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Picked Up A Husband For Farming (Web Novel)









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The miracle doctor, Xu Qing, accidentally fell into the water and died. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself having transmigrated into a farming novel. Then, she felt excruciating pain in the lower half of her body. Xu Qing looked down in disbelief. As a thirty-year-old unmarried single woman, she was in the midst of giving birth to a child! Staring at the three babies who were barely breathing, Xu Qing almost went mad. Why did she suddenly become a mother of three?
Her father exclaimed, “How dare you give birth to b*stard children before getting married?! We don’t have a daughter like you. Scram!” Before Xu Qing could even catch her breath after bearing children, she was chased out of the house by her father. Fortunately, her mother pitied her and secretly gave her an acre of land to aid in her survival. With no options left, Xu Qing picked up a hoe and started farming.
‘Hey, that unconscious mister over there, please die somewhere else! Don’t dirty my corn field!’ After dragging the unconscious man to a side, Xu Qing suddenly remembered that she needed help taking care of her children. This man would do!
Later on, Qiao Yanhui knelt down before his angry wife with an aggrieved look on his charming face. He had one child on each arm, and another clinging to his head. He looked up at Xu Qing pitifully. “Honey, it’s the effect of my family genes. I can’t control my genes from producing so many babies…” “Out! Get out now!” Xu Qing kicked him aside. Who knew that the man she picked up turned out to be the father of her children. Had she known, she would’ve left him to die in the corn field.
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 420 (End) - 420 Finale2023-03-06
Chapter 419 Extermination2023-03-05
Chapter 418 Dejected Return2023-03-03
Chapter 417 Broken Arm2023-03-03
Chapter 416 Sister2023-03-02
Chapter 415 No Longer a Friend2023-03-02
Chapter 414 Regretful Death2023-03-01
Chapter 413 Brother2023-03-01
Chapter 412 Lin Hang's Death2023-02-28
Chapter 411 Underestimating Us2023-02-28
Chapter 410 Waiting For Him to Take the Bait2023-02-27
Chapter 409 Hatred Out of Love2023-02-27
Chapter 408 Xu Sizhi's Emotional Entanglement2023-02-26
Chapter 407 The Banquet Begins2023-02-26
Chapter 406 Attending The Banquet2023-02-25
Chapter 405 Yi Chuxiang Is Here2023-02-24
Chapter 404 Cooperation2023-02-24
Chapter 403 The Nian Family's Patriarch2023-02-24
Chapter 402 Proposal For Marriage2023-02-23
Chapter 401 Deng Chengxi Encounters Danger2023-02-22
Chapter 400 Matchmaking Banquet2023-02-22
Chapter 399 Daily PDA2023-02-22
Chapter 398 Finding The Way Back2023-02-22
Chapter 397 Ancient Bell2023-02-21
Chapter 396 All Three Siblings Want It2023-02-21
Chapter 395 Powerful Son2023-02-20
Chapter 394 Accountability2023-02-20
Chapter 393 Old Witch2023-02-20
Chapter 392 Shock2023-02-20
Chapter 391 Showing Off2023-02-18
Chapter 390 Former Lover2023-02-18
Chapter 389 National Treasure2023-02-18
Chapter 388 Fiance2023-02-18
Chapter 387 Appearance Of the Ji Clan2023-02-18
Chapter 386 Lin Shu's Death2023-02-18
Chapter 385 Sister2023-02-18
Chapter 384 Son's Growth2023-02-18
Chapter 383 Terrifying Technology2023-02-18
Chapter 382 Arrival In Time2023-02-18
Chapter 381 Lin Shu Strikes2023-02-18
Chapter 380 The Face Under the Mask Is Better2023-02-18
Chapter 379 The Most Fearful Thing2023-02-18
Chapter 378 Fighting For Sovereignty2023-02-18
Chapter 377 Escape2023-02-18
Chapter 376 Joining Forces to Catch Psychopaths2023-02-18
Chapter 375 Reason For the War2023-02-18
Chapter 374 Matchmaker2023-02-18
Chapter 373 Cultivating Evil Technique2023-02-18
Chapter 372 An Even More Perverted Person2023-02-18
Chapter 371 New And Old Grudges2023-02-18
Chapter 370 I'll Live with You Forever2023-02-18
Chapter 369 Qiao Yanhui Is Back2023-02-18
Chapter 368 Disciplinary Failure2023-02-18
Chapter 367 Sinister Person2023-02-18
Chapter 366 Gu Poison Expert2023-02-18
Chapter 365 The Person Who Obstructed the Big Plan2023-02-18
Chapter 364 The Lin Family Head2023-02-18
Chapter 363 Farewell2023-02-18
Chapter 362 Yuan’er Is Going Too2023-02-18
Chapter 361 If You Want to Fight, Fight!2023-02-18
Chapter 360 My Most Trusted Brother2023-02-18
Chapter 359 Captain Of the Dark Team2023-02-18
Chapter 358 Popular Support2023-02-18
Chapter 357 There's Another Person2023-02-18
Chapter 356 Mother And Child Gu Worm2023-02-18
Chapter 355 Gu Worm Deep in the Body2023-02-18
Chapter 354 Frenemies2023-02-18
Chapter 353 Begging To Help2023-02-18
Chapter 352 Can't Let Ao Jie Go2023-02-18
Chapter 351 The Young Brothers2023-02-18
Chapter 350 Ao Heng's Death2023-02-18
Chapter 349 Forced To a Dead End2023-02-18
Chapter 348 Hiding2023-02-18
Chapter 347 Need Companions2023-02-18
Chapter 346 Bet2023-02-18
Chapter 345 I Pampered Her2023-02-18
Chapter 344 First Place2023-02-18
Chapter 343 Killing His Son2023-02-18
Chapter 342 Just Wait to Watch the Show2023-02-18
Chapter 341 A Woman Blinded by Power2023-02-18
Chapter 340 The Children Fight2023-02-18
Chapter 339 Yuan’er's Agitation2023-02-18
Chapter 338 Sunset Bow2023-02-18
Chapter 337 The Last Meal Before Leaving2023-02-18
Chapter 336 Barbecue Before the Battle2023-02-18
Chapter 335 The Eve of Battle2023-02-18
Chapter 334 Mysterious Army2023-02-18
Chapter 333 Something Might Have Happened to Ao Jie2023-02-18
Chapter 332 The Xu Family Completely Disappeared2023-02-18
Chapter 331 Unfilial2023-02-18
Chapter 330 The Xu Family's Last Tantrum2023-02-18
Chapter 329 Parents Are Finally Here2023-02-18
Chapter 328 Preparing To Abdicate2023-02-18
Chapter 327 The Suspicion of the Other Personality2023-02-18
Chapter 326 Obsession2023-02-18
Chapter 325 Becoming A Monk2023-02-18
Chapter 324 Not Biological2023-02-18
Chapter 323 Boiling Water2023-02-18
Chapter 322 Xu Yue's Revelation2023-02-18
Chapter 321 Xu Jiangxi's Background2023-02-18
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