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Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel)


He is a young man without a spirit root. It is believed that this denies him the chance at cultivation. However, a mysterious lady imparts a Supreme Demon Classic to him and from then on, he starts his path of cultivation.
He undergoes a total transformation to emerge as the most fearsome and powerful fiendish demon in his era, that even immortals and fiends are fearful of him, and saints are at his beck and call.
Mastering the Supreme Demon Classic is the turning point in his life. He is able to unleash his immense and divine power from within, illuminating the entire universe!

824 • 2020-11-21 21:27:44


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 2251 - 2251 Reverse the Situation2023-03-21
Chapter 2250 - 2250 Heart Peering2023-03-21
Chapter 2249 Final Battle2023-03-20
Chapter 2248 Anaconda Shifting Mountain2023-03-19
Chapter 2247 All Out2023-03-19
Chapter 2246 Thunder Palm2023-03-18
Chapter 2245 Twelve Heavenly Thunders2023-03-18
Chapter 2244 Victory Without a Fight2023-03-18
Chapter 2243 A Divine Slash2023-03-17
Chapter 2242 I'm Going to Do It!2023-03-16
Chapter 2241 Ranking Battle2023-03-16
Chapter 2240 Blood For Blood2023-03-15
Chapter 2239 Name On Stele2023-03-15
Chapter 2238 Peerless Might!2023-03-14
Chapter 2237 Return2023-03-14
Chapter 2236 Breaking The Seals2023-03-14
Chapter 2235 Suspicious2023-03-13
Chapter 2234 Tai Hua's Death2023-03-12
Chapter 2233 36 Sabers!2023-03-12
Chapter 2232 Humiliation2023-03-12
Chapter 2231 Might Of the Willow Tree2023-03-12
Chapter 2230 Pursuit!2023-03-10
Chapter 2229 Blind2023-03-10
Chapter 2228 Exhausted2023-03-10
Chapter 2227 Let The Zither Immortal Accompany Me!2023-03-09
Chapter 2226 Explode, Counterattack!2023-03-08
Chapter 2225 White Rainbow Sword2023-03-08
Chapter 2224 Initiative2023-03-07
Chapter 2223 Kill!2023-03-07
Chapter 2222 I'll Start With You!2023-03-06
Chapter 2221 Assimilation2023-03-06
Chapter 2220 A Better Body2023-03-06
Chapter 2219 Chase2023-03-06
Chapter 2218 Sacrifice2023-03-05
Chapter 2217 Tree2023-03-05
Chapter 2216 Forced Into a Corner2023-03-04
Chapter 2215 Lesson2023-03-03
Chapter 2214 Change2023-03-03
Chapter 2213 Ranking Superiority2023-03-02
Chapter 2212 Subdued Flora2023-03-02
Chapter 2211 Human Eating Flower2023-03-01
Chapter 2210 Metal Cyclone2023-03-01
Chapter 2209 Full Speed Ahead2023-02-28
Chapter 2208 Scram!2023-02-28
Chapter 2207 Assault2023-02-27
Chapter 2206 Seabed2023-02-27
Chapter 2205 Sunset2023-02-26
Chapter 2204 Forceful Refinement2023-02-26
Chapter 2203 Ridiculous Joke2023-02-25
Chapter 2202 Mars Stone2023-02-25
Chapter 2201 Dispersion Of the Fire Sparrows!2023-02-24
Chapter 2200 Lava Giant2023-02-24
Chapter 2199 Change In the World2023-02-23
Chapter 2198 He's Cheating!2023-02-23
Chapter 2197 World Of Flames2023-02-22
Chapter 2196 Elimination Round Begins2023-02-21
Chapter 2195 Not Worthy of Carrying His Shoes!2023-02-21
Chapter 2194 Challenge!2023-02-21
Chapter 2193 Joining Forces2023-02-20
Chapter 2192 We Meet Again!2023-02-20
Chapter 2191 Appearance Of Yun Ting2023-02-20
Chapter 2190 Earth Ranking2023-02-20
Chapter 2189 Reincarnated Immortals2023-02-18
Chapter 2188 Xie Qingcheng2023-02-18
Chapter 2187 Defeated2023-02-17
Chapter 2186 Thunderous Methods2023-02-17
Chapter 2185 Name Of the Academy2023-02-16
Chapter 2184 Chance Encounter in the Capital2023-02-16
Chapter 2183 Pang Clan2023-02-16
Chapter 2182 Jealous Killing Intent2023-02-14
Chapter 2181 Appearance Of Mo Qing2023-02-14
Chapter 2180 Meeting Yue Hua Again2023-02-13
Chapter 2179 Appearance Of the Elders2023-02-13
Chapter 2178 Fair Opportunity2023-02-12
Chapter 2177 Fang Qingyun2023-02-12
Chapter 2176 Death Of Pang Yu2023-02-11
Chapter 2175 F*ck Your Mother2023-02-11
Chapter 2174 Sacrifice2023-02-10
Chapter 2173 Beat You to Despair2023-02-10
Chapter 2172 A Slap2023-02-10
Chapter 2171 Sword Discourse Arena2023-02-09
Chapter 2170 Escalated Situation2023-02-08
Chapter 2169 A Single Slap2023-02-08
Chapter 2168 Trap2023-02-08
Chapter 2167 Tianhuang Sect2023-02-07
Chapter 2166 Rebirth Of Heavenly Wolf2023-02-07
Chapter 2165 Path To the Netherworld2023-02-06
Chapter 2164 Origin Of Heavenly Wolf2023-02-06
Chapter 2163 End Of the Road2023-02-05
Chapter 2162 Black Incomplete Diagram2023-02-04
Chapter 2161 Peerless Divine Power2023-02-04
Chapter 2160 Mask2023-02-03
Chapter 2159 Arrival Of the Perfected Fiend2023-02-03
Chapter 2158 Six Paths of Reincarnation2023-02-03
Chapter 2157 Can You Even Withstand My Punch?!2023-02-02
Chapter 2156 Battle Slave2023-02-02
Chapter 2155 Familiar Aura2023-02-01
Chapter 2154 Level 9 Fate Ring Realm2023-02-01
Chapter 2153 Battling Yellow Sand Palace2023-02-01
Chapter 2152 Essence Spirit Mine Refinement2023-01-27
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