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Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel)








Action Game Harem Sci-fi

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Liam was a nobody, whether it was grades or sports or appearance or social life. Not because he didn’t have a brain but because his luck was just that bad. However, everything changed when a mysterious game called 'Evolution Online' was suddenly launched. The world he knew changed upside down!
There was blood, death, and carnage everywhere. While everyone from small companies and big governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game, some people’s lives turned for the better and some for the worse.
Liam, unfortunately, being the latter, still somehow ended up at the bottom of the barrel. His insignificant life was squished like an insect and his loved ones were destroyed right in front of him. In the end, he was already dead without ever having a single chance to fight back.
But his story did not end there. Liam found himself returned back to the time before everything began!
Watch as the young man who was once a nobody reaches for the pinnacle of strength and power wreaking havoc on the world that destroyed him once! This time everything will be different!
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 979 1 Vs 3?2023-03-21
Chapter 978 You Are Strong But...2023-03-20
Chapter 977 Brrrrr2023-03-20
Chapter 976 Three Red Zones!2023-03-19
Chapter 975 No More Hive Hills?2023-03-18
Chapter 974 Even The Red One!2023-03-18
Chapter 973 The Prediction Was Never Wrong2023-03-17
Chapter 972 Respected In All Realms2023-03-17
Chapter 971 The Prediction Was Wrong?2023-03-17
Chapter 970 Boom?2023-03-17
Chapter 969 Up Is Down. Down Is Up.2023-03-16
Chapter 968 A Genius Idea2023-03-15
Chapter 967 New Developments2023-03-15
Chapter 966 You Mean You Did Not Fail?2023-03-15
Chapter 965 Crimson Abyss 22023-03-15
Chapter 964 We Know The Truth2023-03-15
Chapter 963 United Nations Government?2023-03-15
Chapter 962 This Is An Official Government Message2023-03-15
Chapter 961 Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!2023-03-15
Chapter 960 Complete Annihilation2023-03-15
Chapter 959 Everything Was Going To Change!2023-03-15
Chapter 958 Crazy Bastard!2023-03-15
Chapter 957 What Is The Meaning Of This?2023-03-15
Chapter 956 I Knew You Would Be Back!2023-03-15
Chapter 955 Mana Core?2023-03-15
Chapter 954 I Found An Amazing Item!2023-03-15
Chapter 953 What Is Happening?2023-03-15
Chapter 952 How Strong?2023-03-15
Chapter 951 Unbreakable Barrier?2023-03-14
Chapter 950 The King's Generals2023-03-14
Chapter 949 Another Wave Of Isons2023-03-12
Chapter 948 Enter The Golem2023-03-12
Chapter 947 There Or Not There?2023-03-11
Chapter 946 Too Fast2023-03-10
Chapter 945 Is The Guild Leader Single?2023-03-10
Chapter 944 Let The Madness Begin!2023-03-09
Chapter 943 We Have Two Newcomers To The Guild2023-03-08
Chapter 942 Did It Fail?2023-03-08
Chapter 941 Boooom!2023-03-08
Chapter 940 You Are My Lucky Charm2023-03-07
Chapter 939 I Will Not Accept This2023-03-06
Chapter 938 I Am Totally Buying This!2023-03-06
Chapter 937 Any Survivors?2023-03-06
Chapter 936 What's Inside?2023-03-06
Chapter 935 Stronger?2023-03-04
Chapter 934 Who Is The Winner?2023-03-04
Chapter 933 Trap!2023-03-04
Chapter 932 Turtle Up2023-03-04
Chapter 931 I Can Do Better2023-03-04
Chapter 930 Clash2023-03-04
Chapter 929 Ready, Get Set, Go!2023-03-01
Chapter 928 How Many Dangers Were Looming Around Them?2023-03-01
Chapter 927 Training Time2023-03-01
Chapter 926 Why Are You Plotting To Kill Me?2023-03-01
Chapter 925 Take The Deal2023-02-28
Chapter 924 Are All The Fairies Swindling Sons Ofbitches?2023-02-28
Chapter 923 Your Taste Sucks, Just Like Your Face!2023-02-27
Chapter 922 Why Don't You Just Submit The Damn Quests?2023-02-27
Chapter 921 More Eggs...2023-02-26
Chapter 920 Lnside The Hive Hill2023-02-26
Chapter 919 Mountain Of Gold2023-02-25
Chapter 918 Kick Them All Out!2023-02-25
Chapter 917 Lsons2023-02-25
Chapter 916 The Past Is Already The Past2023-02-25
Chapter 915 We Fight Together, And We Die Together!2023-02-25
Chapter 914 Fight To Death2023-02-24
Chapter 913 Not Enough?2023-02-24
Chapter 912 Get Lost, You Stupid Bugs!2023-02-24
Chapter 911 No End In Sight2023-02-24
Chapter 910 Stand Firm And Fight!2023-02-24
Chapter 909 The End Of The World!2023-02-22
Chapter 908 You Are All Traitors!2023-02-22
Chapter 907 Shoot Them Down2023-02-22
Chapter 906 Everyone Has A Weak Point2023-02-21
Chapter 905 Lmpossible!2023-02-21
Chapter 904 Everything Is Changing2023-02-21
Chapter 903 World Seed2023-02-21
Chapter 902 Has Another Irregular Shown Up?2023-02-19
Chapter 901 The Young Lord...2023-02-19
Chapter 900 Where Is It?2023-02-19
Chapter 899 Blood Domain!2023-02-18
Chapter 898 I Need That At All Costs!2023-02-18
Chapter 897 RUMBLE!2023-02-18
Chapter 896 Blood Domination2023-02-18
Chapter 895 Unexpected Visitors?!2023-02-17
Chapter 894 Divine Temple?2023-02-14
Chapter 893 Kill Him!2023-02-14
Chapter 892 Be Gone2023-02-13
Chapter 891 D Rank Skill?2023-02-13
Chapter 890 Round 2!2023-02-12
Chapter 889 An S Rank Skill?2023-02-11
Chapter 888 Class Specific Skills2023-02-11
Chapter 887 Fool2023-02-10
Chapter 886 Who Is Trying To Swindle Here?2023-02-09
Chapter 885 Taking Candy From A Baby2023-02-09
Chapter 884 Now We Start The Counterattack2023-02-09
Chapter 883 Just A Guess?2023-02-08
Chapter 882 About The Vampire Lords...2023-02-08
Chapter 881 Run And Hide, You Little Bitch!2023-02-07
Chapter 880 Helikatos2023-02-07
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