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She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement (Web Novel)




Emperor Song, 帝歌


Psychological Romance Xianxia

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The Assertive Female Lead VS The Super Strong Male Lead

During a fire, the nation’s first love was disfigured, and her future was ruined! Her fiancé was disgusted by her face and broke off their engagement. Her adopted mother regarded her as the dirt on her shoes and chased her out of the family.

She then wrote a letter to break off the engagement and another to cast off her family before she left!

After Yu Huang left, the people in the entertainment industry said that after she left, she dyed her hair red, wore a veil, and went to nightclubs every day!

But some thought that she went into detention centers.

Just when everyone thought that Yu Huang abandoned herself to a life of degeneracy, was sent into jail, and could no longer create any sensational news, Yu Huang got herself trending again.

Education Department of Prosperous City: We congratulate Eternal High School’s Yu Huang for becoming the top scorer with 7xx points! Congratulations on being admitted into Divine Academy! That is the academy that will only take in 10 geniuses every year!

From then on, Yu Huang began her counterattack. She was reborn, and she shocked the whole world!

Sheng Xiao was the greatest genius Divine Academy ever had, and his looks, too, were one of a kind. But he was an aloof person who did not fall for any woman’s flirting. Hence, he was known as the Aloof King of Hell.

One day, someone saw him pin Yu Huang in a corner and grab her hand. He said, “You can predict the future. Tell me, are you the only person in my future?”

