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Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 975 No More Hive Hills?

Chapter 975 No More Hive Hills?

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"This… This…"

"How did it…"

"Oh my god! It really worked!"

This time even Gunter and Dorris lost their composure and revealed shocked expressions. The other guild members were also completely flabbergasted. No one had expected their problem to be solved so smoothly.

They had all been seeing the news shared on the guild chat group, but no one dared to believe the things up until now when they actually witnessed the whole event with their own eyes!

Gunter was the first one to recover from his shock. "Mr. Kouske, thank you. Thank you so much!" The paladin graciously smiled and clapped to express his gratitude.

After him, Dorris also thanked Kouske, followed by all the guild members one after the other. Some of them even personally walked over to Kouske, apologized to him for their behavior beforehand, and then thanked him.

Everyone was utterly terrified because this hive hill alone seemed to be different from everything else, but in the end, it was also easily taken care of by this expert. Perhaps their world was not doomed after all!

The group then sent away Kouske with great pomp and show after treating him to a lavish meal. They were surprised at first that he accepted their invitation, but things soon became ugly.

Someone ended up spreading the whole affair in the guild chat, and soon every single guild in the world knew how the Chaos Knights were claiming that they were responsible for something that they were not.

Gunter's face turned a different shade as he watched their guild's reputation be completely tarnished. He couldn't help but glance at Kouske, who was still obliviously enjoying his meal with a smile on his face.

Could this person have leaked the news? Such a thought entered Gunter's mind, but he quickly shook it off. Surely, someone of his caliber couldn't be so petty?

He decided to think about this later and first gave a proper send-off to Kouske. Dorris and the guild members once again escorted the important person back to the magic shop.

They had no expectations when this all began, but now that it had ended smoothly, everyone was somewhat relieved.

As for the guild's name being tarnished, such things were trivial in front of their survival. If a couple of days went by, no one would even remember this mishap. So the whole team sent Kouske away in high spirits.

"Thank you, my friend. I hope we meet under better circumstances next time." Gunter smiled.

Kouske nodded and smiled in return.

However, just before heading back into the magic shop's teleportation room, he paused and leaned toward Gunter, whispering in the man's ears. "Next time, I won't be so forgiving. Know when to shut your mouth and keep your head down."

Gunter's eyes widened in shock. He watched the man's back disappear into the magic shop with his face turning black in color. He had been right all along! This same person had leaked everything!

Gunter quickly controlled his emotions as he returned back to the guild's base city along with this group. All through the way, the guild members could not stop singing praises about Kouske and the United Nations guild. Even Dorris spoke highly of them.

Gunter smiled and patiently listened to everything as he returned to his residence. However, once he was inside, his true face came out.

"Damn it." He shouted loudly in frustration. A maid walked toward him to hand him a warm towel to refresh himself, but the guy harshly caught her by her hair and slapped her without holding back.

He did not bother controlling his strength, and he sent the poor woman tumbling down. Blood dripped from her lips.

Hearing the commotion, two more maids rushed outside. Gunter growled at them in anger and pushed both the women down, kicking them and slapping them.

He brashly tore away their clothes and made them kneel in front of him submissively before forcing himself on them again and again. All the three young maids became his prey for the next few hours on whom he vented out his anger to his heart's content.

In the end, the three of them died under his torture. On the surface, these women might be his maids, but in reality, they were always his sex slaves, and these were not the first set of women the Gunter had disposed of.

Without any remorse on his face, he sat back on the couch and opened up a beer can, finishing it in an instant and crushing it with his full might.

"Damn it. I am still angry. This is all because of that damned useless bastard! Fucking Matthias, I thought that bastard was good for something, but he is just another useless dog! He will pay for this mistake!"

Gunter tossed away the beer can at a wall making a significant mark, and then stormed inside. At the same time, the person to whom his anger was directed was busy with something else entirely.

Matthias Schmidt did not have any vested interest in guild politics. He heard about the recent developments through the grapevine and was glad that the hive hill problem was solved.

However, a small part of him felt slightly uneasy. As a man who relied heavily on logic, he couldn't easily bring himself to accept that the red hive hill was so easily destroyed. There wasn't anything special about it? Something did not sit right with him.

Unfortunately, he did not possess enough strength at the moment to worry about these things. Rather he was more concerned about another anomaly. Why did the nuclear bomb not work?

As an electro physicist, he was very curious why the bomb did not go off. There could be several reasons for this, including the fact that all of this happened within a safety zone. Perhaps that affected the outcome in some way.

But Matthias had a strong hunch that the reason was something else entirely.

He suspected that the presence of mana had fundamentally changed how everything worked, even the basic laws of the world, such as the laws of physics.

Perhaps the world that they knew of before followed these rules. But now everything was different, and there was bound to be a new set of rules.

He went to the building where his old lab was located and started setting up some basic experiments to test some theories.


The rest of the world finally breathed in relief and rested and relaxed that night without any worries. The hive hills and the impending doom were out of their minds.

With Liam taking care of half of the hive hills on one end and Kouske taking care of the rest of the hive hills, these alien structures were quickly disappearing from the face of the earth.

In a single day, a majority of these structures were cleared out with nothing left behind.

However, when this number came down to the last three still standing hive hills, something completely unexpected happened.

Without anyone's intervention, the last three hive hills disintegrated on their own, and from within them, a swarm of unimaginable size emerged, heading out in different directions.