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Invincible (Web Novel)


The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on Earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior.

Huang Xiaolong – born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit – was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined. However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 3529: Eternal Heaven Alliance2023-03-20
Chapter 3528: Creation Palace2023-03-20
Chapter 3527: Why Aren’t You Slapping Yourself?2023-03-20
Chapter 3526: Envoy Of the Dark Shadow Race2023-03-20
Chapter 3525: Dark Shadow Race2023-03-19
Chapter 3524: Fantasy Butterfly Race2023-03-19
Chapter 3523: Universe Boat2023-03-19
Chapter 3522: Breakthrough2023-03-19
Chapter 3521: Xu Long Retreats2023-03-16
Chapter 3520: Let’s See How You Embarrass Me2023-03-16
Chapter 3519: Huang Xiaolong?!2023-03-16
Chapter 3518: Meeting Ao Guang Again2023-03-16
Chapter 3517: Higher2023-03-14
Chapter 3516: Accumulation2023-03-14
Chapter 3515: Huang Long’s Injuries Stabilizing2023-03-13
Chapter 3514: Yu Long’s Tracking2023-03-13
Chapter 3513: There Can Only Be One2023-03-12
Chapter 3512: Because I Am The Star Dragon Universe2023-03-12
Chapter 3511: Comprehending The Dragon Eye Cliff2023-03-12
Chapter 3510: I Saved Them2023-03-12
Chapter 3509: Hurry And Save Me2023-03-10
Chapter 3508: The Condition2023-03-10
Chapter 3507: You Can Have Them All2023-03-10
Chapter 3506: Young Dragon2023-03-10
Chapter 3505: Mysterious Plains2023-03-10
Chapter 3504: Fellow Daoist, Please Help2023-03-10
Chapter 3503: Stop Messing About2023-03-07
Chapter 3502: I’ve Been Waiting for You2023-03-07
Chapter 3501: Chen Kezhi Loses Control2023-03-06
Chapter 3500: Dragon’s Impasse2023-03-06
Chapter 3499: Stop!2023-03-05
Chapter 3498: Leading Disciple2023-03-05
Chapter 3497: All Of Them2023-03-04
Chapter 3496: Foster Father2023-03-04
Chapter 3495: Scrap Metal2023-03-04
Chapter 3494: Entering The Submerged Dragon Institution2023-03-04
Chapter 3493: Dragon Eye Cliff2023-03-02
Chapter 3492: Submerged Dragon Institution2023-03-02
Chapter 3491: Location Of the Star Dragon Essence2023-03-02
Chapter 3490: Third Princess2023-03-02
Chapter 3489: Bearded Dragon World!2023-02-28
Chapter 3488: Huang Long’s Injury2023-02-28
Chapter 3487: Saving Huang Long2023-02-27
Chapter 3486: Father, I’m Here2023-02-27
Chapter 3485: Choosing Who to Protect2023-02-26
Chapter 3484: Returning To the Blazing Dragon Universe2023-02-26
Chapter 3483: Capturing Huang Muyang2023-02-25
Chapter 3482: Wang Meiqi’s Request2023-02-25
Chapter 3481: Supreme Expert With Two Small Worlds2023-02-24
Chapter 3480: God Of Creation!2023-02-24
Chapter 3479: Break Through2023-02-23
Chapter 3478: Corpses2023-02-23
Chapter 3477: Yin Yang Road of Death2023-02-23
Chapter 3476: Plans Falling Through2023-02-23
Chapter 3475: Alliance!2023-02-22
Chapter 3474: The Three Azure Bamboo Ancestors2023-02-22
Chapter 3473: Saving Pangu2023-02-22
Chapter 3472: Sending Meng Tian’s Son Flying2023-02-22
Chapter 3471: Comprehending Universe Energy2023-02-21
Chapter 3470: Breaking Through2023-02-21
Chapter 3469: 1000 Spaces!2023-02-20
Chapter 3468: Trapped2023-02-20
Chapter 3467: Entering The Ice Palace2023-02-20
Chapter 3466: Alarming Countless Parties2023-02-20
Chapter 3465: Ice Palace?2023-02-20
Chapter 3464: Warming Up2023-02-20
Chapter 3463: Surpassed That Level2023-02-18
Chapter 3462: Bei Ting2023-02-18
Chapter 3461: Yin Yang Source Vein!2023-02-17
Chapter 3460: Ice River World2023-02-17
Chapter 3459: Old Ancestor of the Northern Court2023-02-16
Chapter 3458: Seems To have Surrendered2023-02-16
Chapter 3457: Yang Han2023-02-16
Chapter 3456: Was That What He Said?!2023-02-16
Chapter 3455: Hand Them Over2023-02-16
Chapter 3454: That Huang B*stard2023-02-16
Chapter 3453: Heaven Breaking Gate2023-02-13
Chapter 3452: Are You Worried For Me2023-02-13
Chapter 3451: Dragon Cave Space2023-02-12
Chapter 3450: 2.5 Billion?2023-02-12
Chapter 3449: Expert With Six Ancient Bloodlines2023-02-11
Chapter 3448: Northern Court Heavenly Empire2023-02-11
Chapter 3447: Chaos Essence Dragon Phoenix Egg2023-02-10
Chapter 3446: Subduing The Dragonian Beasts2023-02-10
Chapter 3445: You’re So Sure of My Strength?2023-02-09
Chapter 3444: Two Universes2023-02-09
Chapter 3443: Defeating A God of Creation2023-02-08
Chapter 3442: God Of Creation, Xuan Hai2023-02-08
Chapter 3441: Refining The Vortex World2023-02-08
Chapter 3440: Discovering A Natural World2023-02-08
Chapter 3439: Huang Sheng’s Rage2023-02-07
Chapter 3438: God Of Creation?2023-02-07
Chapter 3437: Opening The Dao Emperor’s Treasury2023-02-07
Chapter 3436: True Dragon Celestial Empire’s Suspicion2023-02-07
Chapter 3435: You’re No God of Creation!2023-02-06
Chapter 3434: Pretty Good2023-02-06
Chapter 3433: General Slain2023-02-04
Chapter 3432: True Dragon Celestial Empire’s Army2023-02-03
Chapter 3431: Pangu World Creation Art2023-02-03
Chapter 3430: Obtaining The Pangu Axe2023-02-02
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