Yu Huang looked into his future, and she shook her head. “No. You have a pair of cute, lively children in your future too.”
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1350 The Boastful Yu Huang2023-03-19
Chapter 1349 Untitled2023-03-18
Chapter 1348 Untitled2023-03-18
Chapter 1347 I, Yu Aofeng, Disdain Being A Demon2023-03-18
Chapter 1346 It's Me, Yu Aofeng2023-03-12
Chapter 1345 Uninvited Fox King2023-03-12
Chapter 1344 Sheng Xiao, I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time2023-03-10
Chapter 1343 Glory At Peak, Misery After Suffering2023-03-10
Chapter 1342 Soul Formation Mountain, Yu Aofeng2023-03-10
Chapter 1341 Grand Wedding, Revival Mystic Technique2023-03-10
Chapter 1340 Brother2023-03-10
Chapter 1339 The Reincarnation Of Divine Master Mo Jing2023-03-09
Chapter 1338 Prime Emperor Divine Miracle, So Many Disciples2023-03-08
Chapter 1337 Powerful Protective Daughter In Law2023-03-08
Chapter 1336 Untitled2023-03-08
Chapter 1335 I Even Dare to Deceive My Teacher and Kill My Ancestor2023-03-08
Chapter 1334 Ye Qingyang the Suckup2023-03-07
Chapter 1333 Yingying, I Can't Do It2023-03-07
Chapter 1332 If Anyone Is Unconvinced, Line Up And Wait For Me To Kill You Guys!2023-03-07
Chapter 1331 The Real Psychic Divine Fox2023-03-07
Chapter 1330 Jinx Saves the Fox Clan?2023-03-06
Chapter 1329 You're Not Enough With Your Ugly Looks2023-03-06
Chapter 1328 Dragon Phoenix Fusion, Can Swallow A Demonic Fox2023-03-06
Chapter 1327 Precisely Stepping On Thunder2023-03-06
Chapter 1326 Battle Between Father And Son2023-03-06
Chapter 1325 Seeing Xiao Shu Again2023-03-06
Chapter 1324 Mo Ying's Son Is Here To Collect His Mother's Corpse2023-03-05
Chapter 1323 If You Can't Wash It With Water, Use Blood2023-03-05
Chapter 1322 Without Compassion, The Clan Will Be Exterminated2023-03-04
Chapter 1321 Untitled2023-03-04
Chapter 1320 Reunite With Family? No, Kill Family2023-03-04
Chapter 1319 Untitled2023-03-04
Chapter 1318 Call Me Brother Or Uncle?2023-03-04
Chapter 1317 Zhan Wuya, Do You Want To Be A Coward? (3)2023-03-03
Chapter 1316 Zhan Wuya, Do You Want To Be A Coward? (2)2023-03-03
Chapter 1315 Zhan Wuya, Do You Want to Be a Coward? (1)2023-03-03
Chapter 1314 Sheng Xiao Knows (2)2023-03-02
Chapter 1313 Sheng Xiao Knows (1)2023-03-02
Chapter 1312 Ying Ying, Do You Want To Eat A Fox?2023-03-02
Chapter 1311 Demon Fox Moran2023-03-02
Chapter 1310 Demon Beast Continent2023-03-01
Chapter 1309 The Creator Is A Woman2023-03-01
Chapter 1308 Its Base2023-03-01
Chapter 1307 Two Rogues2023-03-01
Chapter 1306 Fire Unicorn!2023-02-28
Chapter 1305 Untitled2023-02-28
Chapter 1304 Holding Zhan Wuya Hostage2023-02-28
Chapter 1303 Scheming, Cunning, But A Good Move2023-02-28
Chapter 1302 Untitled2023-02-28
Chapter 1301 Untitled2023-02-27
Chapter 1300 Sheng Xiao: My Heart Aches For Him (3)2023-02-27
Chapter 1299 Sheng Xiao: My Heart Aches For Him (2)2023-02-27
Chapter 1298 Sheng Xiao: My Heart Aches For Him (1)2023-02-26
Chapter 1297 Demon Suppressing Eagle2023-02-26
Chapter 1296 Demon Suppressing Eagle2023-02-26
Chapter 1295 Your Grandfather Was Here For Me (2)2023-02-26
Chapter 1294 Your Grandfather Was Here For Me (1)2023-02-25
Chapter 1293 Innate Kinship2023-02-25
Chapter 1292 Untitled2023-02-25
Chapter 1291 So Elegant2023-02-25
Chapter 1290 Untitled2023-02-24
Chapter 1289 Tell Me, Is She Sincere?2023-02-24
Chapter 1288 Three Possibilities2023-02-24
Chapter 1287 Untitled2023-02-24
Chapter 1286 You Are My Greatest Pride2023-02-23
Chapter 1285 Something's Fishy (2)2023-02-23
Chapter 1284 Something's Fishy (1)2023-02-23
Chapter 1283 The Mysterious Succubus Witch2023-02-23
Chapter 1282 Sheng Xiao: Grandfather?2023-02-23
Chapter 1281 Untitled2023-02-23
Chapter 1280 Untitled2023-02-20
Chapter 1279 The Great Dao Is Heartless, The Creator Is Compassionate2023-02-20
Chapter 1278 Untitled2023-02-18
Chapter 1277 Sheng Xiao, The Father2023-02-18
Chapter 1276 Running With The Ball For Seven Years (2)2023-02-18
Chapter 1275 Running With The Ball For Seven Years (1)2023-02-18
Chapter 1274 Untitled2023-02-17
Chapter 1273 Untitled2023-02-17
Chapter 1272 Become A Weirdo2023-02-17
Chapter 1271 Grand Master Tribulation2023-02-17
Chapter 1270 Refining The Bewitching Butterfly2023-02-16
Chapter 1269 Untitled2023-02-16
Chapter 1268 The Truth That Moved Yu Huang (2)2023-02-15
Chapter 1267 The Truth That Moved Yu Huang (1)2023-02-15
Chapter 1266 Shocking Truth2023-02-15
Chapter 1265 Shocking Hidden Truth2023-02-15
Chapter 1264 Prime Emperor Divine Miracle2023-02-14
Chapter 1263 Untitled2023-02-14
Chapter 1262 Coincidental2023-02-14
Chapter 1261 God Of Love's Gift2023-02-14
Chapter 1260 Untitled2023-02-13
Chapter 1259 Great Kindness2023-02-13
Chapter 1258 Finally, A Discerning Person Came2023-02-13
Chapter 1257 Yu Huang's Choice2023-02-13
Chapter 1256 Untitled2023-02-12
Chapter 1255 Everyone Is Responsible For Taking Care Of The Underprivileged2023-02-12
Chapter 1254 Tramp2023-02-12
Chapter 1253 Untitled2023-02-12
Chapter 1252 Untitled2023-02-11
Chapter 1251 Try Shouting Again2023-02-11
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