Chapter 1407 He Said Yes!2023-03-13
Chapter 1406 The Teacher Of The Fairy Academy2023-03-13
Chapter 1405 The Masked Woman!2023-03-12
Chapter 1404 Alt's Arrogance!2023-03-12
Chapter 1403 One On One!2023-03-12
Chapter 1402 Apprentice Cultivator!2023-03-12
Chapter 1401 He's A Cultivator!2023-03-12
Chapter 1400 Bet2023-03-12
Chapter 1399 80,000 Purple Coins!2023-03-10
Chapter 1398 Obtaining An Identity!2023-03-10
Chapter 1397 Jordan From Mars!2023-03-10
Chapter 1396 No Status!2023-03-10
Chapter 1395 Lost Paradise Hotel!2023-03-10
Chapter 1394 Sam2023-03-09
Chapter 1393 I Am Indeed A Cultivator!2023-03-08
Chapter 1392 The Stingy Devil King!2023-03-08
Chapter 1391 Failing To Create Something Out Of Nothing!2023-03-08
Chapter 1390 Leaving Earth!2023-03-08
Chapter 1389 Randall's Repentance!2023-03-07
Chapter 1388 Let's Go To The Celestial King Planet!2023-03-07
Chapter 1387 Jordan Wakes Up!2023-03-07
Chapter 1386 Mysterious Man!2023-03-06
Chapter 1385 Jordan, Dead!?2023-03-06
Chapter 1384 You're Jordan?2023-03-06
Chapter 1383 Kill Jordan!2023-03-05
Chapter 1382 It's Jordan!2023-03-05
Chapter 1381 Donovan Cross' Eight Levels Of Stairs2023-03-04
Chapter 1380 Donovan Cross!2023-03-04
Chapter 1379 Grandmaster Family!2023-03-04
Chapter 1378 You Actually Have A Child!2023-03-04
Chapter 1377 Celestial King Planet!2023-03-03
Chapter 1376 Leaving Earth!2023-03-03
Chapter 1375 Ability To Retract!2023-03-02
Chapter 1374 Can't Do It!2023-03-02
Chapter 1373 There Are Others!2023-03-02
Chapter 1372 Mother And Daughter Reunited!2023-03-01
Chapter 1371 Stop!2023-03-01
Chapter 1370 Jamie's Bizarre Suggestion!2023-03-01
Chapter 1369 Jamie's Analysis!2023-02-28
Chapter 1368 Jamie Is Here!2023-02-28
Chapter 1367 Convincing Emily!2023-02-28
Chapter 1366 Lauren's Difficulties!2023-02-27
Chapter 1365 Kill Lauren?2023-02-27
Chapter 1364 The Howard Family's Disappointment!2023-02-27
Chapter 1363 Meeting The Howards!2023-02-26
Chapter 1362 Leaving2023-02-26
Chapter 1361 Abortion!2023-02-26
Chapter 1360 You Are My One And Only!2023-02-25
Chapter 1359 I'm Not Taking You Away!2023-02-25
Chapter 1358 Bring Rong Bingshao?2023-02-25
Chapter 1357 Jordan's Plot?2023-02-24
Chapter 1356 Lauren's Master!2023-02-24
Chapter 1355 Why Is It Her!2023-02-24
Chapter 1354 The Goddess Of The Immortal Lake Is...2023-02-23
Chapter 1353 The Goddess Of Immortal Lake Is In The Capital?2023-02-23
Chapter 1352 Five Colored Golden Light!2023-02-23
Chapter 1351 Killing Jiumo Kasyapa!2023-02-23
Chapter 1350 Protect The Mother And Sacrifice The Child?2023-02-23
Chapter 1349 Jordan Strikes Back!2023-02-22
Chapter 1348 Absorbing Jordan's Blood!2023-02-22
Chapter 1347 Lauren Is About To Give Birth?!2023-02-21
Chapter 1346 Summoning The Goddess!2023-02-21
Chapter 1345 Completely Over!2023-02-21
Chapter 1344 No Longer A Deity!2023-02-20
Chapter 1343 Thirty Years Ago!2023-02-20
Chapter 1342 The First Generation Deity!2023-02-20
Chapter 1341 Dealing With Lota?2023-02-19
Chapter 1340 Control Orlando!2023-02-19
Chapter 1339 Victoria Challenges The Moon Maiden!2023-02-18
Chapter 1338 Finding The Moon Maiden!2023-02-18
Chapter 1337 Victoria Did It Too?2023-02-18
Chapter 1336 Getting Victoria's Help!2023-02-18
Chapter 1335 Victoria Proposes To Jordan!2023-02-17
Chapter 1334 Complete Fallout!2023-02-17
Chapter 1333 Earth Goddess Victoria!?2023-02-17
Chapter 1332 It's Gold!2023-02-16
Chapter 1331 Transferring Bloodline!2023-02-16
Chapter 1330 Victoria Wins!2023-02-15
Chapter 1329 Shirley Appears!2023-02-15
Chapter 1328 Victoria's Countermeasure!2023-02-15
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