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Martial God Asura (Web Novel)


One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

3102 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 5431: The Painting With the Power to Devour Energy2023-03-20
Chapter 5430: The Person Whom Taishi Xingzhong Kneels To2023-03-20
Chapter 5429: Insane2023-03-17
Chapter 5428: Purple Dragon God cloak2023-03-15
Chapter 5427: Teaching Li Ta’er a Lesson2023-03-13
Chapter 5426: Is This Our Gap?2023-03-13
Chapter 5425: Proving Our Strength Through Actions2023-03-10
Chapter 5424: The Annoying Li Ta’er2023-03-08
Chapter 5423: I Have A Good Temper2023-03-06
Chapter 5422: An Unnerving Piece of News2023-03-06
Chapter 5421: If I Can Grasp You, I Can Curb You Too!2023-03-03
Chapter 5420: The Two Chus2023-03-01
Chapter 5419: Dao Of Absolute Darkness2023-02-27
Chapter 5418: One Of the Strongest Existences in the Ancient Era2023-02-26
Chapter 5417: Sisters2023-02-24
Chapter 5416: Hidden2023-02-23
Chapter 5415: I Am Confident In My Talents Too2023-02-22
Chapter 5414: Martial Power Formation2023-02-20
Chapter 5413: The Bizarre Black Crystal2023-02-20
Chapter 5412: There’s Something Special About This Lady2023-02-18
Chapter 5411: A Girl2023-02-17
Chapter 5410: A Giveaway Trial2023-02-16
Chapter 5409: Let Me Have a Taste of Your Imperial Might2023-02-15
Chapter 5408: This Fellow is Ill2023-02-14
Chapter 5407: Black Feathered Specter, I Hope That It’s You2023-02-13
Chapter 5406: Miss Li Wu2023-02-12
Chapter 5405: A Fortuitous Encounter From My Grandson2023-02-11
Chapter 5404: Someone I Mustn’t Offend2023-02-10
Chapter 5403: Deserve To Die a Thousand Times Over2023-02-09
Chapter 5402: He’s Ranqing’s Child, My Grandson2023-02-08
Chapter 5401: This Land’s Secret2023-02-07
Chapter 5400: The Strongest Sword?2023-02-07
Chapter 5399: The Duality of a Human2023-02-05
Chapter 5398: How Is That Person?2023-02-04
Chapter 5397: Overcoming The Demon Exalted’s Demonic Nature2023-02-03
Chapter 5396: An Unwinnable Battle2023-02-03
Chapter 5395: You Recognize Him?2023-02-02
Chapter 5394: Asura Demon Tower2023-02-02
Chapter 5393: The Phenomenon2023-02-01
Chapter 5392: An Incomprehensible Action2023-02-01
Chapter 5391: Land Of Transformations2023-01-31
Chapter 5390: Worsening Relations2023-01-31
Chapter 5389: A Despicable Ploy2023-01-31
Chapter 5388: Feeling Of Intimacy2023-01-31
Chapter 5387: Final Showdown2023-01-29
Chapter 5386: Pick Up Your Own Strength2023-01-29
Chapter 5385: Something Is Wrong2023-01-28
Chapter 5384: Like A Hero2023-01-28
Chapter 5383: Revealing His True Colors2023-01-27
Chapter 5382: The Hypocritical Jie Zhou2023-01-27
Chapter 5381: Shocking Everyone2023-01-26
Chapter 5380: The One Who Unlocked this Place Can Clear It Too2023-01-26
Chapter 5379: Gathering Everyone in the Hidden Land2023-01-26
Chapter 5378: The True Performance Begins2023-01-26
Chapter 5377: Crossing Blows with My Mother2023-01-24
Chapter 5376: I’m Only Punishing One Person2023-01-24
Chapter 5375: If Not For Your Younger Sister, You Would Have Been Dead Meat2023-01-24
Chapter 5374: Still Underestimating Him2023-01-24
Chapter 5373: Revealing One’s Edge2023-01-24
Chapter 5372: The Peculiar Response of the Sculpture2023-01-22
Chapter 5371: Grandmother’s Artwork2023-01-22
Chapter 5370: Jie Ranqing’s Portrait2023-01-22
Chapter 5369: Divine Inheritance Ground2023-01-22
Chapter 5368: The Fierce Ling Sheng’er2023-01-21
Chapter 5367: Making A Fool of Myself2023-01-21
Chapter 5366: An Amazing Guest2023-01-20
Chapter 5365: Cultivation Tower2023-01-20
Chapter 5364: Invitation From the Nine Heavens’ Zenith2023-01-20
Chapter 5363: The Place Where My Mother Is Imprisoned2023-01-20
Chapter 5362: Heaven’s Tome2023-01-19
Chapter 5361: You Mustn’t!2023-01-19
Chapter 5360: Empty Their Coffers2023-01-19
Chapter 5359: The Difference Between the Two2023-01-19
Chapter 5358: Excessive Worry2023-01-18
Chapter 5357: Unfair Challenge2023-01-18
Chapter 5356: The Person Who Defeated Bai Yunqing2023-01-17
Chapter 5355: A Chance to Compete2023-01-17
Chapter 5354: Are The Nine Daoists In Danger?2023-01-15
Chapter 5353: Heavenly Edict of the Nine Daoists2023-01-15
Chapter 5352: The Prowess of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion2023-01-13
Chapter 5351: Three Seas of the Immemorial Era2023-01-13
Chapter 5350: The Frightened Zhou Clan2023-01-11
Chapter 5349: Four New Lackeys?2023-01-11
Chapter 5348: A Bunch of Lackeys2023-01-10
Chapter 5347: The Target Happens to be Chu Feng2023-01-10
Chapter 5346: Utter Loss2023-01-10
Chapter 5345: Upon Learning Chu Feng’s Identity2023-01-09
Chapter 5344: Quelling Suspicions With Absolute Strength2023-01-09
Chapter 5343: The Changes Surrounding the Zhou Clan2023-01-09
Chapter 5342: Chu Feng’s Condition2023-01-08
Chapter 5341: The Chosen One2023-01-08
Chapter 5340: The Cold Senior Uncle2023-01-06
Chapter 5339: Leaving The Ancient Realm2023-01-06
Chapter 5338: The Lightning Beast Offers Its Guidance2023-01-04
Chapter 5337: Blood Against Blood, Lineage Against Lineage2023-01-04
Chapter 5336: A Trial of Certain Death2023-01-04
Chapter 5335: The Ancestor Appears2023-01-04
Chapter 5334: Rampaging Milady Queen2022-12-30
Chapter 5333: All Of You Deserve to Die2022-12-30
Chapter 5332: Bluemoon Sacred Palace’s Invasion2022-12-29
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