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Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince (Web Novel)






Action Historical Romance Slice of Life

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A scientific genius named Thomas Harrier was transmigrated to an imperial prince body after a car accident that took his life. He found out that he is in a world similar to our own with a timeline akin to early twentieth century.

The body that he is occupying was the imperial prince of a failing empire who suddenly rose to power after a successful assassination attempt of his father. Unaware that the attack is just the beginning of what is to come. He faces many challenges throughout.

Will Thomas Harrier be able to live his second life in peace while running an empire and getting it back to its former glory? Or will he succumb into a conspiracy lurking within the country’s borders?


Expect some:

— Cold war era techs.

— Super battleship with advanced electronics, propulsion, and fire control systems?

— Helicopters?

— Missiles?

— Modern medicines and equipment?

— AC-130?

— A nuke?

— Challenger or Abrams or Leopard?

— F-4 Phantom or MIG-21?

— Colored TV’s.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 403 Reaching an Agreement2023-03-20
Chapter 402 Eliminating the Threat2023-03-20
Chapter 401 The Long Awaited Answer2023-03-16
Chapter 400 Christina's Meeting with the Sultan of Anatolia Empire Part 22023-03-13
Chapter 399 Christina's Meeting with the Sultan of Anatolia Empire Part 12023-03-13
Chapter 398 The New World Affairs and Challenges2023-03-12
Chapter 397 Six Years Later2023-03-12
Chapter 396 The Looming Threat2023-03-08
Chapter 395 After The Convention2023-03-08
Chapter 394 Creating The United Nation Part 22023-03-07
Chapter 393 Creating The United Nation Part 12023-03-05
Chapter 392 The Convention Begins2023-03-05
Chapter 391 Prelude To the Creation of United Nation2023-03-05
Chapter 390 This Is Where it Begins2023-03-05
Chapter 389 As Usual, Return to Work2023-03-04
Chapter 388 Ask For Her Hand2023-03-04
Chapter 387 I'm Going to Tell Her2023-03-02
Chapter 386 Landing A Job and Receiving Blessing2023-03-02
Chapter 385 Big Decisions2023-03-01
Chapter 384 Outline For the Future2023-03-01
Chapter 383 A Meeting with the Senegalese Representative2023-02-24
Chapter 382 Arrival At Senegal2023-02-24
Chapter 381 Prelude: Heading to Senegal2023-02-17
Chapter 380 Shopping Mall Part 6 (Last)2023-02-17
Chapter 379 Shopping Mall Part 52023-02-14
Chapter 378 Shopping Mall Part 42023-02-14
Chapter 377 Shopping Mall Part 32023-02-12
Chapter 376 Shopping Mall Part 22023-02-12
Chapter 375 Shopping Mall Part 12023-02-12
Chapter 374 Heading To the Mall2023-02-12
Chapter 373 Senegal: Future Headquarters of the Ruthenian Atlantic Fleet2023-02-12
Chapter 372 Alexander's New Foreign Policy2023-02-12
Chapter 371 Prologue Part 2: A New Addition to the Romanoff Family2023-02-08
Chapter 370 Prologue Part 1: In the Last Two Months2023-02-08
Chapter 369 Epilogue: A Brighter Future2023-02-07
Chapter 368 Shepherd Down2023-02-07
Chapter 367 Waving The White Flag2023-02-07
Chapter 366 United States at Peril2023-02-07
Chapter 365 Peace Is at Hand2023-02-07
Chapter 364 Realization2023-02-07
Chapter 363 The Queens of Britannia Empire2023-02-07
Chapter 362 I Told You I Would Do It2023-02-07
Chapter 361 Questions And Answers2023-02-07
Chapter 360 Nuclear Bomb Debut to the World2023-02-07
Chapter 359 Execute Command: Prompt Global Sun Strike2023-02-07
Chapter 358 Visiting Sevastian2023-02-07
Chapter 357 Setting A Deadline2023-02-07
Chapter 356 Getting Closer2023-02-07
Chapter 355 An Important News of the Morning2023-02-07
Chapter 354 Infiltrating The Westminster Abbey Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 353 Infiltrating The Westminster Abbey Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 352 Operation Unscrewing the Lid2023-02-07
Chapter 351 Tired, Need Strength and Motivation2023-02-07
Chapter 350 You Just Been Bamboozled2023-02-07
Chapter 349 Prince Sevastian Alexandrovich Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 348 Prince Sevastian Alexandrovich Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 347 Two Birds in One Stone2023-02-07
Chapter 346 Taking The Package2023-02-07
Chapter 345 Infiltrating The Buckingham Palace Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 344 Infiltrating The Buckingham Palace Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 343 Mission Impossible2023-02-07
Chapter 342 The Day After the Speech2023-02-07
Chapter 341 Rallying Speech2023-02-07
Chapter 340 Preparation2023-02-07
Chapter 339 Reunion2023-02-07
Chapter 338 Battle Report2023-02-07
Chapter 337 Ruthenian Baltic Fleet vs Britannia Home Fleet Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 336 Ruthenian Baltic Fleet vs Britannia Home Fleet Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 335 Going Offensive2023-02-07
Chapter 334 A War Against the World?2023-02-07
Chapter 333 The Britannia Empire Declared War2023-02-07
Chapter 332 Takeover2023-02-07
Chapter 331 The Pieces Began to Move2023-02-07
Chapter 330 Rogue Ship2023-02-07
Chapter 329 Chaos Through Confusion2023-02-07
Chapter 328 Royal Navy Home Fleet2023-02-07
Chapter 327 Pegged For a Rat2023-02-07
Chapter 326 Next Course of Action2023-02-07
Chapter 325 Heading Towards Secure Ground2023-02-07
Chapter 324 Getting Out of Here2023-02-07
Chapter 323 Urgency2023-02-07
Chapter 322 On The Run2023-02-07
Chapter 321 The New Commander in Chief?2023-02-07
Chapter 320 Bad News2023-02-07
Chapter 319 Mayday Mayday Mayday2023-02-07
Chapter 318 Pandemonium2023-02-07
Chapter 317 Long Live the Queen2023-02-07
Chapter 316 The Uncertain Future2023-02-07
Chapter 315 A Fight in the Alley2023-02-07
Chapter 314 The Day Before the Crown Ceremony2023-02-07
Chapter 313 The Luncheon and a Ball Part 32023-02-07
Chapter 312 The Luncheon and a Ball Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 311 The Luncheon and a Ball Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 310 Safety Concerns of the Emperor2023-02-07
Chapter 309 Shepherdess Of the Britannia Empire2023-02-07
Chapter 308 Arriving At the Britannia Empire2023-02-07
Chapter 307 Prelude: Visiting Britannia Empire2023-02-07
Chapter 306 Return Of Rolan Part 22023-02-07
Chapter 305 Return Of Rolan Part 12023-02-07
Chapter 304 Freak Out the World2023-02-07
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