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Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss (Web Novel)


The aristocratic Lu family has produced a joke, a beautiful one, but a joke nonetheless. The daughter they have been rearing all this while turns out to be an imposter! With the real heiress returning to take her rightful place, everyone is eager to know the outcome of the imposter…

Will she be able to survive in poverty after living a life of riches?

Having just transmigrated, Huo Yao imagines that this experience will be pretty interesting. However, imagination and reality are always so different!

Dad: “Daughter! Take this black card. It has no limit! Use it freely.”

Mom: “My dear Yao Yao! If you don’t like this jewelry, I’ll get them to change it immediately.”

Huo Yao: “…”

Weren’t they supposed to be poor and ordinary? What is with this hidden lavish behavior?

Her eldest brother, an investment company’s CEO: “Sis, inherit my company!”

Her second brother, a top lawyer: “Whoever dares slander my sis will face the full brunt of the law!”

The third brother, an international genius doctor: “Bullying my sister? Should I display the prowess of my scalpel?”

Mysterious fourth brother: “My sis is the cutest!”

Huo Yao: “…”

What happened to being a good-for-nothing person who lives off her parents?

A top aristocrat secretly changes into his cheap clothes and drives his crappy old car to her. “Baby, my heart is yours. Why don’t we get married to test if I’m telling the truth or not?”

Everyone who knows about it, doesn’t dare say it out loud.

All they can do is curse inwardly: “Bah! Keep acting! No one believes it!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1701 - 1701 Nearly Ran Into Someone2023-03-21
Chapter 1700 Squeeze A Reaction2023-03-21
Chapter 1699 Not Utopia2023-03-20
Chapter 1698 Eternal Life2023-03-19
Chapter 1697 Brother In Law Has Money2023-03-19
Chapter 1696 Brother In Law2023-03-18
Chapter 1695 Country M Is No Place For You2023-03-18
Chapter 1694 Where Did Your Medical Knowledge Go?2023-03-18
Chapter 1693 A Narcissist2023-03-17
Chapter 1692 No Escape2023-03-16
Chapter 1691 Considered Quits2023-03-16
Chapter 1690 Someone Following2023-03-15
Chapter 1689 Recovery2023-03-15
Chapter 1688 Didn't Want To Poison Huo Yao2023-03-14
Chapter 1687 Special Incense2023-03-14
Chapter 1686 Very Familiar2023-03-13
Chapter 1685 Money Face2023-03-13
Chapter 1684 One And Only Sister2023-03-13
Chapter 1683 In Danger2023-03-12
Chapter 1682 The Old Man Who Wanted To Snatch Huo Yao2023-03-12
Chapter 1681 Special Drug2023-03-12
Chapter 1680 Pay The Price2023-03-10
Chapter 1679 Something Wrong With Her Blood2023-03-10
Chapter 1678 The Stupid Man Kept Interfering2023-03-10
Chapter 1677 Who Was Huo Yao?2023-03-09
Chapter 1676 Make It A Quick And Easy Death2023-03-08
Chapter 1675 Medicinal Powder2023-03-08
Chapter 1674 A Level Higher2023-03-08
Chapter 1673 Here To Catch Her2023-03-07
Chapter 1672 Where Did She Learn To Do This?2023-03-06
Chapter 1671 Region Of Unrest2023-03-06
Chapter 1670 Here For Huo Yao2023-03-05
Chapter 1669 Send Personally2023-03-05
Chapter 1668 Strong Will To Live2023-03-04
Chapter 1667 Medicinal Herbs2023-03-04
Chapter 1666 Clingy Boyfriends Might Lose Their Status2023-03-03
Chapter 1665 Drug Immunity2023-03-02
Chapter 1664 Borrow A Few Men2023-03-02
Chapter 1663 Settled With A Single Phone Call2023-03-02
Chapter 1662 Came At A Bad Time2023-03-01
Chapter 1661 This Place Will Be Mine One Day2023-02-28
Chapter 1660 Knew Shangguan Tong2023-02-28
Chapter 1659 Troubled By Matters Of The Heart2023-02-27
Chapter 1658 Unwell Inside2023-02-27
Chapter 1657 Deliberately Mention2023-02-26
Chapter 1656 Unsurprising2023-02-23
Chapter 1655 Sell Out Huo Tingrui2023-02-23
Chapter 1654 A Very Rich Uncle2023-02-23
Chapter 1653 Take Photos2023-02-22
Chapter 1652 A Country Bumpkin2023-02-21
Chapter 1651 Effortlessly Become Heir To A Multi Billion Fortune2023-02-21
Chapter 1650 An Agreement2023-02-20
Chapter 1649 Jealousy2023-02-14
Chapter 1648 A Weapon For Self Defense2023-02-14
Chapter 1647 Not A Great Time To Be Single2023-02-13
Chapter 1646 Had He Gone Overboard With The Acting?2023-02-13
Chapter 1645 Someone Extraordinary2023-02-12
Chapter 1644 Unusually Quiet Tonight2023-02-12
Chapter 1643 Paid For Your Help2023-02-11
Chapter 1642 Can't Help It That I'm Good2023-02-11
Chapter 1641 Junior Sister Isn't Like Us2023-02-10
Chapter 1640 A Deliberate Slap On His Face2023-02-10
Chapter 1639 Had To Spend The Money2023-02-10
Chapter 1638 A Live Broadcast Of Pure Sarcasm2023-02-09
Chapter 1637 A Severe Insult2023-02-08
Chapter 1636 A Gift2023-02-08
Chapter 1635 Cannot Lose Face2023-02-08
Chapter 1634 Good With The Computer2023-02-07
Chapter 1633 Control Of My Computer2023-02-07
Chapter 1632 The Chip Was Destroyed2023-02-06
Chapter 1631 An Attack On A Lab2023-02-05
Chapter 1630 Who's Your Professor?2023-02-05
Chapter 1629 Here To Collect A Debt2023-02-04
Chapter 1628 An Unusual Background2023-02-04
Chapter 1627 Give A Warning2023-02-04
Chapter 1626 Intentional2023-02-03
Chapter 1625 Huo Yao's Assist2023-02-03
Chapter 1624 Damaged Footage2023-02-02
Chapter 1623 Someone Strange2023-02-02
Chapter 1622 Was Huo Yao A Daughter Of A Tycoon?2023-02-01
Chapter 1621 A Reminder2023-02-01
Chapter 1620 They Were Dating2023-01-31
Chapter 1619 A Mystery2023-01-31
Chapter 1618 She Was An Imposter2023-01-30
Chapter 1617 Forsaken2023-01-29
Chapter 1616 Any Other Teachers To Call?2023-01-29
Chapter 1615 If They Were Not Swapped At Birth2023-01-28
Chapter 1614 Sent Her To The Mental Hospital2023-01-28
Chapter 1613 Mental Illness Acting Up2023-01-28
Chapter 1612 It's A Long Story2023-01-27
Chapter 1611 A Drowning Incident2023-01-27
Chapter 1610 A Life Worse Than Death2023-01-26
Chapter 1609 A Turn Of Events2023-01-25
Chapter 1608 Lu Xia's Text Messages2023-01-25
Chapter 1607 Did Not Know Her2023-01-24
Chapter 1606 Find A Way To Bring Her Over2023-01-24
Chapter 1605 Inexplicably Liked Her2023-01-23
Chapter 1604 Name List Confirmation2023-01-23
Chapter 1603 No Ordinary Person2023-01-22
Chapter 1602 Caught Right Away2023-01-22
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