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I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel)




No Right


Action Harem Romance

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Be an Uber driver, one Pagani Zonda rewarded.

Be a university lecturer, 10 buildings rewarded.

Be a landlord, 1billion dollars rewarded.


Lin Yi was fired by his company and his girlfriend cheated on him. After all that had happened, he suddenly awakened the professional experience system. He could keep receiving awards as long as he kept trying and experiencing new professions?

There is no job that Lin Yi isn’t familiar with! If there is, that means that the reward isn’t enticing enough!
225 • 2022-07-27 10:32:06


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 784 Godly Prediction2023-03-21
Chapter 783 Acting For the Wrong Person2023-03-20
Chapter 782 You're Flattering Me2023-03-20
Chapter 781 I'll Take Responsibility for You2023-03-19
Chapter 780 Lin Yi's Secret Strategy2023-03-19
Chapter 779 A Mysterious Man Surfaced2023-03-19
Chapter 778 I Have Time Tonight, but I Can't Drink Cold2023-03-18
Chapter 777 Dirty Tricks2023-03-18
Chapter 776 He Looks Like an Experienced Hooligan2023-03-18
Chapter 775 Best Male Lead and Best Supporting Female Lead2023-03-17
Chapter 774 Competing With Lin Yi?2023-03-17
Chapter 773 Thick From Top to Bottom2023-03-17
Chapter 772 Acting Tough in Front of Lin Yi?2023-03-17
Chapter 771 Studying The Art of War2023-03-17
Chapter 770 Best Actor2023-03-16
Chapter 769 I'm A Pig if I Lie to You2023-03-15
Chapter 768 Biological Evolution2023-03-15
Chapter 767 Great Disparity2023-03-15
Chapter 766 Gu Changchuan's Status2023-03-14
Chapter 765 The Loser Gets Off the Boat2023-03-14
Chapter 764 The Boxing Match Begins2023-03-14
Chapter 763 A Trickster From the East2023-03-14
Chapter 762 A Self Directed Show2023-03-13
Chapter 761 Touched Before2023-03-13
Chapter 760 The Crown Prince of Yanjing2023-03-11
Chapter 759 I Want to Be a Scumbag2023-03-10
Chapter 758 Showtime2023-03-10
Chapter 757 A Long Talk2023-03-10
Chapter 756 A Competition of Popularity2023-03-10
Chapter 755 I'm Here to Sign the Contract2023-03-10
Chapter 754 I'm A Person Who Values Efficiency2023-03-09
Chapter 753 I Was Reported2023-03-08
Chapter 752 Headhunting2023-03-08
Chapter 751 Couldn't It Have Been Three?2023-03-08
Chapter 750 Let Me See Who I'll Beat Up Next2023-03-07
Chapter 749 I Am Doing This for Your Own Good2023-03-07
Chapter 748 The Ultimate Trick2023-03-07
Chapter 747 Bringing Glory to the Country2023-03-06
Chapter 746 It's Really Hard for Me to Reject2023-03-06
Chapter 745 Victory Or Defeat Will Be Decided on the Ship Tomorrow2023-03-06
Chapter 744 First Encounter Between the Capital Faction and the Sea Faction2023-03-06
Chapter 743 Zhang Xiaoyu's Scumbag Logic2023-03-04
Chapter 742 I'll Try Smashing One First2023-03-04
Chapter 741 The Difference in Your Status Is Too Great2023-03-03
Chapter 740 Much Cheaper Than a Boat2023-03-03
Chapter 739 You Weren't This Polite Earlier2023-03-02
Chapter 738 Can't See the World With My Eyes2023-03-02
Chapter 737 Did A Good Girl Dig Up Your Family's Ancestral Grave?2023-03-02
Chapter 736 A New Profession2023-03-02
Chapter 735 Do You Think I Dare to Do This?2023-03-02
Chapter 734 Let's See How He Walks Out2023-03-01
Chapter 733 Let's Go Meet Those Idiots2023-02-28
Chapter 732 Two Major Studios Gathered2023-02-28
Chapter 731 Do You Know Anyone From the Mitsui Group?2023-02-28
Chapter 730 Long Shuai's Red Packet Reception2023-02-27
Chapter 729 Give Me a Million to Practice First2023-02-27
Chapter 728 I'll Double It2023-02-27
Chapter 727 Who's The Real Badass?2023-02-26
Chapter 726 Large Scale Showing Off on Stream2023-02-26
Chapter 725 I'll Let You See the Rich's Toys2023-02-26
Chapter 724 I Don't Mind as Long as Your Boyfriend Doesn't Mind2023-02-25
Chapter 723 Does Brother Lin Have a Good Temper?2023-02-25
Chapter 722 I Really Can't Communicate With You Idiots2023-02-25
Chapter 721 Competitors2023-02-25
Chapter 720 Girl, You Got Into Character Pretty Quickly2023-02-24
Chapter 719 This Is a Good Home2023-02-24
Chapter 718 President Lin Is Busy, Don't Disturb Us2023-02-23
Chapter 717 What Is the Mitsui Group to Me?2023-02-23
Chapter 716 Should I Also Call These Two Sister in Law?2023-02-23
Chapter 715 I Am Indeed Not as Good as Mr. Lin2023-02-23
Chapter 714 The Clinical Behaviour of Bad Students2023-02-22
Chapter 713 The Little Expert at Mediating2023-02-21
Chapter 712 It Seems Like You're Also a Worldly Person2023-02-21
Chapter 711 Why Don't You Work at the Circus?2023-02-21
Chapter 710 Perhaps He's an Extremely Ugly Person2023-02-21
Chapter 709 Those Who Can't Have Me Start to Go Crazy2023-02-20
Chapter 708 Playing Hard to Get2023-02-20
Chapter 707 You Heartless B*tch2023-02-20
Chapter 706 Bringing His Own Girl to Huaqing Lake2023-02-20
Chapter 705 A Weird Angle2023-02-20
Chapter 704 Your Pig Like Teammate Is Online2023-02-18
Chapter 703 A Secret Conversation2023-02-18
Chapter 702 May I Ask for Your Contact Information2023-02-18
Chapter 701 Meeting An Unexpected Sicko2023-02-17
Chapter 700 Liang Ruoxu Is Pleading for Mercy2023-02-17
Chapter 699 When I Hit Him, It's Like Hitting an Iron Plate2023-02-17
Chapter 698 Could It Be That He Also Knows That Move?2023-02-17
Chapter 697 A Man Who Would Not Disappoint2023-02-17
Chapter 696 Go And Train Him2023-02-16
Chapter 695 What We Want to See2023-02-15
Chapter 694 The Silly Girl, Zhang Xiaoyu2023-02-14
Chapter 693 Her Period Said,”Life Is So Difficult for Me”2023-02-14
Chapter 692 Large Scale Face Slapping, Sheep to Slaughter2023-02-14
Chapter 691 I Think Your Little Head Must Be Dizzy From the Heat2023-02-13
Chapter 690 Did She Bully You?2023-02-13
Chapter 689 What Is the Haitian Banquet?2023-02-13
Chapter 688 The Outcome of the PK Is Meaningless2023-02-12
Chapter 687 Strong Enough to Challenge Life2023-02-12
Chapter 686 It'll Soon Be Over2023-02-11
Chapter 685 It Seems Like You Won't Have a Chance2023-02-11
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