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Invincible (Web Novel) - Chapter 3522: Breakthrough

Chapter 3522: Breakthrough

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Patting his stomach, the little dragon sighed, “It’s delicious!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed in response.

“Big Brother, should we go to the White Dragon Race?”

The exchange between Xu Long and Ao Xing had destroyed the pavilion, but there were definitely more Fire Bugs in the White Dragon Race!

“Sure!” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

Helpless expressions formed on the faces of Ao Xing and Ao Meixia.

“Starly, your uncle is busy. Stop bothering him!” Ao Xing eventually chose to put his foot down. In his eyes, the little brat was being too mischievous.

A pout formed on the little dragon’s face.

“It’s fine. After all, it will only take several months.” Huang Xiaolong smiled. “I wish to take a look at how the White Dragon Race nurtures their Fire Bugs. In the future, we can raise Ice Bugs on our own.”

The little dragon’s eyes lit up like lanterns when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said. “Yay! Yay!”

Ao Xing and Ao Meixia chuckled helplessly.

Soon after, the four of them left Zhao Long World as complex emotions filled the hearts of everyone present.

When they finally left, Ao Yu and the others turned to look at Xu Long. When they saw the look on his face, none of them dared to breathe loudly.

“We’re going back,” Xu Long growled, and he turned to make his way back to the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire. Ao Yu and the others could only follow behind him in haste.

“Lord Xu Long, you were caught by surprise earlier. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have lost,” Ao Yu said cautiously when they returned.

However, Xu Long shook his head and sighed, “The Star Dragon is an existence close to the Universe God Realm. I’m not his opponent and it’s nothing shameful.” Even though that was what he said, he knew that his prestige would take a huge hit.

Chu Huaihao chose to pledge allegiance to the celestial empire, and he promised to protect him from outside threats. In the end, Chu Huaihao was captured by the Star Dragon in front of the experts in Zhao Long World.

Who would dare to submit to the celestial empire after the rumors spread?

Several days later…

Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived in the White Dragon Race. The old ancestor of the race, Ao Cheng, was waiting for them at the gates. He personally brought them around.

After staying for three whole months, they left the White Dragon Race.

They didn’t loiter around the Bearded Dragon World after they left. Instead, they went to the Hundred Spirits World. The Hundred Spirits World was created by Ao Shenghai, and everyone related to him was there!

Huang Xiaolong introduced Ao Xing and Ao Meixia to Huang Long and the rest, and everyone sucked in a cold breath when they realized the identities of the two super experts before them.

After staying for several years, Huang Xiaolong decided to leave. He wanted to look for the other great world the universe told him about, the Oasis World!

He would refine the Oasis World after locating it, and he would devour Chu Huaihao after increasing his strength once again! When that happened, he would improve by a huge amount!

After learning about his plans, Ao Xing asked if Huang Xiaolong needed his company. In response, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Is there anyone in the Star Dragon Universe who doesn’t know that I’m your younger brother? Who would dare to move against me? If Xu Long doesn’t dare to do it, Yu Long would piss his pants if he met me!”

“That’s true…” Ao Xing roared with laughter.

“Look at you!” Ao Meixia chided when she saw her husband’s appearance. Turning to Huang Xiaolong, she reminded, “Even if that’s the case, you need to be careful.”

“Sister-in-law, there’s no need to worry. I’m the Star Dragon Divine Tree, remember?”

Ao Meixia nodded and placed down the worry in her heart. It was true that no one would be able to hurt Huang Xiaolong now that he was the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

No one could break the defenses of the tree, not even Ao Xing and Ao Meixia! There wasn’t a need to mention Xu Long and Yu Long.

As such, Huang Xiaolong bade everyone farewell, and he left the Hundred Spirits World. The little dragon wanted to follow him, but he was reprimanded by Ao Xing before he could do anything. As such, he could only remain behind to wait for Huang Xiaolong’s return.

The Oasis World was like the Golden Radiant World, and it was well hidden in the depths of the universe. He used an entire year to locate the entrance to the Oasis World.

When he entered, Huang Xiaolong’s jaws dropped in fright. An endless sea of green greeted him. Trees and spiritual herbs filled the lands.

The entire world glowed green, and it was a little too intense. The power of life was overflowing, and it was the first world Huang Xiaolong saw with such a strong life force.

He finally understood the meaning behind the name of the Oasis World, and he quickly soared towards the core of the world. When he arrived, he threw out the four universe origin fires to start the refinement process.

Several years later, he released Chu Huaihao from the Sun Moon Furnace.

The moment Chu Huaihao appeared, he glared at Huang Xiaolong and snapped, “Huang Xiaolong if you have the guts, release the restrictions in my body! You can only rely on Ao Xing, and you’re useless!”

Huang Xiaolong responded indifferently, “Chu Huaihao, there’s no need to goad me into doing something. Let me tell you a story. Chu Huaixiong and Chu Huaihua were devoured by me, and you will meet the same end.”

Chu Huaihao roared in anger, and he rained curses down on Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored the man as he transformed into the Star Dragon Divine Tree. As terror flashed in Chu Huaihao’s eyes, the roots of the divine tree drilled into his body. It started to devour his grand cosmos energy and his bloodline.

As a grand completion stage God of Creation, Chu Huaihao had nearly 9 billion units of grand cosmos energy. Huang Xiaolong met with a ton of resistance, and he took nearly five hundred thousand years to refine the man.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’ll die a miserable death!” Chu Huaihao’s miserable scream filled the space around him.

Throwing his dao soul into the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong decided to completely shatter their souls when he broke through in the future.

After absorbing Chu Huaihao’s bloodline and grand cosmos energy, Huang Xiaolong looked for the universe-level spiritual veins in the Oasis World.

When he emerged after several hundreds of thousands of years, he returned to the Hundred Spirits World.

Everyone was shocked to notice the change in Huang Xiaolong when he came back.

He had accumulated more than 7 billion units of grand cosmos energy after his seclusion!

Several years passed in a flash.

One fine day, Huang Xiaolong told Huang Long, Ao Xing, and Pangu about his idea to head over to the First Universe.