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Condemning the Heavens (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Martial Arts Mature Romance

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In the continent of Chang’an humans had lived as livestock and slaves to the Primordial Beasts. These beasts were ferocious, bloodthirsty and overwhelmingly powerful, but even so, the humans managed to prevail in the face of despair.
As the human race grew stronger the Primordial Beasts fought back with relentless fierceness, rousing beast hordes to engage in frenzied battles over the land.
Every single child on the continent was taught martial arts for the sake of fighting these Primordial Beasts, yet many of them were sent straight to their death.
In this world filled with constant battle, a young boy was born. This young boy was hoping to become the most outstanding cultivator, but who would have thought that his talent was so poor that he could not even cultivate?
As the boy was filled with despair over his unfortunate situation, a life changing event occurred which would forever leave a scar in his mind, pushing him to transcend his limits and grow to become a legend.
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 649: Sovereign Beast Aura2023-02-18
Chapter 648: Main Sect2023-02-18
Chapter 647: Traps in the Forest2023-02-18
Chapter 646: The White Tiger Sect2023-02-18
Chapter 645: Dongfang Continent2023-02-18
Chapter 644: Taking a Deep Breath2023-02-18
Chapter 643: The Energy Stone2023-02-18
Chapter 642: To Release or Not to Release?2023-02-18
Chapter 641: Forceful Breakthrough2023-02-18
Chapter 640: Waiting and Observing2023-02-18
Chapter 639: Hailong2023-02-18
Chapter 638: The Strait2023-02-18
Chapter 637: The Tunnel Ends2023-02-18
Chapter 636: Determination2023-02-18
Chapter 635: Little Flower2023-02-18
Chapter 634: Soothing Emotions2023-02-18
Chapter 633: Helpless2023-02-18
Chapter 632: Vengeful Emotions2023-02-18
Chapter 631: Bone-Eroding Chill2023-02-18
Chapter 630: Soul Power Farm2023-02-18
Chapter 629: “It Is Too Alike”2023-02-18
Chapter 628: Flaming Hell2023-02-18
Chapter 627: Corpse Flame2023-02-18
Chapter 626: Can Flames Get Corrupted?2023-02-18
Chapter 625: Molten Stones2023-02-18
Chapter 624: Teleportation Array2023-02-18
Chapter 623: Ling Xiao’s Sheltered Upbringing2023-02-18
Chapter 622: Scared Monk2023-02-18
Chapter 621: The Corrupted Flower2023-02-18
Chapter 620: The Evil Plant Spirit2023-02-18
Chapter 619: Intractable Mirage Peony2023-02-18
Chapter 618: Final Adjustments2023-02-18
Chapter 617: Successfully Transfer Energy2023-02-18
Chapter 616: The Sound of Chanting2023-02-18
Chapter 615: Purification2023-02-18
Chapter 614: Corruption2023-02-18
Chapter 613: Targeting Spirits2023-02-18
Chapter 612: “Let’s Try”2023-02-18
Chapter 611: So Perfect it Appears Fake2023-02-18
Chapter 610: Dangerously Beautiful2023-02-18
Chapter 609: In the Depths of the Forest2023-02-18
Chapter 608: Soulless2023-02-18
Chapter 607: Rotten Flesh2023-02-18
Chapter 606: They are Here2023-02-18
Chapter 605: The Stagnant Sun2023-02-18
Chapter 604: The Bloody Mud2023-02-18
Chapter 603: The Gloomy Forest2023-02-18
Chapter 602: Familiar Feelings2023-02-18
Chapter 601: Gloomy Aura2023-02-18
Chapter 600: True Horror in No Man’s Land2023-02-18
Chapter 599: Merging Two Worlds2023-02-18
Chapter 598: No Regrets2023-02-18
Chapter 597: Overwhelming Pressure2023-02-18
Chapter 596: Retreat from the Start2023-02-18
Chapter 595: “A New Step of Our Journey Begins”2023-02-18
Chapter 594: An Important Friend2023-02-18
Chapter 593: The Price for Success2023-02-18
Chapter 592: Mutation Failed?2023-02-18
Chapter 591: Bloodline Mutation2023-02-18
Chapter 590: The Past is Gone2023-02-18
Chapter 589: New or Old Image?2023-02-18
Chapter 588: Great Strength2023-02-18
Chapter 587: Compressing Qi2023-02-18
Chapter 586: Enlightenment2023-02-18
Chapter 585: Everyone is Different2023-02-18
Chapter 584: No Man’s Land2023-02-18
Chapter 583: The Groups Split Up2023-02-18
Chapter 582: “Find Your Uncle”2023-02-18
Chapter 581: Consolation Prize2023-02-18
Chapter 580: The Expert Shrouded in a Black Cloud2023-02-18
Chapter 579: The Beauty of a Living World2023-02-18
Chapter 578: Becoming a Spirit2023-02-18
Chapter 577: Returning to the Living2023-02-18
Chapter 576: Spiritual Puppet2023-02-18
Chapter 575: The Judges2023-02-18
Chapter 574: Snake Soup2023-02-18
Chapter 573: Hiding Behind2023-02-18
Chapter 572: “Is It a Coincidence?”2023-02-18
Chapter 571: Forging a Plan2023-02-18
Chapter 570: Formation of Life2023-02-18
Chapter 569: Struggling to Gain Strength2023-02-18
Chapter 568: Pondering2023-02-18
Chapter 567: Puppet2023-02-18
Chapter 566: A Spirit's Request2023-02-18
Chapter 565: Black Turtle Clan2023-02-18
Chapter 564: The Pagoda Hall2023-02-18
Chapter 563: Black Turtle2023-02-18
Chapter 562: The Power of Faith2023-02-18
Chapter 561: The Desert Trembled2023-02-18
Chapter 560: The Uncomfortable Emotions2023-02-18
Chapter 559: Manipulating Emotions2023-02-18
Chapter 558: Sensing a Secret2023-02-18
Chapter 557: Sand Dunes2023-02-18
Chapter 556: Leaving the City2023-02-18
Chapter 555: “Should I Learn to Act?”2023-02-18
Chapter 554: Did Lan's Personality Change?2023-02-18
Chapter 553: The Branch Leader's Decision2023-02-18
Chapter 552: Good and Evil2023-02-18
Chapter 551: Lan Explains2023-02-18
Chapter 550: The Long-Awaited Meeting2023-02-18
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