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After Being Reborn, I Tortured The Vicious Sister-in-law (Web Novel)







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# fakerichdaughter
In her past life, Su Meng married Wei Ting, thinking that she could eventually win his heart with tolerance and flattery. For this, she tried to flatter Wei Ting’s sister, Wei Xue, as well. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting doesn’t like girls who wear makeup.” So Su Meng was as bland as a maid, but Wei Xue was exquisite as a princess every day. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting loves to drink milk.” So Su Meng prepared a glass of milk for Wei Ting every day, but he never drank it. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting likes fresh flowers.” So Su Meng would fill the house with fresh flowers on each of Wei Ting’s birthdays. Alas, Wei Ting would turn and leave every time, and Su Meng had never celebrated his birthday with him ever since they got married.

One day, Wei Xue said, “I killed your child on behalf of Brother Wei Ting. Why don’t I send you to hell now so you can keep your child company? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was adopted by the Wei family. I have no blood relation to Brother Wei Ting. I love him, and he loves me.”

Su Meng died, and when she woke up again, she found herself having returned to that night, five years ago. This night, she was supposed to get pregnant with Wei Ting’s child. Staring at Wei Ting, the obedience and flattery in her expression disappeared without a trace. What remained was only icy resentment. “Get out!” Wei Ting felt incredulous. This woman was seducing him in the first place, so why did she suddenly turn into a stranger? The next day, Wei Xue appeared before Su Meng with her fake smile. However, after experiencing all that, Su Meng couldn’t possibly let herself be tricked again! In this life, Su Meng would live for herself and take revenge for her child and herself! Men? Beat it! Wei Xue, you'll pay with your life!
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 387 - 387 A Tree With Spirituality2023-03-21
Chapter 386 - 386 Take Off Your Clothes2023-03-21
Chapter 385 Good Play2023-03-13
Chapter 384 The People Who Came Have All Retreated2023-03-12
Chapter 383 Strawmen2023-03-12
Chapter 382 I Want To Be On Good Terms2023-03-12
Chapter 381 Brother Sun Was Beaten Up2023-03-11
Chapter 380 The Boss Is So Pretty2023-03-10
Chapter 379 Almost Lost My Identity2023-03-10
Chapter 378 Unqualified2023-03-10
Chapter 377 Picked Up2023-03-09
Chapter 376 Superior And Subordinate2023-03-08
Chapter 375 The Sudden Ringing of the Bell2023-03-08
Chapter 374 Wei Ting Wants To Kill Me2023-03-07
Chapter 373 It's Him2023-03-07
Chapter 372 Done All the Bad Things2023-03-06
Chapter 371 Inside Story2023-03-06
Chapter 370 The Fool Opens Her Mouth2023-03-06
Chapter 369 Can't See Through Su Meng2023-03-05
Chapter 368 Dare To Compete With the Master2023-03-05
Chapter 367 The Taoist Is About To Escape2023-03-05
Chapter 366 An Angry Wei Ting2023-03-04
Chapter 365 I Will Protect You2023-03-03
Chapter 364 The Black Hearted Taoist Priest2023-03-03
Chapter 363 A Gift For Your Son2023-03-02
Chapter 362 Can You See My Fate?2023-03-02
Chapter 361 Harmed The Little Girl2023-03-01
Chapter 360 The Appearance of the Silly Big Sister2023-03-01
Chapter 359 Being Kidnapped Again2023-02-28
Chapter 358 I'm Dizzy Again2023-02-28
Chapter 357 That Man Is Dead2023-02-27
Chapter 356 Can't Leave a Scar2023-02-27
Chapter 355 Something's Not Right2023-02-26
Chapter 354 You Dare To Touch Her2023-02-26
Chapter 353 Su Meng's Help2023-02-25
Chapter 352 Trying To Snatch the Hotel2023-02-25
Chapter 351 Quarreling2023-02-24
Chapter 350 Even Wei Ting Understands2023-02-24
Chapter 349 The Tomb Is Not Safe2023-02-23
Chapter 348 Quickly Run Away2023-02-22
Chapter 347 The Name of the Female Corpse2023-02-22
Chapter 346 You Can Choose Netherworld Marriage2023-02-22
Chapter 345 The Evil Aura Hasn't Dissipated2023-02-21
Chapter 344 The Ambulance Did Not Dare To Come2023-02-21
Chapter 343 Why Am I Still In Pain?2023-02-20
Chapter 342 My Chest Is On Fire2023-02-20
Chapter 341 The Woman In the Coffin2023-02-20
Chapter 340 Restoring the Skeleton2023-02-20
Chapter 339 How To Get In2023-02-18
Chapter 338 The Colorful Centipede2023-02-17
Chapter 337 The Female Corpse Has Moved Away2023-02-17
Chapter 336 Trying To Make a Living2023-02-16
Chapter 335 I'll Listen To You2023-02-16
Chapter 334 Reliable2023-02-15
Chapter 333 It Was For Her2023-02-15
Chapter 332 The Talisman Actually Dropped2023-02-15
Chapter 331 Stair Shaped Graveyards2023-02-15
Chapter 330 A Strange Hotel2023-02-13
Chapter 329 Su Meng Is Being Followed2023-02-13
Chapter 328 I Need Him2023-02-12
Chapter 327 Overslept2023-02-12
Chapter 326 Wei Ting's Gift2023-02-11
Chapter 325 Evidence For Wei Ting2023-02-11
Chapter 324 Wei Ting's Refusal2023-02-11
Chapter 323 A Strange Man2023-02-10
Chapter 322 Wen Le's Condition Is Getting Worse2023-02-10
Chapter 321 Found The Box2023-02-09
Chapter 320 Wei Xue's Grievances2023-02-08
Chapter 319 Something Happened To Boss2023-02-08
Chapter 318 I Will Give You An Explanation2023-02-07
Chapter 317 Explained Everything2023-02-07
Chapter 316 It Was All Done By Wei Xue2023-02-07
Chapter 315 Suspicious2023-02-07
Chapter 314 Wei Ting's Forced Kiss2023-02-07
Chapter 313 Not A Biological Sister2023-02-07
Chapter 312 Start Of a Heart To Heart Talk2023-02-07
Chapter 311 The Security Guard's Strangeness2023-02-07
Chapter 310 Not On Purpose2023-02-07
Chapter 309 The Snobbish Security2023-02-07
Chapter 308 Wei Xue Exposed2023-02-07
Chapter 307 Wanting To Possess Wei Ting2023-02-07
Chapter 306 If You Don't Laugh, Then You Should Cry2023-02-07
Chapter 305 Betraying A Friend2023-02-07
Chapter 304 Disloyal Woman2023-02-07
Chapter 303 With A Man Again2023-02-07
Chapter 302 Give Me the Money2023-02-07
Chapter 301 The Kind Hearted Miss Su2023-02-07
Chapter 300 My Good Sister, Wei Xue2023-02-07
Chapter 299 Agree To Talk2023-02-07
Chapter 298 The Room Is Gone2023-02-07
Chapter 297 Discovering The Secret Chamber2023-02-07
Chapter 296 It's My Business2023-02-07
Chapter 295 Don't Struggle2023-02-07
Chapter 294 The Enemy Is Still Alive2023-02-07
Chapter 293 The Eight Yin Meridian Curses2023-02-07
Chapter 292 Wei Xue Exposed2023-02-07
Chapter 291 The Basement2023-02-07
Chapter 290 Su Meng Smiled2023-02-07
Chapter 289 Interest Piqued2023-02-07
Chapter 288 Here Comes the One Who's Going To Screw Me Over2023-02-07
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