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Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 974 Even The Red One!

Chapter 974 Even The Red One!

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The same day the guild chat once again blew up. The entire world was suddenly talking about hive hills disappearing all around.

No one knew for sure who was responsible for this or how exactly things were going down, but the structure that was a symbol of a constant nightmare to them disappeared overnight.

But this situation did not last for long. Somehow the news was leaked, and all of a sudden, all the guilds around the world were aware that it was the United Nations who were taking charge and destroying the hive hills.

This further became confirmed when a safety message from the government pinged throughout the day, spamming every hour. This message asked everyone to clear out from the vicinity of the hive hill in order to avoid unexpected dangers.

This all but said that they were the ones clearing out the hive hills. Seeing this, several guilds began to change their opinions about this joint government endeavor genuinely. The credibility of the United Nations guild shot through the roof.

Many smaller guilds rushed to join the United Nations survivor camps. Some of the bigger guilds did not want to give up control totally, but this did not stop them from rushing to the United Nations to make various alliances and treaties with them.

Apart from the guilds, several individuals also deserted their original guilds and quickly migrated to the government survivor camps.

In the new world, though the situation in normal guilds was somewhat bearable, there were still several cases of exploitation and slavery taking place under the rug.

So the news of a government-based guild was a heaven-sent for these people, and they immediately made their escape to these safe houses in the hopes that at least now their lives would be different.

The hive hills were being taken care of, and there were now safe places in this new dangerous world. It looked like everything was suddenly working in the favor of humanity. The entire world was basking in this newfound peace.

However, some people were still disgruntled.

Abraki saw the guild chat, and a deep frown formed on his face.

"These idiots don't know what's good for them. It will take Liam all of a second to crush these numbskulls completely. But they still dare to wag their tongues like this. Hmmm… Are they purposefully trying to provoke him?"

On the other side, a certain redhead was also absolutely furious.

Alex was scouring the guild chat and the private chat, searching for some sort of news about Liam, but every time she opened it, she only wanted to bash something into pieces.

She did not care where she was standing at the moment and cursed out to her heart's content, the words coming out of her mouth even making some of the fairies blush.

"This fucking government assholes are taking things too far! This is all total bullshit! I am going to personally murder some motherfuckers!"

"Sis, why are you getting so worked up over this? The truth is eventually going to come out, and in case there is some truth to these rumors, and the government camps are somehow taking care of the hive hills too, then don't you think that it's a good thing?"

Rey sighed. "At least the burden on Liam's shoulders would be reduced."

Alex also sighed in response. "I really hope he is alright." She hated that all she could do was hope for simple things like this. When would she ever be able to stand beside that person and share his load? It's been days since she even saw him. Was he really alright?

Coincidentally, there was also one other party that was almost as unhappy as the other two groups. In the Chaos Knights guild headquarters, chaos and commotion were raging wild!

"What the hell is this? Why is the government behaving in such a cheap manner?"

"This is complete bullshit!"

"All of this credit and praise should go to our guild leader, but instead, these dogs are claiming glory for themselves! How can they do such underhand things and yet behave so loftily?"

Dorris, the guild vice-leader, remained silent amidst all of this noise and stared at her system interface. After a few minutes, she slowly muttered. "They are coming."

"Huh? What?"

"What did you say, Dorris?"

"Who is coming?"

Dorris rubbed her temples uneasily. "The United Nations guild representatives. They are coming here to take care of the red hive hill."

Immediately, everyone quieted down and shut their mouths.

Talking about credit, fame, and glory was one thing, but to actually deal with the hive hill, especially the one in their backyard, that too something that was different from the hive hills all over the world?

The guild members quickly became nervous.

"Wait, they are going to use a nuclear bomb near us?"

"Huh… ugh… is this even working?"

"Shit! Do we need to clear out our guild?"

Dorris sighed. "Just stop it. Everything is fine. It's not dangerous, alright. Stop making a show here and get to training."

After the crowd cleared out, she also went to one of the high-rise buildings near the guild area. There she informed security about her arrival and waited patiently outside.

Soon, a tall and well-built man with broad shoulders walked out. Gunter Sklenofsky, the guild leader of Chaos Knights, had a warm smile on his charming face as he stepped out in high spirits.

"You came to find me so early in the morning, Dorris?"

"Sir…" Dorris hesitated, but she knew that she had no choice here, so she quickly informed him about the situation.

Thankfully, Gunter seemed to be unaffected by the news. "What? This is good news. Why are you telling me this so slowly?" The paladin smiled and patted her, urging her to quickly return back to the magic shop to greet everyone who was about to arrive.

Dorris could only sigh gently after seeing this. This man here was the main reason why the whole world was going to survive, but still, he was so generous and broad-minded. This was their guild leader!

She walked silently after the man she admired, and the two of them arrived at the magic shop. Inside the shop, a few other key members of the guild were already present.

Together all of them waited for the representatives from the United Nations guild branch of their territory. Time ticked by slowly as the group waited in silence.

To their surprise, the guests arrived promptly at the exact time they said they would. To be more precise, only a single guest arrived, and he was Japanese.

Everyone was slightly taken aback by this because they expected at least a group of experts to be in charge of diffusing this dangerous situation, but there was only a single person?

Gunter and Dorris remained patient. However, the other guild members did not react in the same way. Considering that they were already quite indignant about the credit part, this was enough to blow their fuse.

"Are you taking us lightly?"

"Didn't you say that you were here to deal with the red hive hill? Now what, are you thinking about postponing?"

"First, you claim that this was all your idea, and now, you want us to keep begging for your help? When are the others going to get here? Are you showing your Asian mentality?"

Both Gunter and Dorris immediately intervened to stop things from escalating further. They naturally allowed their guild members to vent their anger somewhat but stepped forward when things were getting out of hand.

What they didn't know was that they were dealing with someone far above their cunningness.

"Heh." Kouske sneered. "What? Are you guys putting on a show for me?"

"Aha ha ha. Nothing like that, Mr. Kouske." Gunter flashed a warm smile. "I will apologize on behalf of our guild members. We are just a bit stressed because of the red hive hill. It seems to be some sort of a special structure when compared to the rest."

"Hmmm? Is that so?" Kouske sneered. He definitely did not look convinced. "Well, let's leave it at that, then."

Kouske took two steps forward and then paused. "But let me be clear. No one here is claiming anything. While we are busily dealing with something that could destroy this whole world, the least you can do is stay out of our way and let us do our job."

Gunter and Dorris smiled. Everyone else begrudgingly nodded. Kouske laughed after seeing this sight. "It looks like you are still not convinced."

"Just so you know, nuclear bombs no longer work in the current world. So if you continue to yelp out loud the same thing again and again, only you will look like fools."

The guild members were instantly shocked. What was this guy talking about?

Even Gunter and Dorris looked a little shaken after hearing this. Their faces changed slightly. "Then what?" Gunter asked.

"Heh. That's none of your business. The thing that we are using… you cannot afford in your wildest dreams. So just step aside and let me do my job." Kouske scoffed arrogantly and walked out of the magic shop with long strides. "Lead me to the red hive hill."

Though they were still shocked, everyone politely obliged, and the group escorted Kouske to the red hive hill. The safety zone had already been set up, and everything was readily prepared for him.

The group then watched Kouske wave his hand. The next second an undead appeared in front of them. Kouske tossed something to the undead, and the skeleton walked staggeringly toward the safety zone.

Just what the hell is happening? Everyone watched in a daze. Soon, the clear blue dome in front of their eyes became bright red in color, and all sorts of fireworks lit up!


Lo and behold! When the fireworks disappeared, the red hive hill also disappeared without leaving behind a single trace!